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A Herd of White Elephants

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I cannot figure out how the Republican Party isn’t living up to its self-imposed reputation as the Daddy party and taking the White House away from an eminently defeatable Barack Obama, who is losing the ear of the voters, according to pollster John Zogby.

Just this last week, Obama has managed to denigrate and disrespect liberals and progressives, and Latinos, to the point that they are beginning to look for someone else to back. Unions are threatening to boycott the Democratic convention, in part over his sorry strategy of eschewing employment policies in favor of banking subsidies. He is also discovering that the Black community isn’t very happy with him, even if they (like every other group that traditionally has supported the Democratic Party for decades) are believed to be locked in for 2012 because they have nowhere else to go. Cain, where are your brothers?

Yet the Republican candidates aren’t getting anywhere against Obama. You know things are tough when a well-known liberal blogger makes the case for Mitt Romney that even Republicans won’t! Can it truly be that Michele Bachmann is the best the GOP can do? That faith declares Rick Perry is going to ride in on his pygmy pony and save the day?

Rudy Giuliani doesn’t think so, for just this last week he’s again let it be known that he’s “thinking” of running. I wouldn’t start selecting that Inaugural Ball gown just yet, Rudy! Noun-verb-9/11 isn’t much of a campaign strategy.

But Rudy isn’t the only outsider thinking he’s got a chance to win the nomination. I won’t focus much on those who are more well-known, like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, or Pay-Me-To-Ask-Questions Rep. Paul Ryan, he who called the cops to arrest jobless constituents protesting his budget plan in his office, for you get exposed to more than enough drivel about those zeros from the real media. You especially have heard more than enough about Sarah Palin, who let it be known that she is “still considering a run for president” despite not entering the Ames Straw Poll.

I’m talking about real outsiders, the ones who were getting the ignore Ron Paul treatment from the corporate media long before Ron Paul narrowly lost to Bachmann in Iowa. I’m talking Former New York Gov. George Pataki, who is floating trial balloons and not getting much altitude from them; Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer, who is tearing a page out of the populist manifesto and trying to reach the working man; Michigan Republican Representative Thaddeus McCotter, who likes to quote Led Zeppelin lyrics as a part of his House floor speeches to show how he’s hip and with it; Former Cranston, Rhode Island mayor and GOP Senate candidate Steve Laffey whose past supporters aren’t enthused by this news. “It would be highly irrational for him to run for president,” said one supporter, “… He would not be considered a serious candidate by any stretch of the imagination.”

I say that the real Americans of Rick Santelli’s rant, the haves and the havemores, are hoping for someone better. Their own financial investors are beginning to worry that Barack Obama is off on the wrong track where the economy is concerned, and not just for partisan reasons. When such people promote the idea Obama isn’t doing the necessary things to repair the economy, things that Democrats since FDR have traditionally done, you know that even Houston can tell we have a problem without us having to say a thing.

When Republicans complain that the Democrats aren’t doing their part to keep the two-faced one-corporatist political party racket going (see: JP Morgan report of 15 Aug 2011), one knows with certainty that we’re in it deep. It has to make a rational person look beyond the usual limits for a solution.

Two of the announced Republican candidates have done this very thing this week. Jon Huntsman, clearly hoping to gather educated secular environmentalists to his Oval Office effort, announced that not only does he believe in evolution, but also that he is convinced environmental change isn’t just a myth promoted by hippie tree-huggers to keep Rick Santelli’s viewers from realizing the fruits of their hard clear-cutting wood products company stock trading labor. Just to show how far Huntsman is willing to go, he even links to a video of Captain Beefheart. This is intended to show us that Huntsman is the real deal, and not just a mere Trout Mask Replica!  Lick my decals off, Jonny!

Gary Johnson isn’t buying this approach, however. He has to doubt that an affinity for Captain Beefheart music videos will draw in the Hamptons Society, so he’s taken an approach which clearly exudes desperation: he’s appealing to reason. Yes, reason! He wants the Republican voters to abandon completely all the social issues and focus exclusively on economics. This from a member of the party which loves the extremes that FOX will go to push fear and panic upon their viewers on the behalf of the GOP: Run! The Republicans will save you from the liberal, gay, fascist tree-hugging Muslims from Kenya who are coming to get you from under your bed at night!

It isn’t working for Johnson or any other Republican candidate, at least not yet. NYT’s Nate Silver still holds (as of 8/19/11) that the latest polling data shows that Obama has “a fighting chance of winning reelection against a good Republican nominee and reasonably strong chances against a poor one.” This does, of course, assume that the economy doesn’t drop into a second dip. People with far better economic data than I have time to peruse aren’t yet convinced that Obama’s lackadaisical approach to leading this nation will prevent this, and they aren’t all Wall Streeters.

So whoever is hiding behind the elephants waiting for his moment to ride them (I’m lookin’ at you, Jebbie!), I’m thinking that his time is soon coming. The preliminary work is underway as I write. Former Bush strategist Karl Rove told Sean Hannity that, “I think we are likely to see several other candidates think seriously about getting in” (deflecting specific focus away from a certain Bush family member)  while other former Bush staffers are going after Rick Perry. Mitt Romney’s religion is just one of the reasons Tea Baggers despise him, and even more mainline Republicans are leery of him. Michele Bachmann almost daily adds additional verbal gaffe lumber to her auto da fe, and that about takes care of the front-running GOP candidates.

So the GOP’s Appian Way is clear for yet another triumphal entrance into New Rome for yet another member of the family who has been on the scene of every major 20th Century event. You heard it here first: Jeb is coming. Let’s hope Jeb has learned not to sit frozen in fear on television as a Category Four hurricane is about to come ashore, for the world is facing a much bigger calamity than a mere tropical weather disruption. Let’s also hope his daughter has cleaned up her act, and that his wife has emptied her purse of undeclared jewelry bought while out of the country, if he agrees to this coronation. He’s got to think of the family reputation, after all! By the time he’s had his two terms, his son George should be ready to be president. Wouldn’t be prudent for the dynasty to have skeletons in the closet!

Now watch this drive!

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  • Clavos

    My family moved to Florida in the late 50s, when LeRoy Collins was governor, so I’ve seen a bunch of ’em come and go.

    I would vote for Jeb in a heartbeat.

  • cindy

    Uh and why don’t you even mention Cain????? Come on, get real…. Cut the bull….Solutions require transparency, accountability, not all this spin…..can’t you guys cover real stories like the economy in depth…Why is inflation rising….oh higher energy cost…EPA regs will fuel that fire when the coal plants forced to close in the middle of recession…and don’t spin that saying we are in recovery, all recovery was faked by temporary government spending—why does government get money…oh yes tax the rich….THEN WHAT? We need solutions!!!!

  • “We need solutions!”

    Reminds me of a line from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

    “You’re looking for answers, boy? Well, there ain’t no answers.”

  • Realist, your health and general situation must be getting better, judging by the fact you’ve started cranking ’em out again.

  • John Lake

    The Latinos clearly are better off with Obama than they would be with any Republican candidate so far declared or undeclared. As far as I know, the Latin community concede that point. The Republicans are mired down in a mind-less slump, and indications are that slump will continue.

    Rawreplay doesn’t give the impression that the Black constituency is losing regard for Obama. There is no suggestion that they aren’t “happy with him.” They know they need jobs, and lobbying is a positive means of achieving some support for that need. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. California Congresswoman Waters knows how to talk the talk, and she made very clear in the material presented that as to Obama, the Black community should and does, “love him, love him, love him.”

    As to Huntsman, you imply he doesn’t believe a word of what he says. I don’t see much evidence for that. Huntsman is in fact smart, savvy, and wise. The world is going to need someone with a knowledge of China in the coming few years, just as it needed a president who could relate to the Near and Middle East in the last four.

    When Bush was courting the very wealthy, it was still un-American to court corporations. Bush and Cheney nearly invented the idea. Now it is according to some the ‘height of cool’ to abandoned individual voters, and work for the world’s CEOs. We see how that has worked out.

    Two things this country can do without: the former Governor of Florida (swung that election), and the continued presence of Karl Rove. Rick Perry is looking to Rove for advice, and the donations are coming in loud and strong.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    No, Jeb isn’t going to jump in – not this time, at least. He’s too smart for that. I can see him in 2016 going up against Cuomo, but not before then.

  • Baronius

    I wish the presidential campaign cycle were shorter than it is, but a candidate shouldn’t be making up his mind with the election 14 months away. Politicians often sit on their porch waiting for the people to rise up and carry them to the White House, but that hasn’t worked in a long time. I don’t think anyone can wait longer than Perry did and still get in the race. Or you’d have to have a great hook to do it.

  • Baronius

    Cindy – I’ve seen your name on a few comments lately. You should know that there’s another Cindy who is a quite vocal left-leaning anarchist on this site. My advice to you is to make up a fake name for yourself (my real name isn’t Baronius) and enjoy all this site has to offer.