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A Kennedy By Any Other Name

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After remaining out of the public eye for nearly her entire adult life, exactly why did Caroline Kennedy decide that now was the time to jump into the political spotlight? Well that's precisely the question the New York press has been struggling to have answered from what appears to be one very reluctant Ms. Kennedy.

Two weeks ago, she took a quick upstate New York tour to talk to mayors and to "listen and learn" but throughout the tour she avoided the media like the plague. She has been compared by some Democrats, both upstate and downstate, to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as lacking in governmental experience.  Her critics apparently discount the fact that serving as Governor of a State was experience enough for Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter to serve in an even higher office.  Granted, Caroline Kennedy has never held any public office so it is more than fair and fitting for the press to ask not only why, but why now? Why dodge the response?

According to the Associated Press:

Her real problem has been the criticism from news organizations that she ducked basic questions about issues and she hasn't been specific about why she wants to be, or should be, New York's next junior senator.

In interviews over the weekend, she offered explanations for running that included the 9/11 attacks on Manhattan, where she has lived since the 1960s, Barack Obama's encouragement, and the commitment to public service by her father, President John F. Kennedy, and others in her family.

One does have to question why it has taken Ms. Kennedy eight years to decide to become politically active after the 9/11 catastrophe? Also, one wonders if she would have been so inclined and inspired to serve the people of the Empire State had Republicans prevailed in the election?

Let's ask a simple question in light of the madness that has become American politics. Is name recognition alone grounds for electing or appointing a Senator? If she were not a Kennedy would she have any chance of being appointed?

This disturbing trend in American politics to favor celebrities as candidates may reflect just how shallow, out of touch, uninterested, and disillusioned mainstream Americans have become with politics and political issues unless there is some entertainment side show to keep their attention spurred on by the media. After all, for many, reality TV is much more exciting and entertaining and — who knows? — maybe the Obamas will syndicate a reality show in the White House for Michelle and the kids.

All joking aside, the mainstream media's obsession with finding — and/or creating if they have to — a certain level of entertainment value and a good "story" to feed their viewers, boost ratings and help keep a fundamentally bored public tuned into their punditry and their network comedians late night material has caused a dumbing down of the American voter. So Caroline Kennedy as next N.Y. State Senator will have legs awhile longer, if for no other reason than the inherent entertainment value. Yet ironically, whether by overt design or not, the would be candidate's exposure and credibility is enhanced simply by the attention she is getting without possessing an ounce of experience.

You don't have to look further than the Minnesota Senatorial election to see an additional example of this trend in American politics. Qualifications and experience? Heck, why bother when you have name recognition and some degree of pre-existing social popularity — like a former President for a husband or father or maybe your own TV sitcom? Why we even had a former WWF wrestler as Governor which according to the script should make him qualified to run in 2012 as an Independent.

As for Caroline Kennedy, the Democratic Party should think long and hard before appointing her with no credentials whatsoever. But then again… why stop when you are on a roll?

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  • Arch Conservative

    Well at least she has one thing going for her………

    She doesn’t drive around in a 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88…………

  • Jet

    Arch, you’re like some old bitter ex-wife who hates her husband’s success so you just keep bringing up the past no matter how old (decades) it is.

    After over forty years you need to move on with your life and stop living in the past, he was exonerated of that years ago and you know it.

    Even if he were guilty, (which he isn’t) the statute of limitations ran out years ago.

    If we sat around throwing every mistake, intentional missinformation, or inconsistancy you’ve ever written bacl in your face, no one would have any time to do anything for the next 45 years.

    Stop being so old and bitter and move on.

  • Jet

    Here’s your problem Arch; it’s like you gleefully went out and bought that very 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 and parked it out on your front lawn to show everyone how much of a murdering collegeboy Kennedy is.

    You’ve deluded yourself into thinking everyone who sees that car will automattically and completely think the way you do, because, after all, there’s the evidence on your front lawn.

    In reality everyone under a certain age just sees a rusting old car, which is probably bringing down property values on your street because you can’t tell the difference between an old junker argument and the fact that most don’t remember, care, or have acknowledged that the justice system works in the U.S. and Kennedy is a free man because of it-and the fact that it works.

    You have so much fun beating up people that critisize the American Justice system, until it does something you disagree with like finding Kennedy completely innocent of the charges, or declaring that he’s paid his debt to society… FORTY FUCKING YEARS AGO

    … that’s called being a hypocrite Arch and living in the past. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Jet

    As for saying Caroline isn’t qualified to be a senator, is like saying Prince Charles is not qualified to eventually be King.

    Sometimes it’s just in the genes and a whole country (like the U.K.) just takes that on faith.

    Me using “faith” as an argument point-who would’ve thought?

  • caro-k’s at least as qualified as al franken. or fred thompson. and this way, she won’t have to get down in billary’s gutter, lobbing slimeballs at cuomo in a primary election. besides, think about HER donor list. besides, think about HER upcoming children’s “book.” besides, think about senator caroline handing a kennedy center for the performing arts lifetime achievement award to senator oprah. lieberman uber alles!

  • Hope and Change?

    I think Caroline answered the question “why did Caroline Kennedy decide that now was the time to jump into the political spotlight?” very eloquently when she stated…

    “Um…er…you know….dah…um…er you know…er…da…you know”

    Truly one of the most articulate Democrats on the national scene today!

  • Jet

    Apparently Hope and Change hasn’t ever seen David Letterman’s “Great moments in Presidential Speeches”?

  • To be fair to Fred Thompson, he really was quite well qualified for the Senate when he ran for election. People remember he was an actor and forget that before his relatively brief acting career he had a long career as a lawyer on capitol hill and for the justice department and as a federal prosecutor. Hell, he was one of the lead lawyers in the Watergate investigation.


  • Hope and Change?

    No Jet thats not where I get my news…isn’t funny how the left cant let go of Bush? No matter what happens….from Israel, Obamas growing ethical and moral issues to the weather..there are those that blame him for everything…

    Or as Caroline Kennedy the great future Democrat Senator from NY would say..” Um….er….you know…um…er…you know”

  • Jet

    A not totally unexpected, yet assinine answer. You’re response is a near direct quote of Bush in nearly every gibberish-filled speach that Bush makes, when he isn’t quoting god.

    Isn’t it typical and telling how the self-righteous always seem to use the words (moral) and (ethic) or (liberal) without actually knowing what they mean?

  • Hope and Change?

    Jet…Not sure whats up with the personnal attack. All I did was quote Caroline…

  • Jet

    I’m saying the right’s hero Bush is just as bad, disputing your claim that only the left are babbling idiots.

    I also find it amusing you’re using the two “Catch phrase” words of the left, while maligning them.

    At least I listen to both sides of the political aisle before making up my mind.

  • Hope and Change?

    Sort of like President Barry…

    “I am pro-gay, pro-abortion and support public eduation” So he will have Rick Warren -the anti-gay pro-life zealot say the prayer at his innaguration while he enrolls his children in private school…

    Oh it is all so clear now…

  • Jet

    Can you be any more biased or ignorant?

  • Jet

    Fortunately the polls, election results and common sense prove you to be in the minority… I can only hope you eventually watch something other than Fox News, or listent to something other than Rush Limbaugh.

  • Hope and Change?

    Again with the personal attacks…dont watch fox or listen to Limbaugh — gee sounds like moew left wing attacks..but read 4 newspapers a day…maybe you should rely on BC for your news…

    Not sure why you attack me..Barry is wrong the gay issue and wrong on the school issue…dont you think people should be treated as equals ie marry who they want and to allow freedom of choice for a childs education?

    Sounds like you are the one watching Fox and righ wing talk radio…

  • Baronius

    Jet, if you really think that the Senate should be the House of Lords, then I assume you’ll be donating to Jeb Bush’s candidacy.

  • Hope and Change?

    Hey imagine…Princess Caroline being crowned Senator at St Patricks in New York!!!

  • Baronius

    H&C – I like it. The Holy Irish-American Empire.

  • Hope and Change?

    I here President Barry is going to dress up like a jockey and hold the reighns of her carraige as she enters St Pats!

  • Jet

    I repeat “Can you be any more biased or ignorant?” are you Arch Conservative in drag; or just his mother?

  • Hope and Change?

    Again with the personal attacks…why are you bent out of shape. Just because Barry flip-flopped and it now looks like we have a third term of the Bush policies and doctrine. Did people really beleive that this guy was going to support all of the hard lefts agenda?

    It seems that Barry is more conservative than McCain. In addition by embracing the anti gay pro life agenda he could lock up his reelection assuming he gets the economy turned around…

  • Jet

    As long as you keep irrationally attacking Obama, you are inviting the same shit right back atcha.

    Apparently in your reality it’s only a personal attack if you dissagree with it.

    What do you call the personal attacks you’re aiming at him “The truth?”


  • Hope and Change?

    Who is attacking Obama???? I am just stating that fact that he believes that all sides have the right to be at the table…pro and anti gay…pro and anti abortion…In addition he believes that the religioud right, just as Bush, have a place in his administration….ala Rick Warren.

    Where is the attack???

  • Jet

    I rest my case, I’m off to the heart doctor, feel free to post all the half-truths you want now.

  • Hope and Change?

    Can anyone explain what that was all about????


  • OK, let’s get back on subject. Caroline Kennedy! I am 1000% behind that gal.

    Let us take a look. Me, I am ten days older than her. In the quasi monarchy the Kennedy family represents to the USA democracy, Caroline has always had the ‘sister’ image to people of my demographic. Caroline is cool and represents the 45 to 65 year old folks. We need someone…

    Not qualified??? Sorry, Caroline has more experience and wisdom about politics than one might suspect. By proxy. Think about it. She is more qualified with knowledge and information that nobody else has in USA politics.

    Her life of human service with certain organizations, be it fund raising, participating in organizational duties, developing awareness of the cause and other things. Doesn’t she have a book out? Anyway, this is highly qualifying circumsatance.

    HOW? Think about it. That is how her uncle, Robert Kennedy gained voter muscle. Robert was in touch with the many minority groups of the USA. Be it Hispanics in LA or Blacks in the South, Robert Kennedy was in touch with the social needs of this aspect of the USA.

    With Caroline in this modern world, her ‘minority groups’ are issues, advocacy for 2009. She has learned well from the Kennedy family.

    Also, you know Caroline will be a ‘quick learn’ on apects of politics that opponents say make her unqualified for the position. You know she has the best resources available should she have a question about her homework….

    I am not from New York State. As an American, Caroline is definately THE voice for me. As a New York Senator, she will be working for me while I am sitting here in Seattle.

    As far as the whole appointment thing, that is fair. A few years ago here in Seattle, I ran for appointment of a new city council member while Jim Compton retired. I did well. Sally Clark was chosen. She is great! Good choice.

    Anyway, CHOOSE CAROLINE!!!!!!! It is a no brainer. WOW! I was wondering when our nations ‘sister’ would step into the ring. It is a good change for 2009.


  • Hope and Change?

    Anyone who uses the term “I am 1000% behind that gal” cannot be umder the age of 75!!!.

  • Re: #18, Hope and Change?.! Absolutely!!! Princess Caroline (not our gal from Monaco, who has USA gene pool also)!!!!

    The monarchy concept has aspects to it that are good. The concept has virtues that have worked world-wide in free societies for thousands of years. So it isn’t a bad thing from certain points of view. Overall, a full on active monarchy would not work in this country, but a few flavors of it injected into our political system is not a bad thing.

    So, the ‘monarchy’ arguement of going against Caroline Kennedy, I throw that out. Not admissable evidence…

    blah, blah, blah,

  • Baronius

    Douglas, Andrew Cuomo is New York’s Attorney General and former US Secretary of HUD. He has just as much genetic claim to political power as Caroline, and years of experience. He’s even a former Kennedy by marriage.

  • Baronius, that is all cool and groovy. Our quasi monarchy democratic government is developing the feature of incest (former Kennedy by marriage) needed for a full on monarchy…LOL

    Genetic claim? that is all fine and good but Cuomo doesn’t really do anything for me. What it really comes down to in the democratic monarchy is appointment, not being born into.


    rah, rah, rah,

  • Hope and Change?

    Gee Adrew Cuomo…isnt he in the mob like his dad? Thats what the honorable Bill Clinton claimed…he said he was in the mafia…

  • “This disturbing trend in American politics to favor celebrities as candidates…”

    Does Caroline Kennedy even count as a celebrity?

  • So H&C? has writes about a black man dressing like a jockey and an Italian being in the mob. Can’t wait for your next bit of wisdom. Will it be that Jews are cheap or Irish people are drunks? Stay classy!

  • ‘Hope & Change’ is nothing if not as subtle as an elephant stampede.

    Are you, JOM?

  • Hope and Change?

    “Will it be that Jews are cheap or Irish people are drunks?”

    You mean they arent????

    What is a JOM?

  • Someone you plead ignorance of every time you find a new library.

  • Baronius

    I can’t even tell who’s being facetious here.

    I’m not a fan of Andrew Cuomo, but he’s qualified.

    There are some arguments in favor of monarchy, but it’s not the system we have. And any benefits created by the stability of a monarchy aren’t obtained from an occasionally-biased republic.

  • Jet

    Thanks Doc, I knew if I gave him enough rope he’d hang himself. I was waiting for the stupid catch phrases at the end of each post…

  • Hope and Change?

    Rather than crown a “you now …um…we…dah…you know” do nothing princess why doesnt the governor do something earth shattering like call a special election and have people vote for the next senator…gee that woule be ” er ….um…you know” the right thing to do and almost guarantee his reelection!

  • Jet

    Of course that’s coming from a conservative blowing tax money for the millions it’d take to hold such an election, tally it and program the equipment.

    Just one moron?

  • Hope and Change?

    I am not sure whats up…I thought this is a place to exchange ideas and not deal with personal attacks for valid opinions…why cant people argue the facts rather than make peronal attacks just because they cant defend their position…

    #41 esposes the belief that government knows best and we should eliminate voted to save a few bucks…

  • Jet

    Actually 41 exposes the GOP tendency to spend tons of taxpayer’s money with no regards or intentions of every paying it back… which will be left to future generations.

    Not exactly economically conservative is it?

    It is a time-honored and traditional method of replacing members of congress throughout our great nation’s 225+ year history.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Hope and Change?

    I dont understand how you can defend Obama who has flipped the finger to all of us who voted for him…before he even is in office he has embraced Bush’s religous right wing gay bashers and rehired his war machine…

    Is the Hope and Change we were promised if we voted for him?

  • Jet

    HOW HYPOCRITICAL will the GOP get? Where were the screams for a special election when Gov. Sara Palin was to replace Alaska’s Repubugnant, oops Republican senator. Where were the self-righteous screams about back-room appointments and cheating the will of the people?

    Does the GOP really think we’re that stupid or have that short of a memory?????

  • Jet, mate, calm down, chill out, relax. Go to it.

  • Hope and Change?

    GOP what the F-CK are you talking about!!!! We were promised an immediate end to the war, equal rights and college for all! He not even in office and he has sent the equal rights movement back 20 years!!

    Barney Frank said last week in an interview… “Mr. Warren compared same-sex couples to incest. I found that deeply offensive and unfair,” How can anyome in the right mind not find what Warren said offensive!

    How can you defend this guy when he has reversed the whole platform for which he was elected!

    More war and more gay bashers in the White House!

  • Jet

    As I’ve said on several occasions, a scale can’t be properly balanced unless there is weight on both sides of it.

    Obama is providing just that Balance.

    Maybe I’m to fair-minded for my own good, but despite my medical condition(s) at least I look at life out of both eyes, not just the “left” or the “right”.

  • Meanwhie, back at the topic, teamac was overheard to say, Caroline Kennedy for Senate appointee has a few flaws.

    She did not support Hillary Clinton. She has not yet supported any Democrat running for Mayor of NYC. And, her name is Kennedy,as in Massachusetts, not Schlossberg as in New York, even though she was born there.

    Ask not what New York can do for her. Ask what she can do for New York. The US Senate is down the list.


  • So raising $65 mil for school programs wasn’t doing something good for New York? Why should supporting Hillary in her bid to abandon her responsibilities to the voters of New York be a qualification for appointment?

    And H&C, Obama made it perfectly clear that he was anti-gay well before the election. People just chose not to pay attention.


  • “She did not support Hillary Clinton.”

    Unless Hillary has Patterson’s ear on the matter, so what?

  • Jet, from all I’ve read it’s not the GOP objecting to Caroline Kennedy. Overwhelmingly the objections are coming from other people on the political left like our new participant Tommy Mack here.


  • Again, my two cents.

    I believe that Caroline would likely prove to be a good senator. She has lived amongst politicians and politics all of her life. She is intelligent, well educated and has shown serious concern for the people of this country.

    Additionally, the appointment is only for 2 years. She would be required to run for the office in 2010. If she did not establish herself as an effective legislator in that time, she could certainly be voted out.

    That being said, I wonder why in the hell she would choose to jump into the slime pit of New York politics? Nothing causes people to hate you quicker or more vociferously than to declare an interest in political office.

    She has maintained a reputation and an “aura” if you will of being serene and essentially above the fray. Given her familial experience, it seems she would understand how down and dirty it can get, how bloody dangerous it can get. I don’t know. I think she may get more grief than she imagines.

    It is likely that she could do more good in this world by continuing her work outside the political arena.


  • Jet

    No Tommy, she’s Kennedy like the famous Senator Robert F. Kennedy from New York who was running for president when he was assasinated.

  • pablo

    Below are the Premium Corporate Membership list of the CFR, of primary note is JPMorganChase, the Blackstone Group (owned by the Rothschilds) and of course Rotshchilds of North America. Also of note is DeBeers, which was created by Cecil Rhodes one of the originators of this diabolical cabal, intent on ruling the planet in THEIR interestsd.

    As Dave noted the CFR are just a group of benign minded individuals trying to promote freedom, liberty and democracy around the world for the down-trodden. SMIRK

    ABC News
    Access Industries, Inc.
    ACE Limited
    AEA Investors Inc.
    Alleghany Corporation
    Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd.
    Apax Partners, Inc.
    Apollo Management, LP
    ARAMARK Corporation
    Aramco Services Company
    Archer Daniels Midland Company
    AREVA Inc.
    Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Holdings, Inc.
    Baker Capital Corp.
    Baker, Nye Advisers, Inc.
    Baldwin-Gottschalk Group, The
    Banco Mercantil
    Bank of America
    Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, The
    Barclays Capital
    BASF Corporation
    Blackstone Group, The
    BNP Paribas
    Boeing Company, The
    Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
    Bunge Limited
    CALYON Corporate and Investment Bank
    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
    Canon, Inc.
    Cantillon Capital Management LLC
    Caxton Associates
    CH2M HILL Companies, LTD
    Chrysler LLC
    Cisneros Group of Companies
    CIT Group Inc.
    CNA Corporation, The
    Coca-Cola Company, The
    Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation
    Continental Properties
    Corsair Capital
    Craig Drill Capital Corporation
    Dalberg Global Development Advisors
    De Beers
    Deere & Company
    Deutsche Bank AG
    Duke Energy Corporation
    DynCorp International
    Electronic Data Systems Corporation
    Enel North America
    Energy Intelligence Group, Inc.
    Equinox Partners, L.P.
    Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
    Federal Express Corporation
    Ford Motor Company
    Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Inc.
    Future Pipe Industries, Inc.
    Galt Industries Inc.
    General Atlantic LLC
    General Electric Company
    Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, LLP
    Google, Inc.
    Granite Associates LP
    Greenberg Traurig, LLP
    Hitachi, Ltd.
    Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin
    IBM Corporation
    Indus Capital Partners, LLC
    InsCap Management, LLC
    Invus Group, LLC
    J.E. Robert Companies
    Jacobs Asset Management, LLC
    Jones Day
    JPMorgan Chase & Co
    Kometal GMBH Austria
    Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
    Lukoil Americas
    MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc.
    Mannheim LLC
    Marathon Oil Company
    Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
    Marubeni America Corporation
    MasterCard Advisors
    MBIA Insurance Corporation
    MeadWestvaco Corporation
    Medley Capital
    Medley Global Advisors
    Merck & Co., Inc.
    Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.
    Mitsubishi International Corporation
    Mitsui & Co., Inc.
    Moore Capital Management LLC
    Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
    Munich Re America Corporation
    National Interest Security Company
    Natixis North America, Inc.
    News Corporation, The
    NYSE Euronext
    Occidental Petroleum Corporation
    Olayan Group, The
    Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker
    Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP
    Pepsico, Inc.
    Peter Kimmelman Asset Management LLC
    Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
    Principal Financial Group
    Prudential Financial, Inc.
    Raytheon Company
    Resource Holdings, Ltd.
    Rho Capital Partners
    Rothschild North America, Inc.
    Sandalwood Securities, Inc.
    Shell Oil Company
    Sidley Austin LLP
    Silver Lake Partners
    Sony Corporation of America
    Standard & Poor’s
    Stanford Financial Group
    Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
    Tata Group, The
    Time Warner Inc.
    Tishman Speyer Properties, Inc.
    TOTAL S.A.
    Tribeca Enterprises
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    United Technologies Corporation
    Verizon Communications Inc.
    Veronis Suhler Stevenson
    Visa Inc.
    Volkswagen of America, Inc.
    Vornado Realty Trust
    Wyoming Investment Corporation
    Xerox Corporation
    Ziff Brothers Investments LLC

    Airbus North America
    Apple Core Hotels Inc.
    Arnold & Porter LLP
    Baker & Hostetler LLP
    Banca d’Italia
    Banca di Roma
    BGR International
    Claremont Capital Corporation
    Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP
    Control Risks Group
    Covington & Burling
    Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
    First Atlantic Capital, Ltd.
    French-American Chamber of Commerce
    Hemispheric Partners
    Idemitsu Apollo Corporation
    Intellispace, Inc.
    Interaudi Bank
    Intesa Sanpaolo
    Japan Bank for International Cooperation
    JETRO New York
    Joukowsky Family Foundation
    Mark Partners
    Marvin & Palmer Associates, Inc.
    Mine Safety Appliances Company
    Oxford Analytica Inc.
    Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
    Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP
    Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association
    Warburg Pincus LLC
    Weber Shandwick Worldwide
    Zephyr Management, L.P.

  • pablo

    KBR one of the corporate members of the CFR is Kellogg Brown and Root, one of the most diabolical corporate monsters on the planet, from which Halliburton sprung out of.

    As I have noted about Mr. Nalle, he is not really forthcoming on this Cabal (the CFR) mostly because in his own words he wishes to be a member, hardly surprising given his peculiar political beliefs, as an apologist for imperialism, invading other countries, subverting other nations through espionage, kidnappings, torture, and murder. Nalle would fit in perfectly with the CFR’s inhuman agendas.

  • STM

    It’s now 2009 Down Under. Yes, we ARE from the future. I’ve just had a glimpse of what you’ll be doing later tonight.

    Happy New Year!

  • pablo

    You are so right STM we all will be celebrating global depression. Happy New Year!

  • Jet

    Always the optimist aren’t we Pablo?

    Of COURSE the world will fall into a depression, the GOP corporate machine that you’ve helpfully listed above will see to it. (which is why George arranged for all the Oil Companies to rake in all those profits last summer on a phoney’d up oil crisis by Wall Street futures speculators picked specifically for the job.)

    That’s also why GOP Corp. America raked in all those inflated stock profits at 12,000, then sold
    out middleclass investors and their pathetic 401Ks to line their own pockets, and then raked in all those billions that Bush knew the soft-headed Dems would give them stupidly thinking they were saving American Jobs, so that the fat cats have a sizable cash cushion to weather what’s to come.

    That’s why they threw the election with a patsy like McCain that Bush made no bones about despizing, hating, and played dirty tricks on during the 2000 and 2004 primaries.

    That’s why the GOP still won’t admit that they were so damned gleeful when he chose a clueless baffoon/SNL joke like Sara Palin to make sure the election was a sure thing for Obama. They can now feel free to use her as an excuse to dump the religious right, who’ve been weighing on them like an anchor lately.


    So that 8 years from now Obama would have egg on his face because GOP Corp America Inc has no intentions of letting the economy’s balls go until they’ve squeeze wages back to $2.00 an hour forcing the desparate working class for a job-any job. Hillary’s reputation would be ruined, and there’ll be no unstained Democratic candidate for the 2012 elections.

    They’ll let this economy rot and nearly die, while they sit on their off-shore bank accounts and withheld off-shore oil leases like they did during the first great depression, allowing their foolish suicidal underlings to jump from windows and put guns in their mouths on Wall Street, foolishly blaming themselves for being unable to figure out how to fix the economy without any cash to do it with.

    Only after the GOP has swept both houses of congress and the White House back into their greedy hands, will the real cash spiggets be turned on and 95% of the billions of hoarded cash we stupidly gave corporate America Inc. back in 2008-9 will be released to the economy and the GOP will be heroes for decades to come!


    Of course the above will be judged as the ravings of some stupid fool and idiot who hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about, (even though I was much malligned for predicted gas at the pump prices of over $4 a gallon TWO YEARS before it happened) but in the future when it all comes to fruition (forgive the pun) by then you’ll have forgoten all about me…

    …and with good reason.

  • Hope and Change?

    If Obama fails it’s Bush’s fault?

    Oh please…….

  • Hope and Change?


    Republicans Dump The Religious (Gay Bashing)Right, who’ve been weighing on them like an anchor.

    Obama, seeing a way to gain more politcal power, quickly jumps out of his homophobic closet and embraces The Religious (Gay Bashing)Right!

    Where is the Hope and Change I voted for?

  • Hope and Change?

    Obama embraces, supports and gives an international stage to a religious zealot with a mission to expand his growing power base. He was responsible for the defeat of Proposition 8 in California.

    Where is the hope? Where is the change?

  • Hope and Change?

    How many of Kerry’s, Peolosi’s,Kennedy’s , Clinton’s and their new friend Rev. Warren’s MILLIONS are offshore waiting for “Bush” to destroy the economy over the next 4 years while according to Jet, the impotent Obama hopelessly watches?

  • JOM, I remember that red-letter day when you said you were going to vote for Obama if McCain won the GOP nomination, but I doubt you actually followed through with it.

    This new ‘Hope and Change?’ persona of yours is ludicrous. Obama’s public positions on issues have been well-known for years and were criticized quite thoroughly during the election campaign. You claim to have voted for him in ignorance of those positions… yet, before he has even assumed office or taken a single policy action, suddenly NOW the fog has been blown from your eyes and his true agenda is crystal clear to you?

    Even without you there’s quite enough bullshit on these threads. Please… spare us more.

  • Hope and Change?

    Not sure what this JOM stuff is abiout…

    Dreadful..I Guess everyones a critic in here.hence the name..what is your take on the rational and coherent views in post #59?

  • Baronius

    Pablo, did you mean to post on this thread?

  • Post 59? Affectionate as always towards your old friend Jet, I see.

    The GOP certainly has Machiavellian tendencies, so the scenario Jet lays out isn’t completely far-fetched; although it seems to me that such a conspiracy wouldn’t work in their interests either.

    There’s very little any president can do to influence the economy, so I doubt that things would have turned out much differently over the last 4-8 years under a Gore, a Kerry or even a McCain. To be sure, we might not have been fighting a couple of spectacularly expensive wars, which don’t help. Nevertheless, the buck does stop at the Oval Office desk, so Jet is entirely justified in leveling a lot of his anger at the Bush administration. Obama will get the blame for all of the crap that happens from late January onwards – and whether justified or not, he shouldn’t shrug it off, as Bush tended to do, by blaming everything on a convenient enemy – ‘the terwrists’.

    In the meantime, as I said, Obama hasn’t even taken office yet, so why you’re so pissed at him I don’t know. Unless it was because he had the temerity to win the election?

  • Jet

    Doc, Though I was as a bitter Hillary supporter, I’ve taken time to get to know his attitudes, his absolute love of his family, and his determination to not only give this country a balanced administration, but a voice to all, regardless of who agrees with it.

    My concern is how the money has vanished for the recovery. That cash was supposed to have gone to home owners in trouble refinancing their homes before they were lost.

    That cash was supposed to have gone to consumers who couldn’t buy new cars and big ticket items because of the “credit crunch”

    That cash was supposed to go toward developing more fuel efficient and here’s the most important part-supposed to go towards making those new cars affordable to the middle class consumer before the breed disappears completely.

    My concern is where the hell IS that money going/gone?

    It was also triggered by the ridiculous Republican cries of protest over the Dems not seating Obama’s replacement… when we all know that it’s only because that replacement is a democrat, and no such protests were raised over GOP’s Stevens when Palin seats a republican replacement. That’s called hypocritical and transparently so.

    Thus my dire prediction…

  • Jet

    One of cutie’s tactics is to bury comments like #59 under so much distracting and stupid bullshit afterward, that his/it’s hope is that not many will dig that far backward to read it.

    also very transparent.

  • Baronius

    Eh. Theories about anyone throwing an election contradict human nature and rationality.

  • Jet

    It’s called an opinion Mr. B. I got the same flack for predicting over $4 gas at the pump too.

  • Jet

    By the way many here will tell you that I’m not considered human, nor rational… just part of my charm

  • Not sure what you mean by that last bit, Jet. Stevens lost his re-election bid, so Palin never ended up having to appoint a replacement.

    As far as Obama’s replacement goes, under the circumstances I think anybody appointed by Blagojevich would have been tainted, and the governor’s cynical decision to nominate Roland Burris hasn’t helped. A special election would be a reasonable solution – in this one case. It seems that Obama himself agrees.

  • Doc –

    You’re wasting your time. “H&C” is simply another one of those who insist that the facts must fit his beliefs, rather than insisting that his beliefs must fit the facts.

    You’ll never – and I don’t like saying ‘never’ – change the guy’s mind. To such people, the end always justifies the means – even if the means include outright lies and denials of obvious fact.

  • As there is no evidence that “Hope and Change?” is JOM, (who, for the benefit of newcomers, is banned from this site), we shall have to tolerate him until such time as he becomes bannable on his own merits – and respect the “integrity” of the nom de keyboard he chooses to use.

  • Baronius

    Jet, I’m not saying that you’re inhuman, just that no one runs for office with the intention of turning a possible win into a loss. Also, that Dread’s idea of a Machiavellian plan would require an incredible confidence that an electoral loss would translate into a long-term benefit. Remember that politicians suffer from Blagoesque vanity and determination.

  • APPOINT CAROLINE KENNEDY! Man, just her name mention in this article has sure produced a long, manic thread.

    WOW! That’s our girl! With that amount of sublime power, who else would you want? As a New York senator, she would still be representing my interests out west here. Finally, a politician in my demographic (51 y.o.) I can find some sort of identity with.

    I a big view of USA politics, this is part of a needed change for the USA. Caroline is very qualified, in ways you cannot imagine…


  • Hope and Change?

    The rumor is that Princess Caroline will be endorsed on Friday by the Mary Jo Kopechne Foundation for Safe Driving and Scuba Diving..

    Is it me or does Princess Caroline have an adams apple? Very disturbing…you know…

  • Jet

    Christopher, either 78 is proof positive, or H&C is guilty of plagarizing the jerk’s style completely

  • Princess Caroline? Who are you talking about? Our Princess Caroline or Princess Caroline of Monaco?

    Oh, Monaco Caroline is hosting a fund raising gala for the Smash Rolls Royce off a Cliff Foundation. Our gal is doing the Kopechne Foundation work. I can’t wait till the opening she will host for the Joe Kennedy Rum Runners Museum. Caroline will get a lot of NASCAR support from that…WHAT!? where is my campaign management brain going???

    OK, Happy New Year everyone… 2009, the changes may be bigger than you think…

    smooches xo,

    Yeah, so publicly active, those Princess gals.


  • Hope and Change?

    Princess Caroline Kennedy of course…you know

  • Jet

    The chances of an intelligent conversation taking place on this website has now plumetted. I plan to be gone a while…

  • I’m with ya, Jet! Have a good 2009 and we shall catch you upon a 2009 reappearance by Jet.

    rock on,

  • Zedd

    Carolyn K has remained politically astute. Hillary was the Prez’s wife. What position had she held which made her qualified? Answer… None, but she remained politically engaged and had relationships and experience, though not official, which made her an asset. What other woman in the party would be such an asset?

    What we know is that a large part of great leadership is getting people to do what you want because of good relationship building. She’s got that in the bag. She knows people and they want to know her. Simple.

  • pablo

    Baronius 66

    No I did not it was a mistake.

  • Psblo, your list in #55 reads pretty much like the corporate sponsorship list for any large charity or public service institution. I did a little checking. Many of those same sponsors appear on the sponsor list for the Metropolitan Opera. Is it a conspiracy to turn us all into tragically murderous clowns like Pagliacci?

    Blackstone sponsors WGBH in Boston. Does that mean that Sesame Street is NWO propaganda?

    Actually, Blackstone only had a Rothschild on the board for about a year and isn’t some sort of front for them as you claim.

    And OMG, I notice Covington and Burling on the list. My uncle works there and I did a summer internship there. I must be a pawn of the NWO too.

    Utter ridiculousness as usual.


  • Jet

    Back atcha Doug

  • Jet

    Forget Sesame Street Dave, what about “this old house!!!”

  • Clavos

    There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Caroline backed out because they told her she’d have to learn to speak without using the phrase, “You know.”

  • Mark Eden

    I heard she quit shortly after running across Just One Neuron’s devastating critique right here on BC.

  • Clavos

    That certainly was a factor, Mark…

  • Mark Eden

    Looks like the dude fucked up again…unable to restrain his anti-jet bullshit over in another thread. Picture the poor guy carrying his lantern in search of another ISP and handle.

  • Mark, he always turns up in the most unlikely of places. Like a wooden penny.

  • Mark Eden

    It’s a shame really. As something of a troll myself, I enjoy his work — until one of his obsessions carries him over the edge.

  • I do too; but right after Jet’s comment, it was too much. I guess his/her thing is try to outrage. To each his own, I guess.

  • Mark Eden

    The two of them have a — history —

  • I imagine that. Old love never dies. He just had me look something up in the Wikipedia; so I told him that his existence wasn’t altogether useless. Actually, not a dumb person at all.

  • Mark Eden

    …..He coulda bin ah contender!

  • Cindy D

    [Personal attack deleted. Sorry, Cindy – I have to be consistent. Dr D]. Be nice though.

  • Cindy D

    Doe “he” constitute a “personal” attack?

  • Mark Eden

    (Looks around nervously…) You could be right. We’ll have to let Dreadful sort it out.

  • Cindy D

    lol Mark 🙂

  • Cindy/Mark,

    Notice previous comments got deleted; so Chris &/Doc have their hands full. If you’d want to use this material, to write a book or something – like I did, remember – then you’d have to fill in the gaps.


  • Cindy D

    The only book I could write would have to be a collection of Dan(Miller)’s humorous posts.

  • Mark Eden

    Parenthetically Dan

  • Cindy D

    Ha! Great title!

  • I guess everybody’s asleep now. Roger and out!

  • Caroline bailed out. That is cool. She sussed the whole thing out casually. She figured she just wasn’t ready or the intensity of the job yet.

    That is our Caroline, she checked into it all while deflecting everyone’s b.s. attitude. She made a good decision for herself.

    All these maniacs wanting to attack (for sake of their ego) her for taxes or housekeepers or Uncle Ted or whatever, she is just laughing at all of you. If she was totally driven to serve, such things would be a non-issue, she would have dealt with it.

    I just love her casual manner thru it all.