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A Glimpse Of My Musical Future?

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BlogCritic Marty Dodge’s posting Remix Bootleg Info got me very interested in what DJ Spooky is up to.

I have a friend who’s been bugging me recently about how great all of these mashups are. Sure enough, I found myself listening and grooving to something called “Abstrakt_Blowback_20”. There’s a very cool moment somewhere in the middle of the 20 minutes where some Indian pop music is smooshed up agains Missy Elliott’s “Work It”.

Fantastic. I want the CD.

Except that there isn’t one.

Sure, I can go to the Synchronic Records website and download all 1 hour and 17 minutes for only five bucks. But that’s not me. Except for sampling here and there (followed by a trip to the record store), downloading and burning are just not a part of my entertainment world.

So if I’m to believe what I read about the future of music/entertainment, brick & morter stores will vanish. More than that, music sold on physical objects will cease to exist. I don’t really think that’ll happen (at least not in the next couple of years) but it’d be a sad day if it did. It would mark the last day that I buy new music.

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  • Mark, do yourself a favor and pick up Spooky’s Blue Series disc (drawing a blank at the moment) if you haven’t already. It’s great, weird stuff – totally indescribable as far as style goes. What’s most fascinating about it is the atmosphere he develops. DJ Logic’s first album does the same thing, treating the sampling and scratching as an instrument in a way I’ve rarely witnessed.

  • Also, check out Squarepusher. He’s not a DJ, but his music shares a lot of similarities. He’s generally electronic like Aphex Twin/etc., but he’s a killer bassist and drummer, skills he often features as jazzy textures along with his electronics talents. Music Is Rotted One Note, Feed Me Weird Things, and his newest, Ultravisitor (due Tuesday) might help satisfy some of the craving you have . . .

  • thanks tom, i do have Music Is Rotted One Note…very bizarre. i played it for somebody once and they didn’t like it because it “made them nervous”. heh.

    …and i think everything done by Spooky is now on my list.