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A great and historic day for Iraq

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Not that the events leading up to and during the free elections in Iraq didn’t involve regrettable violence and bloodshed, but this was the day that Iraqis, in great numbers, said no to terrorism and yes to democracy.

It is estimated that over 60 percent of eligible Iraqis voted in these free elections. People sang and danced in the streets. They defied the death threats and demands for a boycott of the vote from the Islamofascist thugs.

President Bush was well within his element to declare, “The world is hearing the voice of freedom from the center of the Middle East.” And never has it been a better time for the international community to back up the significant majority of the Iraqi people who exercised their democratic freedoms. If Chirac, Schroeder and Putin still continue to scoff at Bush and the war, and don’t play a role in Iraq’s post-vote transition, then it is clear that they are no friends of the United States. It will be time to cast France, Germany and Russia off as hopeless (basket) cases.

The anti-war left is silent on this night, and are left wondering how to wipe the egg off their faces in a politically correct, non-offensive way. Never has this crowd ever looked so weak and devoid of moral excuses as they do now. (Though, to the Democrats’ credit, they have distanced themselves, by and large, from Senator Kennedy’s call for immediate troop withdrawal.)

President Bush, on the other hand, is coming up smelling of roses. His wisdom with regard to Iraq has just borne its first significant fruits.

Iraqis, understandably tired of the war, have wished the Americans could leave their country. But American forces are not the reason for the insurgency, as Senator Teddy Boy Kennedy claims. The insurgents were threatened by the elections and the exercise of free will among Iraqis.

But instead of the British and Americans leaving Iraq in a state of hopeless chaos, they’ve helped to provide the framework through which the proud Iraqi people can run their country as a democratic republic instead of cowering from fear of a mad dictator.

The only sticky point to these elections is that Sunni Arabs did not contribute much to the vote. The Kurds voted in great numbers and so did the Shias. This is not to say that Sunnis didn’t vote, only disproportionately so.

The road to a free Iraq that is well equipped to look after itself is still a ways off. But the groundwork has been laid. It was a good day for Iraq and for the prospect of Islamic democracy. We must ensure that the good work continues.

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  • RJ

    The Left will belittle this achievement, mark my words…

  • “Iraqi Voters defy the Bombers”, is the lead headline in today’s Guardian. (I notice the right-leaning papers such as the Telegraph and the Daily Mail have the downing of the Hercules as the lead story rather than the election)

    Of course, some sections of the left are as likely to admit the positives of the election as large sections of the right are to admit that the Bush administration made any mistakes in the past two years.

  • Certainly can’t accuse The Guardian of blowing in the wind of public opinion, now can we…


  • Shark



  • Perhaps you wingnuts should actually read The Guardian rather than just the small number of silly anti-war op-eds cherry-picked by the Wingnutosphere. There are several pro-war columnists such as David Aaronovich, and the editorial position, while critical of many aspects of the handling of the occupation, is a long way from the that of the knee-jerk antiwar left.

    Does InstaWingnut ever link to those?

    You could similarly cherry-pick the Telegraph and come to the conclusion that it’s promoting a white-supremacist agenda.

  • Tim Hall: “Perhaps you wingnuts should actually read The Guardian rather than just the small number of silly anti-war op-eds cherry-picked by the Wingnutosphere.”

    Is that why the Guardianistas launched that write-to-a-dumb-potential-Bush-voter in Clark County, Ohio?

  • That Clark County stunt was dumb, and I thought it was a stupid idea at the time.

  • RJ

    “That Clark County stunt was dumb, and I thought it was a stupid idea at the time.”

    Worked out just fine in the end, IMO. Clark County voted for Bush in 2004, whereas it had voted against Bush in 2000… 😉

    Thanks Guardian!

  • batboy

    Apparently a large percent voted just so the U.S. would get out and not to exercise their voting right.


    “We’ll show those Americans, we’ll get out and vote and take charge of our country so they’ll have to leave!” Crafty wogs, wot?

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, and they all recall fondly those many elections where they had the option of voting Saddam and his rapacious clansmen to leave