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A Journey into Film Part III: The Realm – Scene Outline

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After my initial creative burst, which resulted in my original story, and the required concept, which I turned in, the next requirement of the project was to submit a scene outline.

Having never really attempted anything like this before, I was not quite sure what to do. So, I went back and poured over my story and figured out just where everything was going to happen, slapped it out on the computer, and below is where you will see the results of those excursions.

Scene Outline
1. Opens in a bar. Mike is sitting at the bar in a corner by himself. He is staring down at his drink and looks depressed. The bar is full but flows around Mike but not near him.

2. The bartender approaches Mike. A conversation is seen taking place. We don’t hear anything at first. The conversation slowly becomes audible. There is one strange thing about the bartender, his mannerisms. He cocks his head often and his eyes are wide and blank.

3. Gina enters the bar, she approaches the bar and gets a beer from the bartender. She looks up and sees Mike at the other end of the bar. She smiles slightly before walking away. Mike watches her go, though barely lifts his head.

4. The odd-acting bartender returns to Mike and the talk continues. The conversation turns to Gina. The bartender gets a strange look on his face and walks away.

5. Gina returns to the bar and sits at a stool at about the middle of the bar. Mike still looks depressed. Gina sits there staring at Mike. Mike doesn’t notice. He suddenly looks up and looks directly at Gina. They stare at each other, the look on their faces is one of complete amazement.

6. The scene shifts to blackness. As it does Mike turns a surprised look to the bartender, who just gives him an evil-looking smile.

7. A light comes up on Mike. He is standing alone in the center of the light. He is surrounded by black. He looks bewildered and hurt.

8. All you see is white, Gina walks into view from the left. She wanders around. She looks happy and calm.

9. Mike appears to be going crazy. He cries out into the blackness, apparently waiting for a response. He then crumples to the ground.

10. Gina, still appearing comfortable, looks around the whiteness. She stops just before the middle of the room and listens. She looks as if she has just heard something. She calls back. She then sits down leaning against the back wall of the room.

11. During this experience Mike occasionally hears a whispering voice. Hearing this just further angers him.

12. As Gina gets up and looks around, she hears Mike’s voice crying out, she calls back to him, realizing that she is not alone. She calls to him more, almost begging for a response.

13. Mike gets up as he hears these voices but because of his apparent mental state he fails to realize what is going on and sinks deeper into his manic state.

14. Something that is said to Mike suddenly snaps him out of his state and snaps to attention. He picks up on Gina’s voice and responds to it directly.

15. The “barrier” between them drops and they see each other truly for the first time. They approach each other and touch.

16. As soon as they touch the scene goes black.

17. Light comes back up and we see they are back at their positions at the opposite sides of the bar, staring at each other.

18. Back in the bar. Mike and Gina still staring at each other. Mike slowly gets up and walks toward Gina. Her gaze follows him as he makes his way to her seat. He takes her hand and they turn to leave the bar.

19. The bartender stares after them with an evil-looking smile on his face. After they leave he crumples on to the counter. The bartender then wakes up, a looks as if he’d been sleeping for hours.

20. They exit the bar and embrace in the darkened parking lot, lit only by the glow of the street lights.

Be on the lookout for part IV, the cast descriptions.

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