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A Horribly Spun Tale

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The movie “Spun” has stolen a chunk of my life and I won’t be able to get it back.

This movie was almost as bad as my title for this entry. It wasn’t the worst movie I have ever seen, but considering the cast, I was greatly disappointed. Jason Schwartzman plays the main character Ross, a meth addict, who gets caught up with the Meth Cooker (Mickey Rourke) and his crack-whore, stripper girlfriend (Brittany Murphy). Anyway, if you have seen Requiem for a Dream, don’t bother with this one at all. This attempts some darker comedic moments than Aranofsky’s Requiem, but it has eerily similar segues.

The character development was weak, the relationships seemed forced, it didn’t flow very well at all, and there were some cheesy cartoons to make you realize when the characters were high (GENIUS!!!). Why were Mena Suvari (American Beauty) and Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous) even in this movie? They didn’t do anything. If all this wasn’t bad enough, there was a prolonged scene where John Leguizamo had nothing on but a sock covering his bits and pieces. I could have comfortably gone through life without seeing John’s batch of pubic hair.

If you are a big fan of Jason Schwartzmann, buy a copy of Rushmore.

You have been warned.

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