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A Grand Day for Journalism

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Yesterday, we were treated to the Media’s wall-to-wall coverage of Weiner’s (covered) weiner. This was a direct result of the Good Congressmen ‘fessing up about his twittered (covered) weiner shot sprung on assorted females in the Twitterverse.  Needless to say the ground was fertile for weiner jokes.

For example, I was sort of hoping that the crack investigative team of Johnson & Wang would have been the pair to break the story from undercover of Weiner’s vehement and inflated denials. Sadly, I was let down in this.

Now that I’ve gotten THAT out of my system, I do want to say that I felt let down by the Media in general and that so much attention was paid to the idiocy of one man’s (covered) weiner. The public fascination with said cover up is depressing. In the rush for the rise to the top of the ratings, the Media pandered to the lowest common denominator.  Truly, a sad day for American Journalism.


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  • Baronius

    If it makes you feel any better, mainstream journalists barely did their jobs at all. They don’t appear to have done anything more than asked him a few questions, and stopped when he got testy. The Sunday shows didn’t mention him, except for David Gregory saying that the story wasn’t going to go anywhere.

    And if you think the story ended with a covered wiener, you haven’t uncovered the whole story.

  • A wry observation there….and I don’t know that I want to uncover anymore of the story.

  • Baronius

    Another thing. Although I’m not going to defend the old media, you have to admit that the new media and the American public have given unprecedented attention to real, complex issues in the past couple of years: the housing market, immigration, health care, the budget, et cetera.

  • Baronius

    “Covered” wiener? Is anyone surprised that the X-rated picture has gone public? The amazing thing is that Breitbart managed to go almost two weeks without revealing it. He’s a dear fellow, but he’s got the self-control of a three-year-old trying not to scratch his chicken pox.