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A “Great Economy” Propped Up By Credit Cards

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The current economic figures are going up because the middle class is disappearing. Has anyone noticed? The upper class can afford more and more things like new diesel trucks, furniture, vacation cruises, and new houses. The upper class can afford those “safety net” stock portfolios to hedge against skyrocketing prices of basic necessities and are well off enough not to notice that in the real world, the floor is falling out from under the rest of us. They can afford not to notice the rest of us draining our savings and the little we put away for the kid’s college because we need the rest for basic necessities.

Meanwhile, the middle class is losing buying power by the day. They can no longer afford that extra night out a month with the family because the money for it went into the gas tank last week. They can’t afford a new car every two or three years anymore like they used to before Bush. Their paychecks are being eaten up by higher costs for insurance and health care. Their credit cards are being eaten up by ever-raising interest rates and higher minimum payments because of greedy credit card companies that hand out plastic like water. Then, after you’re hooked, they decide to raise your rates and payments whether you like it or not. But they’re nice about it and send little notes out saying, in effect, “If you don’t like it, simply pay off your balance!” Yeah right!

The shrinking middle class has to make tough decisions like whether to pay the car and house payment or taking the kids to the dentist. But the upper middle class Republicans don’t have to notice or care about the rest of us, do they? Spend $200 for dinner? Heh, that’s petty cash hardly worth noticing! More and more middle class people are buying goods on credit cards because they can no longer afford to pay cash up front for the bare necessities. That money is now eaten up in inflated prices on nearly everything instead. Of course the economy looks like it’s growing; it’s being put on credit cards!

The poor in this country have to decide more important things like whether to buy groceries for their kids’ school lunches or new shoes for them. Rich republicans are well off enough, they don’t understand the concept of having to make a tough decision like whether you can afford five dollars for something necessary because things are so tight, you might need it for something else tomorrow.

Yes, Bush and his blind followers can afford “not to notice” that this economy is tanking faster than their deceiving figures say it is because it’s based on sales figures. Bush doesn’t take into account how much of that’s being put on nearly defaulting credit cards. Sooner or later, Bush’s credit card economy bill on the War and on the interest we pay to foreign countries on the insane and growing budget debt and on his “wonderful” economy — it’s going to come due and bite all of us on the ass. Not that it’ll matter. By then he’ll be out of office and the blame will be shifted to the Democratic administration that replaces him.

Why do you think most of his budget ideas don’t actually take effect until he’s already gone from office years from now? Yeah it’s easy not to notice a great economy, that’s why Bush’s approval ratings are at an all time low.

But that’s only my opinion.

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  • Tired of getting bogged down by all those facts and figures? Get it right from the trenches here folks.

  • I think those facts and figures are what make an article about the economy relevant.

  • Matt, people can spout facts and figures till their blue in the face, but until they’ve lived here down in the trenches, all that facts and figures do is give the people responsible for helping us an excuse not to, and to turn their backs and ignore the real problems in this “booming” economy.

    Hense the bitterness.

  • Jet, it would help a lot if you had some non-anecdotal facts and figures and some references here, because most of your assertions just aren’t supported by the facts generally accepted as given.

    For example, you talk about people not being able to keep up with rising prices, yet we have historically low inflation even taking gas prices into consideration, not to mention the strongest wage increases in years. You talk about people being strung out on credit, yet the rate of borrowing increase is lower than it’s been since the early 90s, and there was only 1 year back then which was lower than last year – and if you put that year aside there aren’t any years since credit became generally available which were better than last year.

    It’s ALWAYS a mistake to try to extrapolate from your personal experiences to the general population. Your personal observations may be very relevant to your local community and to your own self and your acquaintances, but to try to draw any larger conclusions from them without referencing genuine, researched statistics just doesn’t work.


  • We’re talking about personal experience, not only my own, but many like me. Since I don’t have facts and figures to back me up it’s irrelevant that I’m over $43,000 in credit debt and am on the verge of bankruptcy. I’ve had to resort to using my cards to pay the utilities, and buy basics like groceries and medicines and doctor visits that workman’s comp refuses to cover!

    Because I don’t have facts and figures, I don’t count because someone nearly beat me to death and I’m trying to exist on $880 in unemployment a month, because my body is now so damaged that I can’t work

    Because I that don’t have and facts and figures, and I can’t get health insurance because of pre-existing conditions and even if they offered it, I couldn’t afford it.

    It doesn’t matter that I don’t have facts and figures, that I need to have blood vessles cotterized in my eyes within a month by laser, or there’s a very good chance I’ll lose my eyesight to diabetes and no one can or will help me pay for it. May 2nd-next tuesday, I have to go and renew my driver’s license, and I’ll never pass the eye test that required every four years, so I’ll really be housebound and violate the lease on my car.

    I don’t need facts and figures to tell me that I’m so close to suicide because I’ve sold nearly every personal possession that means anything to me just to make the rent for the last 15 months, and drained close to $20,000 out of my savings just to make bare monthly expenses and now have nearly nothing left, and the only thing that’s stopped me from taking a dive off my balcony is a few mg of Cymbalta a day.

    I don’t matter to anyone, and my feelings don’t fucking count, because I don’t have facts and figures? Guess what-I already knew that!

    I’m relating a life experience, just like millions like me, who have too much fucking pride to stand up and yell “hey count me-I’m a god damned failure and a loser too!”

    That first word on this article says OPINION. Excuse the hell out of me if I don’t count because I need facts and figures to relate my own personal opinion.

    Right now I’m sorry I said anything…

  • Well, shit, Jet. Not once did you ever use the word “I” in the article. So how are we supposed to know you’re talking about yourself?

  • 7th paragraph of comment 5…

    I’m relating a life experience, just like millions like me, who have too much fucking pride to stand up and yell “hey count me-I’m a god damned failure and a loser too!”

  • Article. Not comment.

  • How about if I rewrite it and retitle it “Fifteen months of hell in the heartland”. And since I’m to uneducated apparently for this crowd, you can edit it for me and check for grammar and spelling.

    sorry I don’t have 5 years of college, I’m just a regular guy…

  • Christ, nobody’s talking about grammar, spelling, or even college. We’re talking about context. Voice. Perspective. That’s stuff you learn in high school.

    Expanding on comment 6, the article mentions families, people, classes — not once ever using the first person. Had it been a personal account, at least then it would have some heart, rather than vague descriptors of the poor and broad government blame. Granted, it wouldn’t have been any closer to describing the economy or a solution than this one did. But if it’s supposed to relate to life experience by removing statistical data without actually ever mentioning yourself, then the reader’s just gonna be lost somewhere in the paragraphs.

    Writing opinion is hard. This is free criticism for the next one.

  • RedTard

    “I’m to uneducated” – JIC

    That should probably be ‘too uneducated’. Just trying to be helpful.

  • nugget

    jet: how were you attacked?

  • #11… and not succeeding

  • nugget

    no, you said someone nearly beat you to death. what’s that about?

  • #12 Nov 4 2004, While out on a pizza delivery 200 yards from the shop’s front door.

    I’d successfully saved up enough from a side-line custom art business to put a down payment for a lease on the ultimate pizza car…an inferno red 2004 Chrysler Sebring convertible. I was jumped coming out of an apartment building by 3 Somolian thugs who barel spoke English, who got mad that I only had $51 bucks on me, and a custom alarm system on my car that wouldn’t allow them to steal it, even with the keys in the ignition and the engine running.

    I was beaten over the head with the butt of a .45 automatic, thrown on the ground and visciously kicked and beaten by all three.

    The result was 9 staples in my scalp, shock from loss of blood, two broken ribs, my left leg fractured above and below the knee, a fractured knee cap, a bone between my ankle and big toe was unrepairable and necessitated a bone graft, with a metal plate and 5 screws installed permanently.

    5 months later, when finally given permission to walk on it again, another unnoticed injury caused my ankle to collapse within 4 days into a pile of gravel sized chunks of bone. External fixators later, my ankle was fused together in one unmovable piece, with a rod up through the heal of my foot and into my leg to stablize it.

    I was in a cast up until December of last year, and then had to go immediately into knee surgery, because my knee couldn’t be operated on with a cast on my leg. From disuse, my bones had softened and the leg fractures set in a bad position. After arthorscopic surger on my kneecap Dec 27 of last year, I have to now wait till my bones harden enough to replace my knee, because the fractures healed in such a way that there’s an 18 degree angle off line. In other words if my knee cap were the center of a clock, my left leg would read read 12:26.

    Im seeing a shrink because I’m irrationally terrified if a stange black person comes near me, because I couldn’t identify my attackers.

    Rent, utilities, groceries, uncovered doctor bills and prescriptions total aprox $1700, and I only get $880 from workman’s comp.

    The depression is so deep, I can wake up and sit on the edge of the bed, and think only minutes have gone by, when actually it’s been over an hour.

    Writing here is the only thing that’s brought me back out of my shell, and I’ve been seeing a psychologist at Ohio State University every wednesday since it happened.

    May 2nd is my birthday, and Ohio requires an eyetest to renew my license. The eye clinic won’t issue a prescription for glasses because the pressure in my eyes from vessel leakage changes depending on my blood pressure and blood sugar.

    The exam last friday revealed that it’s progressed to the point that the arteries are not only leaking fluids, but also solids from my blood stream, which will take thousands of dollars in laser surgery that I can’t afford, and no one will insure me.

    Thanks for asking

  • For photo illustrations of the above, that I can’t figure out how to publish here, click my URL

  • Jet, I never meant to minimize the seriousness of your personal situation. It’s painful, but it’s also not typical. Most people haven’t gone through the trials you have and don’t face the problems which you do.

    What I wish is that we had a system which could more effectively address the needs of individuals on a case by case basis, but that’s not what government is good at. Instead it throws out some sort of mass solution which is just right for a tiny portion of the population who meet the perfect criteria, and is inadequate for many and irrelevant for just as many others.

    And you’re not a ‘failure and a loser’, because you clearly have the will to go on and the ability to express yourself, and that’s enough to put you on the path out of your difficulties.

    For what it’s worth I do have a suggestion on the eye problem. Do you have a local Lions Club? The Lions sponsor all sorts of eye and vision programs, from free glasses to cornea transplants. They might be able to hook you up with a doctor who would do the surgery for free, or at least know of charitable sources to pay for the operation.


  • Thanks my friend, I’ll look into it on monday. I’d planned to do all this last week, but my dad’s funeral took up all my time.

    I was told it took no time at all to get a prescription for glasses, and a day to have them made, then I ran into them refusing to write a prescription.

    They were nice enough to write off my three hour eye exam at OSU as a Student training visit, but the surgery they can’t do free.

    I’m hurting, and I’m striking out at people who care about me, and that’s wrong, and I apologize.

    With the loss of my license, comes the loss of my beautiful car, because I’ll break the terms of the lease. click my URL and you’ll see why I love that car. In two years I’d have owned the first car I’d ever bought new.

  • Jet, for what it’s worth, I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to you. I have not had a similar experience, except for the fact that I know what depression is like all too well. I would hope, as Dave said, that there is some sort of free treatment you can get. Perhaps you’d even qualify for Medicaid due to your income vs. expenses. Lots of folks don’t realize what they are qualified for.

  • RedTard

    Jet man, that really sucks. I really feel for you. Your case is exactly where punitive damages should be used to compensate victims. It really sickens me how unfair life is.

    I read a story in the news recently about a woman who felt ‘uncomfortable’ about a team bulding exercise at her company where the losers were play paddled with cardboard signs. Her total damage haul: $1.7 Mil (much of it punitive)

    I seem to have known an inordinate amount of people in my life personally (at least 3) who have completely gamed the system, won big lawsuits and lifetime compensation, way more than $800/month, on bogus or at least very questionable injuries. (and people wonder why I’m skeptical about lawsuits)

    The current system is:

    Any accidental injury, real or perceived, physical or psychological with a wealthy corp or government = big bucks and lifetime care.

    Cold blooded rapes, beatings, murders from common street thugs = Zero, or $800 a month of underfunded compensation.

    People with real tragedies get shit, you get beat to a bloody pulp and left for dead and you get $800/month, that’s crap. All those megasuit punitive damages should go to a fund and be distributed to real crime victims like yourself.

  • Jet,

    I lived in the streets for about a year after my ex kicked me out. It wasn’t fun, but I sure as hell grew up.

    It’s not the five years of college that you’re missing. It’s not the writing skill either. Nor are you missing facts. You don’t need college to write, just a pencil, paper and an eraser. Computers are fun, but if you can express your thoughts with a pencil and paper ( the eraser is for all the editing you gotta do), that’s fine. Experience talking, Jet.

    The trick is not to have the big fancy numbers – remember Samuel Clemens – “there are three kinds of falsehoods – lies, damned lies and statistics.” The trick is to get the numbers that cut your way. I think you are right about the American economy – but check out Cathy Gil’s articles on them to see where she gets her numbers.

    There are plenty of numbers cutting your way, and you don’t need an MBA to find them. You need to ask the right questions when you search for them.

  • Elvira #19: In my overly emotional state last night I didn’t mention that last June, Social Security informed me since I’m under 65 that on total disability, I’m eligible for only $425 a month, and I won’t be elible for Medicare/medicade until I’ve been within their program for 25 Months.

    As for what I’m eligle for from other sources, I didn’t find out I was diabetic until I was 4 months into this ordeal, and thought I might be able to go back to work. When I found out I couldn’t, I started calling around for help with uncovered medical costs ($65 a month for blood test strips, 10.25 for Glucotrol) and discovered that due to state and city budget cutbacks local diabetes associations weren’t taking new clients.

    Ohio’s overhaul of the welfare system has caused many people who need it to flee the state because of the strict qualifications, and limit how long you can get benifits.

    I’ve been fighting this since November 2004. Sometimes I do well, others I get weary of it.

    Brokeback Mountain brought me out of my deep depression, and I wrote a review of it on someone elses blog, and people like Dave and Chantal talked me into doing my own articles, and it’s slowly brought me out of my shell, but there are really bad days.

    …thanks for caring

  • Jet, now you just need to find a way to make some money from blogging – not that any of us has hit it big that way yet. People are eager to get a free opinion or a nice quote to put in the paper or on TV, but not so excited when they have to pay for it.

    Hey, did you mention that you’re an artist earlier? Maybe you need to join the hordes selling t-shirts through CafePress.com – if yours had original art that was interesting they might rise above the crowd and make some money. Plus there’s no outlay at all.


  • Dave 23: On my personal blog there’s a program where you supposedly get something for when people click on the ads that Google sticks on your blogs, but after signing up for it, I still can’t figure out how it works. It seems like I’d get pennies on the dollar and only get checks if I’ve accumulated $100 in a short amount of time.

    I was more hoping that someone would notice and offer me an op ed positon. I know a few of my articles have wound up on the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s site, and the first volume of my “Vocabulary lesson” seems to have shown up everywhere-encouraging, but not profitible.

    I’ve designed some CD cover art on my computer for some local bands that never made it big, and have done some big portraits of homes and people on a custom basis. I used to get people bringing me blueprints of homes they were planning to build, and wanted me to do views of what it’d look like with shutters or adobe versus brick or siding, what if the roof peaked this way or that, should the garage face the street or to the side, that kind of thing, but the deep depression has me having to talk myself into filling the ice cube trays in the freezer for half an hour before I do it, and usually it entails a detour for a two hour nap, or just staring at the wall, trying not to think about how hopeless this all is.

    Last year I sold my brand new computer and big flat screen monitor to make my car insurance payment, so I’m using this 6 year old incredibly slow machine and a CRT that’s half the size of the old one, so computer art’s out of the question for now.

    My art career is pretty much shot with my eye problem, and I get headaches staring at the screen for long periods of time.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll e-mail you some of my stuff sometime.

  • RedTard #20: There’s a program called Ohio Victims of Crime here, that’s the only thing I could find, and it doesn’t cover lost wages etc. In fact the only thing it covers is what Workman’s comp covers like if this didn’t happen on the job, they’d cover the hospital bills.

  • So I guess what I need to make this relevant is to goodle facts that should be obvious to anyone making less than the median income concerning how…

    People like me are depositing less and less into savings because they need the money for day-to-day expenses.

    That while some prices on major items are going down, they’re balancing out necessities going up, so it only “looks” like inflation is getting better.

    How all those new jobs that the Bush administration is crowing about aren’t paying more than minimum wage, but they’re still counted as jobs so the unemployment figures are deceiving, and that people like me aren’t even being counted as unemployed any more.

    How people are buying fewer cars to the point that the major automakers are actually considering closing dealerships.

    How health care for the uninsured is impossible, and less affordable every day. Probably because hospitals are charging $1 for an asperin and getting away with it.

    How the credit card companies are raising the percentage of minimum payments, and how it’s nearly impossible to pay off your balance, and how the Bush administration made it harder for people like me to file bankruptcy

    How this country is going to hell in a hand basket because of the amount of interest we’re (all of us) paying on our outsanding foreign debt.

    That’s a lot of research for just an opinion spot. I thought you only had to do that for news reports.

    A lot of this stuff should go without saying, and anyone making less that $40,000 a year can back me up on that.

    I guess when I have time, I’ll get busy.

    Right now I’ve got to worry about losing my eyesight.

    More when I can…

  • Okay Dave you asked for them, you got ’em… When George W. Bush took office at the beginning of 2001, he inherited from the Clinton administration a budget surplus of US$86.4 billion. He had campaigned on a promise to use that money for an ambitious program of tax cuts, which he put into action immediately upon arrival in the Oval Office. But Bush’s conservative allies had expected those tax cuts to be followed by an equally sweeping review of federal spending. That austerity never came. On the contrary, he’s gone on a mammoth spending spree.

    Stephen Slivinski, director of budget studies at the Cato Institute, says discontent among conservatives has been building for several years. “People thought over the long term he’d try to do some good and Republicans could finally make good on their promises of getting spending under control, but here we are in the second term and that has not materialized,” he says. “The dam has just broken.”

    The Bush administration has a standard answer for this critique. In a time of war, they say, budget overruns are the inevitable cost of defending freedom and democracy at home and abroad. But that no longer holds water with Washington’s budget hawks. They point out that federal spending has risen by $683 billion a year under Bush, less than a third of which has gone to national defence and homeland security.

    As a result, the U.S. national debt has surged from $5.7 trillion in the last fiscal year before Bush took office, to over $8.3 trillion and counting. Brian Riedl, a budget analyst with the right-wing Heritage Foundation, says the Bush administration has played the benevolent uncle to every special interest that comes calling, using its spending power to win support in potentially vulnerable constituencies. The No Child Left Behind education bill, for example, was aimed at suburban families; the farm bill at Midwest rural voters; and the prescription drug benefit at the most active voting bloc of all, seniors. “No president since FDR has accelerated spending as fast as Bush has,” he groans. “I’m shocked about it, but the numbers show what the numbers show.”
    In reality, the $8.3-trillion figure doesn’t even begin to describe the true size of America’s fiscal crisis because it doesn’t include the so-called entitlement liabilities. In Medicare and Social Security, the U.S. government is committed to providing retirement benefits and medical care for senior citizens. But thanks to an aging population (the first of about 78 million American baby boomers turn 60 this year) and rising medical costs, those programs are desperately underfunded. At the end of 2004, government actuaries calculated that the two programs had unfunded liabilities of $43 trillion, up from $20 trillion in 2000. In other words, Washington would need an immediate cash infusion of 43 trillion $in order to meet all its future obligations under Medicare and Social Security. That was before the President pushed through the prescription drug benefit, which added an estimated $18 trillion to the Medicare shortfall. And when Republicans tried to add spending caps to the bill, to prevent uncontrolled cost inflation in the future, Bush threatened to veto them.

    The Economic Policy Institute recently projected that under the current tax regime, by 2014 all government revenue would be consumed by four budget items : Medicare, Social Security, national defence and interest on the debt. Walker’s department forecasts that, at the current rate of growth, the cost of servicing the national debt will consume half of all tax revenues within 25 years.

    Bush does have his fiscal defenders, and they generally point out that the national debt rose higher as a percentage of the economy under Reagan. But as Cato’s Slivinski points out, there are key differences between the two. For one thing, Reagan’s deficits got smaller and more manageable as his presidency went on. The Bush administration is projecting deficits north of $400 billion a year for the foreseeable future.

    More importantly, as Reagan increased defence spending, he cut other budget items. Bush has allowed spending to rise across the board. “The greatest costs of Bush’s legacy are Medicare and Social Security, and those haven’t even been seen yet,” Slivinski says. “We’re going to look back and wonder what the hell Republicans were thinking expanding all these programs at a time when we should’ve been looking at how to reform them, and pay for them.”

    America’s looming financial crunch would be less daunting if it seemed like the economy was poised to take flight. But among economists there is little hope for such a windfall. With 12.6 per cent growth in GDP and the creation of 2.3 million jobs since 2001, President Bush frequently crows about the world’s “pre-eminent” economy. Beneath the surface, critics see a situation far less healthy than it first appears.
    Two million new jobs sounds like a lot, but it’s the most anemic job creation performance by any president in the postwar era

    The gains have also failed to keep pace with the growth of the workforce, and as a result the overall employment rate under Bush has declined from 64.4 per cent to 62.9 per cent . The manufacturing sector has been particularly hard hit, 2.9 million jobs since Bush took office losing, a decline of roughly 17 per cent — worse than the postwar hangover under Truman, worse than the early ’70s stagnation under Nixon, and far worse than the darkest days of Reagan’s Rust Belt plant closures. Little wonder that a Gallup poll earlier this year showed more than half of Americans consider the economy only “fair” or “poor,” and 52 per cent think it’s getting worse.
    This would be less of a concern, the experts say, if the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 had formed the basis of a broad economic resurgence at home. But while corporate profits hit a record $1.35 trillion last year, companies have been stubbornly reluctant to reinvest those earnings. With profits up 65 per cent since 2001, capital investments have declined by 4.5 per cent. And though that has fuelled a surge in the stock market, broader financial measures like wage growth have stalled.

  • The previous was researched on the web, obviously I don’t have the contacts in Washington DC that Matt or Dave do. Apparently I’m being forced to state the obvious.


  • MCH


    Keep in mind, Sussman is the same guy who once stated that one of the reasons Philadelphia QB Donovan McNabb was overrated was because in the game against the Arizona Cardinals in which he played with a broken ankle, he threw only four touchdown passes, instead of five or six…

    Keep on keepin’ on, Jet, you’re doin’ fine.

  • Joey

    If you’re into the T-shirt idea, I’ve got a good one. It’s a quote from Chairmen Mao

    “I eat good, I shit good”

    Great Tee! Make it a red one.

  • Haha, MCH, you’re a riot.

    “Keep in mind Sussman said one thing jokingly at one time which wasn’t accurate and I didn’t agree with and can therefore not be trusted to say anything right ever again.”

    You’re doin’ fine a heckuva job, MCH.

  • Where did all the comments go? My response to Jet was deleted.


  • Thanks MCH, I appreciate that.

  • Wait, never mind. He posted the same article to two threads. Bad form Jet, bad form. It confuses those of us who are semi-senile.


  • Joey

    You mentioned the “butt of a .45 auto” did you see the gun? If so, could you identify your attackers. Noticing a detail like a .45 auto is pretty good recall. Perhaps you can work with the police department and get some sketches done up. And you stated that the assailants were Somalian. Is that a fact? Was it in a Somalian neighborhood? Or, was it that you can identify the general features of the individuals. Or, were the assailants arrested?

    Did the company you work for have insurance against aggrivated assault against their drivers?

    Have you contacted a pro bono lawyer to explore options such as these?

  • Suss, Tomorrow morning I find out if Workman’s comp is going to dump me or not at Dr. Bridger’s office.

    On tuesday My 51st birthday, I find out if I still have a driver’s license, and rather than give up, I’m going to take Dave’s advice and see if the Lions can fit me with glasses long enough to pass my eye test since OSU won’t give me a prescription.

    By Wednesday after my regular visit to my shrink, I’ll know how soon I’ll need surgery to save my eyesight. They’ve stressed it’s not if but when.

    I’ve given up a great artist career and can no longer look at the works I’ve created, because I can’t see very well any more. Because of the depression I can’t concentrate or create either.

    I’ve been suppressing my hurt and anger over everything that’s happened to me for so long, that it comes out in unexpected bursts.

    You just chose the wrong words to try to help me on Dave’s blog, but I know that’s all you were doing.

    I’m just trying to feel my way in the dark…

  • MCH

    “Keep in mind Sussman said one thing jokingly at one time which wasn’t accurate and I didn’t agree with and can therefore not be trusted to say anything right ever again.”

    I didn’t figure you’d be man enough to admit you were both wrong and serious when you degraded McNabb’s performance against the Cardinals.

  • Nor did I think you were he kind of man that would remember an off-the-cuff statement I made months ago about McNabb that was grouped in a series of about ten statements about the guy, then keep it in memory and use that lone statment to label me as that horrible, horrible man who thinks Donovan McNabb is overrated.

    No, I wasn’t serious when I said it. But you must know me better than I know myself. So tell me, what stocks should I buy?

  • Okay Joey, Okay
    You mentioned the “butt of a .45 auto” did you see the gun?
    Yes repeatedly

    If so, could you identify your attackers. Noticing a detail like a .45 auto is pretty good recall. Perhaps you can work with the police department and get some sketches done up.
    No it was too dark and I was too busy keeping my hands up over my face to ward off the blows.

    And you stated that the assailants were Somalian. Is that a fact? Was it in a Somalian neighborhood? Or, was it that you can identify the general features of the individuals.
    A local church had begun bringing over immigrants thinking they were saving them. Quite a few were customers, so I recognized the accents. Because I couldn’t identify one if he were standing beside me in broad daylight, I’m afraid of young black males and I’m seeing a shrink for it.

    Or, were the assailants arrested?

    Did the company you work for have insurance against aggrivated assault against their drivers?
    Only workman’s comp

    Have you contacted a pro bono lawyer to explore options such as these?

    It’s very difficult for me to leave my apartment, much less deal with strangers. Sooner or later I will, but I can’t say when.

    Unless you’ve experienced severe depression first hand, I can’t explain it to you, and you wouldn’t understand

  • Matt #38.. Kinda like dealing with an ex-wife isn’t it?

  • Dave 34… Semi senile? I guess there’s no hope for me then

  • Speaking of senility whos Donovan McNabb and what inning was it when that happened?

    I’m trying to be humorous, and probably not succeeding. Seriously… who is he?

  • I like MCH but not like that.

    Donovan McNabb is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s pretty awesome but his awesomeness is sometimes widely contested. And at one point last year it was contested between me and MCH (Great? Or super mega radical?)


  • MCH

    “Donovan McNabb is overrated and will always be overrated.”
    – Matthew T. Sussman

    “…use that lone statment to label me as that horrible, horrible man who thinks Donovan McNabb is overrated.”
    – Matthew T. Sussman

    I didn’t label you as thinking McNabb was overrated, you did that yourself. Don’t be a hypocrite.

    You’ve spent two days targeting Jet’s imperfections, Sussman…what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • “Keep in mind, Sussman is the same guy who once stated that one of the reasons Philadelphia QB Donovan McNabb was overrated …”

    “I didn’t label you as thinking McNabb being overrated”

    I won’t call you a hypocrite (you’re not, these are fucking comments on Blogcritics) but Christ let it go. Remember the good old times when it was you and me fighting off those who thought the refs sucked in the Super Bowl. BTW, where’s my damn alimony check?

  • Now kids either play nice, or I’ll show up at your house in leather!


  • The refs DID suck at the superbowl. So there.

    What’s a superbowl?

  • By the way, just so you don’t think I’m a total f-g, didn’t Ohio State do great in the draft?

    Boooooo buckeyes!

  • Uh that should’ve read goooooo Buckeyes.

    My fingers are still sticky thinking about that curling match.

  • Being from Seattle myself, I can say with absolute one hundred percent certainty that the refs did indeed SUCK in the Superbowl.

    But we’ll get em’ next year!


  • It’s better than a regular bowl.

    Actually, MCH did not properly attribute me either. I didn’t think I said that first line, so I went back and tried to find it. Found it. The actual quote was:

    “That’s why he’s overrated. And, as great and gifted a quarterback that he is, he always will be overrated, because after Rush went down on ESPN ‘criticizing’ him, nobody else will have the onions to repeat those sentiments in the future, even if it may have validity.”

    As you can see, I just plain hate the guy and his skills.

  • hey Jet…I’m really sorry about your situation. This is so frustrating because something needs to be done to make life easier for good people in situations like yours. But what can the rest of us do??

    Anyway…..I’m just up the road if you should need anything, ok? I can’t offer much, but I can offer friendship. 🙂

  • A Rush Limbaugh fan… That explains a lot

  • thanks Chantal, I live in the downtown business district. I let you know


  • anytime Jet…..I’m in the Easton area, but I go downtown a lot…just holla

  • Jet, not to beat a dead horse, but if you haven’t put in an app for Medicaid, you might want to just for a “goof,” as “Dice” would say. I know that on Social Security you’re not eligible for Medicaire for 2 years, but I do know someone who was able to get Medicaid in the interim pretty easily. It may be that as you say Ohio doesn’t provide the same level of benefits, but you might wanna give it a shot. Sorry for the unsolicited advice–I’m just a Jewish momaleh (with no kids) at heart, and it kills me to see you in such a dilemma.

  • Thanks Elvira


  • Jet,

    The thing I leaned on the streets real fast was that the hardest thing to do was to fight bitterness and depression. You have a great tool in this blog to do just that.

    I wish you the best of luck with the DL, saving your vision, keeping your car, and keeping your home. At some point, with a different POV, you’ll look back on your artist’s career and resume it. But that may take time.

    In the meantime remember that G-d watches over you.

  • Thanks Ruvy. I just got back from my “Doctor of Record” with workman’s comp, and he says that it’s illegal for me to operate a motor vehicle with my leg brace on. My car’s an automatic. I guess I’ll have to go in without it on and hope for the best.
    He says that according to Ohio law, if I’m in an accident, even if I’m not at fault, I’ll still be cited if I’m wearing it.

    I’m going next to try to find the Lion’s club and try to find a pair of glasses so I can pass the eye test. I’ve got no choice-legally or not because I can’t walk that far, I’m going to have to keep driving.

  • hey Jet…I’m really sorry about your situation. This is so frustrating because something needs to be done to make life easier for good people in situations like yours. But what can the rest of us do??

    The problem with a situation like Jet’s is that (thankfully) there aren’t enough people in the same situation to make it a big enough problem for the government to be forced to address it, yet it’s not the kind of problem which private charities are used to dealing with and are prepared for. It requires a level of individual attention which would come best from the private sector, but likely an amount of money and resources which private institutions aren’t going to be set-up to provide. It’s an awkward shortcoming of our society which doesn’t get addressed because the cries of one individual or even a few hundred in similar circumstances aren’t enough to force change when compared with problems which may be less traumatic for the individual, but are of a scale which governments and charities can deal with more easily.


  • Thanks for addressing that Dave (comment #60), but then my next question is How can we, as a society, allow any of our citizens suffer just because their numbers are small?

    You mean to tell me 100 or 200 or 300 people, facing financial bankruptcy, emotional bankruptcy, depression, chronic pain, untreated injuries, and debilitating illnesses will all go unheard simply because our government is too big or too overwhelmed and under-funded to do anything about it?

    I’m going to sound a lot like a republican just for a second, but it just pisses me off the some able-bodied person can suck the welfare system dry, collecting their check every month, yet people like Jet, who are physically unable to work, are left to fend for themselves.

    I’m ashamed to say that I know plenty of people who do just that….I know a woman who has 3 children, by 3 different men, none of which pay any child support, she can’t keep a decent job, she’s on Section 8, and any other type of welfare you can think of, and she has no ambition to change. I also WORKED (she was recently fired) with a girl who has a child, lives in Section 8 housing, collects a welfare check every month, and LIES about her employment so that she can continue to get “her” check…and again, no motivation to provide a better life, to set a better example for her daughter.

    What is wrong here? What is wrong with these women, and people in general, who can so easily take advantage of a system that was set up to help people in serious NEED. What is wrong with a system that allows such abuse? And most importantly, what is wrong with our society that we can just let this happen, and let people like Jet go without the treatment and aid that he needs?

    /end rant

  • A question, I have the impression that this site is for reviews and opinions. Could I start a continuing blog about the situation? or is it not appropriate for this site?

    I could title it “Going through Hell in the heartland”

  • Jet, email EO

  • Dave, I finally found our local Lion’s club, but they only see people the first tuesday of the month way out in the suburbs at a library in whitehall. I’m thinking of risking it and trying to pass my eye test anyway tomorrow.

    I may chicken out and go for some glasses at the Lions, gambling that they issue them the same day. There’s a place here called Access Health Columbus, and I’ve filled out an appliation for assistance with the eye surgery, and will mail it today with a $5 fee.

    This is so tough, two years ago I had it made, lots of money in the bank, a good art business going, good money delivering pizzas as a sideline between art gigs, I drive a beautiful car, and live in the center penthouse of the americana downtown wall to wall floor to ceiling glass with the whole skyline on my patio.

    Now I’m stuck here in a home I’ve had nearly 20 years, and even if I wanted to move, I can’t afford first month’s rent and security deposit to go anywhere else. I’ve sold nearly everything I’ve collected over the year to the point of my living room only having a couch an aquarium and half empty shelving unit where a great home-theater used to be.

    It’s rough selling what you have for pennies on the dollar, especially if they have sentimental value.

    I’m looking at giving up just about everything I love or cherish, just to survive.

  • Arch Conservative

    Yeah Jet.. it’s all Bush’s fault that losers with no impulse control have huge credit card debt.


  • RedTard


    Read the damn thread. He almost got beat to death by some thugs. His ‘impulse’ was to pay for medical care while he recovers.

  • Dave 60: I’ve been very reluctant to write about this because I don’t want to give the impression I’m looking for a hand out. As a matter of fact that’s my biggest problem. I’ve gone my whole life being self-sufficient and proud of myself. I’m the one who leaves groceries for friends on doorsteps in the middle of the night, and lends money without wanting it back.

    Now as more and more things pile on top of me, I’m becoming an emotional wreck, because I keep denying I’m now the one that needs help.

    I want advice like you pointing me to the Lion’s club.

    Thanks so much for giving me that. I’m going tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll get a pair of glasses that’ll allow me to pass the driver’s test , then I’ll go from there.

    My mother is incredibly pissed at me, because I wouldn’t apply for social security disability, and I didn’t give in until June of 2004. If I’d done it when she told me to, i’d have gotten a back check from Dec 2004 instead of June 2005.

    As it is they’re only sending me $425 a month.

    I repeat I just need advice like the lions club, and I DON’T want charity.

    Just for me being able to express myself here is helping me tremendously, because until now, I was convinced that no one gave a damn. I never spoke to neighbors and friends and lived in these four walls.

    It’s incredible how many friends you think you have, until you lose your income, and stop partying and friends in need…

    Let that be a lesson to all of you.

  • Arch Conservative

    Do you ever get tired of feeling sorry for yourself jet?

  • #65: You’re right Arch, I’m the biggest loser the world has ever seen, thanks for pointing that out.
    You’re a good friend

  • Chantal 61-You’re right, and I still haven’t even tried to apply for welfare assistance because of my stupid pride. I might have been able to get food stamps or maybe a medical card, but I’ve always felt that once you go on welfare, you’ve sunk to the bottom.

    As it is, I was working at company headquarters from Oct of last year to Jan of this year, and any money I made was deducted out of my workman’s comp, so it was like I was putting in all those hours, but not getting anywhere. I mean I could’ve made the same amount sitting on my couch watching TV, but going there made me feel worth something, like I was making a contribution.

    It hit me really hard when the whole department I was working in was eliminated due to company budget cuts. It took me a month just to recover from missing the good feeling I had working somewhere.

    I still can’t bring myself to apply for welfare, though I know I probably should…

  • Let me tell you something Arch, My credit cards have no idea of my situation. On $42,000+ debt I have to send Visa $725 a month and MasterCard $225 a month. Know how I’m doing it. I’m draining my retirement fund. Without those cards I can’t live on the bare necessities. In 15 months I’ve gone from over $25,000 in the bank to just over $2000, covering car lease payments, uncovered medical, the rent and utilities with only a little over a thousand from Social security disability and workman’s comp coming in.

    I’m too much of a moron to file bankruptcy, because I’ve stupidly told myself that there’s a way out of this! and I’m stll convinced there is!

    Your comments here just reinforces how much of a heartless son of a bitch you really are, and if that gets deleted, so be it.

  • Dave Nalle

    You mean to tell me 100 or 200 or 300 people, facing financial bankruptcy, emotional bankruptcy, depression, chronic pain, untreated injuries, and debilitating illnesses will all go unheard simply because our government is too big or too overwhelmed and under-funded to do anything about it?

    I don’t think undefunding is the problem. It’s just that government, by its nature, is not well suited to dealing with complex individual problems. If you want money for AIDS research, government is perfect for it. If you want a program to feed kids breakfast at schools, that’s right down their alley. But if you want someone to deal with unique and specialized problems requiring any degree of personal attention, you can forget government or any of the large institutional charities.

    Problems like Jets are ones which have traditionally been dealt with by family support. The catch in his case is that he’s on the outs with his family. Small community groups ought to be able to pick up the slack – like a religious charity or a community health clinic, but you’ve got to get their attention and/or meet their qualifications, which may be pretty restrictive.


  • Arch says, “Do you ever get tired of feeling sorry for yourself jet?”

    It’s thoughtless heartless remarks like that that cause people to dive off bridges and 6th floor balconies.

    Check you fucking heart and the door and be proud of yourself

    I’ve got to go out and pick up a blood pressure prescription and get some groceries before I lose my license tomorrow.

    Have a blessed day you…

  • Dave 72, you’re right. Because I’m gay, half my family has disowned me, the other half doesn’t know I exist.

    Would you belive I have a sister whose family didn’t even know I existed until my father’s funeral!

    Now that my father’s passed, I think I can try to reestablish contact with a few, but they’re in a bad way too.

    If it wasn’t for my sister Betsy way out in Oregon loving me unconditionally I don’t know if I’d even be alive right now.

    Anyone know of an easy bank I could knock over that has a handicap ramp for robbers?

  • MCH

    “Yeah Jet.. it’s all Bush’s fault that losers with no impulse control have huge credit card debt. Moron!”
    – Arch Conservative

    “Do you ever get tired of feeling sorry for yourself jet?”
    – Arch Conservative

    Attn, Dave Nalle:
    As BC’s self-proclaimed conscience police, any opinions on the above?

  • Arch Conservative

    C’mon now……who on BC lays on the self pity heavier than Jet?

  • Arch Conservative

    It’s called looking out for number 1 Jet. Anyone with at least half a brain knows it’s the only way to be happy in today’s world. Looking out for number one doesn’t mean I’m out to screw number 2 over… it just means I’ll destroy him before I let him screw me over. ….

    Do I wish some hard working people who have it bad were better off? Sure but int he end they’re starangers and myself, my family, and my friends will always come first so I don’t lose any sleep over it.

    With regard to AMericans and credit card debt. I’d say that the reason most Americans fall into credit card debt is not because they use credit cards to buy things like food and healthcare for their families but because they buy uneccesary luxury items that they cannot pay for in the long run. For these people i have no sympathy at all.

    With regard to Jet’s delusional attacks on Bush and the economy I’d like to raise a few points. First off Bush had 911, a major blow to the economy. I thinkt he economy now is pretty damn healthy in spiute of this tragedy. The economic prosperity experienced during the Clinton administration came mostly from the .com/tech boom in the private sector and not from anything that Clinton did. Clinton, not Bush, signed NAFTA, the impetus for jobs goigng overseas. So while you’re blaming Bush for jobs leaving you might as well blame slick willie too.

    Also………every president since Nixon has experienced a loss of manufacturing jobs. It’s a sign of the times.

    Anyone with a basic understanding of economics understands that no president should recieve all of the blame or credit for the state of the economy and that economies cycle regardless of who is in office.

  • zingzing

    and who’s a bigger asshole?

  • Yeah Arch, like you weren’t delusinarly blaming Clinton every day of his presidency.

    The facts and figures speak for themselves.

  • Arch, I just spent $258 on prescription medications because I can’t get insurance due to “preexisting conditions”

    My blood presure was measured at 160/106 because of the stress I’m under, even taking medication for it.

    Who’s the bigger asshole Zingzing? I am for even reading his comments, but I’ve deluded myself into thinking that if I read every word of every post, I might learn a way out of this maze.

    …God, I really am a moron!

  • Arch Conservative

    Facts and figures? Like the fact that the unemployment rate now is what it was when Clinton was president?

  • C’mon now……who on BC lays on the self pity heavier than Jet?

    Sorry if I’m boring you… go somewhere else. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, I’m trying to fight my way out of this the best way I know how. If laying my heart out on the table, might mean someone like Dave Nalle suggesting a place that’d help me get eyecare, it’s worth it.

    If someone else can help me figure out what to do in this situation that I haven’t thought of, so much the better. You just keep throwing you lemons at me, and I’ll try to make lemonade as fast as I can, or run out of sugar doing it.


  • Jet, I’ve been in a writing slump, but I thnk you’ve inspired my next post.

    In a nutshell, if illegal aliens and abusers of the system can figure out what benefits American citizens are entitled to, you should be able to do so too with absolutely no guilt or shame. You have paid into the social security system all your working life, and you are entitled to those benefits, and more–they are yours. Please don’t let the depression “tell” you you’re not entitled to anything you can get.

  • I think there are two basic issues here. They are separate issues.

    One is the legitimate analysis by Jet of his country sinking in credit card debt while the leadership of the country does what it can to make sure that the dollar is nothing more than a useless painting of an unsmiling man with wooden teeth.

    The second is the desperate financial and health situation that Jet finds himself in because of as criminal attack that he suffered.

    So, Bing, get off your fuckin’ high horse and recognize that.

    The author of this article is a proud man who is trying to fight off a crippling blow, not a self-pitying beggar with his hand out. If you can’t see that, you’re blind as well as heartless.

  • Elvira, I’m doing my best, thanks for the encouragement.

  • Thanks Ruvy.

  • Elvira, it’s more than that. I used to be the guy who looked down on people on welfare and public assistance as lowlifes not willing to work for a living and sponging of the system, now I’m one of them

    I used to look at the dorks gliding around on those electric shopping carts, and being pissed at how slow they moved, until I was one.

    To admit that to myself and facing the fact that
    I’m the one needing help, and not being able to comprehend it, is what preventing me from looking for that “hand out”. To do so would mean I’ve failed, that all that I worked for was for nothing.

    It’s a tough situation…

  • nugget

    That’s all very unfortunate Jet. As corny as this sounds, your character builds in hardship. You become less materialistic, more loving, compassionate, self-reliant, helpful, and way more circumspect about yourself. These are all great things. In the midst of this hardship it may be difficult to see the end of the tunnel. If Brokeback Mountain revived your interest in life, then I’ll add that to the shorter “pro” column in my “pros” and “cons” assessment of that movie.

    Arch Conservative: You sound retarded. Jet is obviously not fishing for pity. Go drive your SUV, shop at Bass Pro and make fun of cripples. I share your sentiments on taking care of No. 1, but not at the expense of morality. Ass.

  • Thank you Nugget.
    Tomorrow I find out. I’m taking Dave’s advice and I’ll try to find this library in Whitehall that the Lion’s club meets at only on the first tuesday of the month, to get a pair of glasses that could help me pass my eye test. I’m also going to chance not wearing my leg brace.

    I mailed the application in for help from Access. I wanted to take it in person because they only are a block from where I live, but they don’t have an open office people can visit, so it’ll be long after the ordeal before the process the application.

    I wish I knew the proceedure. Another thing occurred to me. If I lose my license, I lose my I.D. for cashing my Workman’s comp checks. I guess I could get around it by depositing them in an ATM, and then immediately withdrawing the same amount.

    I turn 51 tomorrow, as if that weren’t trauma enough.

    I’m glad for all of you

  • Jet, I don’t know how the Lions Club works up there, but down here you don’t go to the club meeting to get glasses. That’s done through community outreach programs or through the Eye Bank. But they may do things differently.

    Anyway, good luck with your day-long quest.


  • I called their location at Ohio State, and they were indeed the eye bank. Then they gave me a listing and when I called that I got a recording that if I wanted assistance getting glasses that I should be at a library in Whithall on the first tuesday of the month.

    I hope you’re right.

    thanks again.

  • Dave Nalle

    Ah, excellent. Sounds like you’re on the right track then. Sometimes it’s hard to know how well organized individual clubs are.


  • Thanks Dave. What bothers me is that I have to use the by “hook or by crook” menthod to get help.

    For instance, My Sebring is an automatic, which means I don’t need my left leg to drive it. However it’s illegal to drive with a cast or brace on your leg, regardless of whether you need it or not. Workman’s comp would only provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, which means to get prescriptions, groceries or to my regular doctors I had to drive myself there when I couldn’t get a ride, leg cast or external fixators and all. This, according to Dr. Bridger was illegal, but what other choice did I have.

    After my leg came out of the cast etc. They took all transportation away me, even though they knew I still had to wear a brace until this december.

    That means if I get a suitable pair of glasses this morning, I’m going to have to risk going to the license bureau without wearing my leg brace, because they won’t give me a license wearing one!

    Everywhere I turn I’m becoming an outlaw!

    I sent in the application yesterday for the eye surgery with the fee. What kills me is that it won’t even correct my vision, only cotterize the leaking capularies. My only hope on that front is that after the leakage is stopped, maybe the swelling will go down and I’ll have near normal vision.

    You should’ve seen me after the comprehensive eye exam at OSU! They dialate your eyes which lasts for quite a while afterward, and fortunately my shrink appointment was three blocks away, but it was like driving with two plies of plastic wrap over the windshield. I only accomplished the trip by driving 5 miles an hour with my hazzards on. The shrink appointment with Dr. Morrison lasted an hour, so it’d worn off enough to drive home. My vision was blurred enough that I couldn’t read the signs on the handicap meters. Hour appointment, half hour max meters. Guess who got a parking ticket?

    Everywhere I read that Diabetes never gets better, only worse and that the best you can ever do is to control it.

    Some future.

    I’m honestly not feeling sorry for myself, just putting down the occurances as they happen. So explain to me how I can write all this down without making it sound like I was feeling sorry for myself in words even Arch could understand!!!! I am seriously thinking of starting a new blog here soon addressing this subject alone.

    How about “Rage against the system, how to become an outlaw without really trying!”

    I’ve got to get ready to be there by 10AM, I hope this works

    Thanks so much again Dave for your help.

  • Sorry I can’t help you much, Jet but you may find this article about one of my personal heroes, Ray Kurzweil interesting. He actually cured himself of diabetes after finding treatment unhelpful.

  • Thanks Chris, I’ll check it out

  • Thanks anyway Dave… Well I guess I’ll have to think of something else. After asking around I thought they were an organization that collected donated used eyeglasses and fitted them to people who needed them, but they take an application from you, then take several days to process it, then send you to a doctor for an exam and pay for the glasses.

    They only meet the first tuesday of the month (today) too late for me. Happy birthday to me! Getting glasses from another source-say source-say walmart on my-you guessed it- card would be useless, since my vision will change after the surgery… if I get it in time.

    If I can’t think of anything else, I’ll just have to go down there and hope I can pass it, or try to get some sort of extension.

    Time to be an outlaw and start driving without a license…

    Ps Comments editor…please explain something by taking out the double l’s from the following jumble. Why is the word llcreditll a banned word? It took me half an hour to figure out which word was keeping from posting this???

  • Okay, this is strange, by a process of elimination I narrowed it down to the word credit, before I could get the above published, but now it accepts it?

    ???dennab si “tols emit” esarhp eht ni tlos drow eht woN

  • “Tlos”? You surely meant “tols”!

    Jet, you don’t have to write backwards if you’re going to spell wrongly.


  • Huh???? I spelled the word correctly backwards look again it’s tols… spell that backward and apparently is a banned word that won’t allow you to post a comment.


    any suggestions other than that.
    And stop it with the mwuahahahahahahahahaa I told you about that. Don’t make me look up what you look like!

  • Look again…

  • Oy vay in quotations it says “tols emit” I looked again and saw what you mean so we’re both right and both wrong.

    Are you going to tell me why the word is banned?

    While you’re cheering me up (only slightly) I’m facing losing my driver’s license today. I’ve exhausted all options except to just go up there and hope I can drive back.


  • I’m going to start cussing in Klingon in a minute!

  • That is if I’m not already without knowing it!

  • No, Jet, it means you were wrong!

    That’s why they pay me the big bucks for editing!

  • thanks anyway

  • Well, I kinda sorta dodged a bullet…I think. Ohio give you 30 days to renew your license without too much hassel, except that you’re driving on an expired license and the tickets are very expensive.
    I’ve got no choice on that score.

    After 6 months I’d have to take the written and behind the wheel test all over again. I guess I better stay at the speed limit and do a lot of praying.

  • Happy Birthday, Jet 🙂

  • As sung by Tennessee Earnie Ford

    …another day older and deeper in debt
    St. Peter doncha call me,
    ’cause I caint goooooooooo.
    I owe my soul to the company store!”


    I now have an expired driver’s license.
    Now that the crisis has sort of swept over me, I don’t feel all that bad, because I did all I could do. The grocerie store trip should be interesting… and paranoid!

    The mega-millions drawing is $41 million tonight, maybe it’s my kharma to win it tonight…

    Thanks for remembering
    you’re sweet…

  • Everywhere I read that Diabetes never gets better, only worse and that the best you can ever do is to control it.

    If it’s controllable with diet my understanding is that it’s effectively cured so long as you don’t let the diet get out of control.

    Thanks anyway Dave… Well I guess I’ll have to think of something else. After asking around I thought they were an organization that collected donated used eyeglasses and fitted them to people who needed them, but they take an application from you, then take several days to process it, then send you to a doctor for an exam and pay for the glasses.

    They only meet the first tuesday of the month (today) too late for me.

    They likely don’t have the manpower to do it any other way. I guess that they might be helpful after you’ve got the surgery sorted out and need glasses for the long term. Sorry they couldn’t be more immediately useful


  • Dave don’t you apoligize, you gave me a ray of hope, and just because it didn’t pan out, that wasn’t your fault.

    My heartfelt thanks.

    The problem with diabetes is what damage it does before you’ve realized you have it, and in the aftermath not believing it’s true because you’re not showing any symptoms that you can physically feel.

    Not only does it effect capilaries in your eyes, but your kidneys as well. Also I’m suffering nerve damage in the form of numbness in my feet. compounding that, I’ve had so many surgeries below my knee, especially in the ankle area, that nerves were damaged and have begun knitting back together wrong, sort of like a stereo wired up wrong. I wake up all the time feeling like a nail’s just been driven through my big toe, and if I reach down and touch it with my finger it stops right away.

    Click on my URL to see what my foot looked like

    I have to train my brain to reinterpret signals coming from that area, and the worst of it is, I could actually hurt myself, and ignore the pain thinking it’s false.

    I’m putting all this down in a compilation from a sort of diary I’ve kept of medical appointments and conditions, and I’ll submit it as an article. Not sure where though since we don’t have a medical section, so it’ll go under culture maybe.

    I’m going to have to start breaking laws to survive. Not major ones, but I’ll have no choice but to risk not only driving with an expired license, but also with my leg brace on. I have a conscience and some of the things I’ve been doing goes against it, like using my credit cards to pay medical bills and medicine, buying groceries, writing convenience checks, cashing them and turning around and using them to make my minimum payments. Visa and Mastercard have no idea and keep raising my credit line.

    It’s wrong, I know it’s wrong and it’s tearing me up inside. A major reason I’m seeing a shrink weekly, a year and a half later.

    Thanks again for caring and the advice.

  • Do me a favor, read this, then pray for me…

    Subject: RE: My eyes
    Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 17:27:10 +0000

    Hi Mr. ########

    I have some more good information for you.

    I spoke with one of the optometrists in our building that works with renewing driver’s licenses. He recommended that you try to get your driver’s license renewed at the deputy registrar. Your vision is on the borderline of what will pass for the driver’s test – you may be approved for a daytime only license. That will at least help you get to your doctor’s appointments.

    If you are not approved, our clinic is authorized to complete forms to say that your vision does meet the day time only standards. So, if you are not approved, they will give you a form that we can complete to renew your license.

    As we discussed, the glasses prescription is not a final prescription because we expect your vision to fluctuate with the diabetic changes we were seeing. However, I spoke with our Eyewear Gallery supervisor and she has agreed to make a pair of glasses for you with the prescription that we found last week (at no cost to you). With these glasses, if your vision is similar to last week, you should get an unrestricted driver’s license. As we discussed last week, however, these will only improve your vision if the condition of your eyes is similar to last week. We can mail these glasses to you. However, there are a couple of measurements we need to take to make the glasses. There is a shuttle service on campus called Park-and-Ride for shuttle service on campus (you will still need to find your own ride to campus). They will pick you up at the doors to the ophthalmology clinic building where your appointment is tomorrow and bring you to the optometry doors at no cost. At the end of your exam, ask the ophthalmology receptionist to call Park-and-Ride and they will come pick you up. After your appointment tomorrow, you can stop by our clinic (we are open until 7 on Thursdays) and have the measurements taken. The glasses will then be made and ready to mail to you on Friday. You will need to talk to Melissa in the Eyewear gallery – she is the one who will have the glasses made for you.

    I hope you can make the appointment tomorrow and can stop by our office to have the glasses made.

    The appointment tomorrow with ophthalmology will be the first step in getting the treatment to stabilize your eyes. The glasses that we will make after we get the needed measurements will be a temporary aide to help you see until your eyes have stabilized.

    I think this will work! Again, please let me know if you have any questions.
    Nidhi G. Satiani, O.D.
    Cornea & Contact Lens Fellow
    The Ohio State University
    College of Optometry

  • I drove up there and gave it a shot, but I failed the eye test.


  • Did you at least get the letter saying you could have a daytime license? That would at least make you semi-legit.

    Here in Texas we have it easy. There’s no requirement for an eye test with a renewal until you’re ancient.


  • Dave #113-I took the letter with me, and they still wouldn’t pass me, so I drove back home. In a later buletin, she e-mailed me back that it was urgent enough that I should go to the clinic tomorrow and start arrangements and worry about finances later.

    That has me a bit worried.

    Here in Ohio you have to renew every 4 years and you have to take an eye test every time.

    I’ve compiled all this into an article that’s waiting to be posted.

    My shrink appointments are on Wednesdays at noon, and I begged off today. Little did I know that the eye doctor called my head doctor and as a result she’s called me three times tonight to see how I’m handling all this.

    I’ve sort of gotten over the hump, and faced that it’s out of my hands. I got my caseworker to authorize transportation to and from Dr. visits (I have 10 now-and counting) for the next two weeks.

    Dr. Satiani said the clinic also said they’d make me up a pair of glasses to the prescription of my exam last week. If all goes well, I should have them by Friday, but they’ll be useless after the surgery.

    I’m not giving up yet, but it’s getting hard keepin on keepin’ on.

    Thanks Dave

  • Don’t get too excited over the latest round of proposed tax cuts kids, it’s smoke and mirrors time again. According to all accounts they’ll be “phased in” over a period of five years. Let some other president worry about how to pay for ’em huh?

    Gee I wonder who will get their’s first????

  • ArchBingBat asked if the only thing I write about has to do with sexual orientation, Hmmmmmmmm?