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A good Metamorphosis?

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Uli John Roth


Normally the concept of a guitarist “interpreting” a great classical work fills most reviewers with horror, including this one. For once, it has to be said, the result is not complete pants. UJR has managed, with the help of the Sky Orchestra, to turn out something that both original and not over-indulgent wank. While this piece would not be something for average metal (or classical) fan to play all the time, it does fit a mood. Admirers of the former Scorpions singer will lap this up and they have done his past works. Fans can buy a special edition which contains additional tracks from his repetoire. Their admiration is well founded, as unlike Yngwie in his classical moments, Uli manages to respect the piece and show its rightful honour. A decent experiment from a very talented guitarist.

Rating: 3.8

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