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A great day for Afghanistan

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Today marks the first election pretty much EVER in Afghanistan. After all the laborious and bloody birth pangs of war, this is like watching baby take his first steps. It’s a beautiful thing.

I just love seeing the ballot boxes, lines of voters, and the election observers. Voter turnout was apparently quite high, including a large percentage of women.

Now, like manufacturing sausages, looking real close at how a democracy actually works might make you a little queasy. Nonetheless, women voting and even running for president warms my heart. Wow, who could have imagined such things in Afghanistan even just three years ago?

They’re really catching on to the democracy thing, right down to the sore losers making largely bogus complaints that they were robbed. Makes me kind of nostalgic for Al Gore. It’s a good thing that they have bunches of international observers on the ground to doublecheck. By best reports, though, it looks like it has been run pretty well on the up and up.

Best of all, the Taliban remnants were not able to significantly interfere with the process. That was the main fear, but they apparently have been beaten down enough that they simply didn’t have the wherewithal to hinder the election.

This should be the tipping point. Afghanistan will soon have an officially and legitimately elected government for the first time ever. If the Taliban couldn’t make even a dent in the electoral process, then they’re probably pretty well done. Looks like Afghanistan’s turning into a real country. Congratulations!

It’s a great day to be a citizen of Afghanistan.

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  • bob2112

    Stop kidding yourself & us, Al. The urban isolated puppet one foot our friend, the other one misstep from being Noriega-Hussein-Chalabi-Castro-BinLaden reincarnate, wins. Beware accepting an American hand. We might cut yours off.

    A beautiful thing would be not mentioning this propaganda farce. We do it when the news talks about Laci Peterson, Lori Hacking, Gay Marriage, & Wacko Jacko. Hide this election lie & the ‘January Iraqi Facade’ behind some celebrity-took a crap distraction. Not knowing the truth is not going down easy enough. I need a laxative to flush out the bush-shit!

  • Of course, RJ you’re leading by example. Make sure a free society is presented as holding diverse views. And if they disagree with the ruling party agenda, have them arrested.

  • RJ

    Ah, the Left’s true feelings about democracy come out.

    If a pro-US guy wins, it’s a fraud. If a drooling anti-American authoritarian Commie Pinko quasi-dictator wins, it was all on the up-and-up. (Just ask Jimmy Carter, re: Venezuela…)

  • The Ministry of Consequences Corrections division has issued this update.

    In a previous report, based in part on reports from our Asia bureau, it was implied that Mr/Ms Barger might be costumed as an election. We have since learned the person or persons will be appearing as an erection. Whether it is akin to the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building or a shed from WalMart is unclear at this time. The MoC regrets the error.

  • While having something maybe getting better in Afghanistan, without actual progress, I can’t help but see the reality as a pantomime. And you’re asking us to clap if we really want Tinkerbell to live.

    I think I know what your Halloween costume will be, you’ll be the guy dressed as an election. And it will be just as valid.

  • I really hope it works for Afghanistan. I wonder if when counting the ballots they will be able to determine the percentage that use the “removable” ink and which used the “indelible” ink.

    Do the fingerprints really show up on the ballot itself? Or is the finger dipped in ink AFTER the ballot is cast? Just curious.

  • Ricky

    Yeah but apparently its only the Kabul area really. Apparently the majority of Afghanistan is still controlled by warlords.