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A Journey into Film, Part I: The Realm – The Original Story

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Way back in 1998, when I was in college, I made a short film. It was nothing high quality and it turned out to be pretty hard, but it was an enjoyable experience and forced me to do a lot of work on my own.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to share with you the stages that I went through to create The Realm. Perhaps, at some point I will get the film online to share with you, until then, I’ll share the process from conception to completion.

The first thing I did was write the story. I think I jumped a little further ahead in the process, but I had the story and it just flowed out of me. Of course, things did not go nearly as well as they had been planned.

Please, read on. Part 1 is my original story for The Realm.

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The Original Story:
As He wandered through the darkness, an eerie calm descended over him. He wandered around the land believing he was dreaming, but feeling awake. Too bad he was too naive to know the difference, for he was doing neither. He walked for what seemed to be days but were just minutes ticking, ticking away. His calm slowly gave way to panic as he wasn’t waking up. In his anxiety he failed to search his surroundings and fell….

His aching body sat up, pain shooting through his skull…. Pain? He thought, I’m dreaming you can’t feel pain in a dream….could you? He suddenly came to the realization that he was not asleep. Although he did not know where he was or how he got there. All he thought he knew was that he must find a way out of the intense blackness.

As if on cue, colors started swirling around him. His panic grows and grows into a fevered pitch. Where am I? He screams to anyone who may be listening. Little did he know that someone was listening…
That was me…. And one other

The other arrived about the same time as he, but in the polar opposite. She was bathed in a blinding white light. She stumbled around at first, startled at the brilliance of the light and the loss of her sight. She soon learned to navigate the unfamiliar landscape without the use of her eyes. She came to have questions about where she was and why she felt so relaxed. She wandered for minutes which seemed to stretch for hours. As she walked her questions were forgotten and she felt empty and alone, falling into despair and then… She walked off the edge…

And landed on what felt like a large pillow, and suddenly she could see again. Not shapes but colors swirling around her. It was then that she heard the voice…

Where am I? It said. She sat up startled, not prepared to hear a voice other than her own. Slowly she got to her feet and calling out Where are you?

The voice cried out a few more times before degenerating into gasping sobs. She called again to the voice’s anonymous owner Who are you? She asked.

While on the flip side, he was attempting to bring himself to some kind of semblance of sanity. Am I going crazy? He asked himself Am I hearing things? He thought as he could have sworn he had heard a female voice calling out to him. Maybe I’m dead and this is my private hell.

Little did he know the truth, the reality of his situation. He was very much alive and in a place far from hell. He as well as She is on a plane that transgresses reality, the nexus where all are linked, no this isn’t hell and I am no devil, but they were both chosen to be brought here for a reason. She continues to call, he refuses to answer instead believing that he is imagining the sounds.
She tries to locate the source of the cries, only to discover that they are coming from where she was standing. How can that be you ask? This is because These two zones are linked one to the other in perfect symmetry. To break the barrier there must be conscious acknowledgment of the other. A brief joining of two becoming one of mind.

At this point He realizes his soul searching is irrelevant and listens to the calls of the other. Should he respond? or just let the calling drive him to the condition he initially feared he was, insane. He chooses the previous. I’m Here! He calls to the other voice. She hears him and calls Who are you?

At this point the barrier is broken and they stand before each other amidst the swirling colors. For a minute they stare blankly at each then they approach each other and touch. At this instant they leave my realm and return to their own. Where they awaken from what seemed like a nights sleep but was actually just an instant to everyone else.

Now you may ask, What my role was in all of this. I play no role. I am the keeper of the realm. This is a realm of the mind and of the being. Not heaven nor hell. Not real but not imagined. It is where everyone visits to connect with another on a different level than just the conscious although most do not realize it at the time. I am merely someone who watches over all the visitors to this place and impart their stories on to others, for it is different for everyone, no two unions are the same. Just remember that when you are here…. I will be watching.

Now I wait for the next visitors to my home.

That concludes the first stage of my journey. Keep an eye out for part II, which was the concept I submitted for the class.

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