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A journey into depraved cyberspace

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This story which appeared in the Globe and Mail shows the very sinister nature and quanity of child pornography on the Internet. The story contains harsh comments and a vivid depiction of the kinds of child pornography available on the Intenet. The story was written in Canada. A story of this nature could not be published in the US as it is illegal for a reporter(or anyone for that matter) to look at child pornography. Below are a few excerpts:

-How long would it take a someone with zero expertise to find child pornography on the Internet — the same kind of images Mr. Briere said drove him to his crime? The answer: one hour and ten minutes. But those 70 minutes were a journey into depraved cyberspace that left me feeling nauseated.

-In a nanosecond, we were in cyber-hell. Something called Pedo World flashed across the screen. And then a series of colour photos of children popped up. They were mostly girls. One child stood innocently in a bathtub; others wore black garter belts or thongs that somehow fit their narrow hips. One girl looked as young as 4. Others were probably five or six years old. Some appeared to be about 10, the age when they lose their baby fat.

-Then a series of photos flashed on the screen that made us sick. It showed men raping little kids, including a little girl who couldn’t be older than 4. I hadn’t touched the keyboard or the mouse when another set of photos replaced them. They showed a pot-bellied white man, his face hidden, having sex with two scrawny Asian girls, perhaps five or six years old.

You can read about Crimes Against Children on the Internet at Watch Right Internet Crimes Against Children Weblog
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Robert T DeMarco is CEO of IP Group in Herndon VA. IP Group offers software communication tools for use on the Internet. These include: PowerTools, Watch Right, Always on Time and IM Frame. Mr. DeMarco is the author/editor of several Weblogs and is also a member of the High Tech Crimes Industry Association (HTCIA).

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  • Robert:

    I admire your work, but is it technically criminal for you to track down that stuff even though you’re doing research? The Pete Townsend defense comes to mind. What do you do once you find it? Send it to the FBI?