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A Flower. A Thought . An Apprehension

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Flowers hold me breathless. They enrapture me. They entrance me. They make me forget myself. The “I” in me is lost.

Roses, in different hues , standing  above the little thorns present a magnificent  picture.I become ecstatic while seeing them in their glorious forms.

The green plant with  pricking thorns hold a rhapsody . The petals are  soft and  colorful .They look so dainty and fragile.I refrain from running my fingers over them, lest the silky feather-like flower shed its petals.

Roses remain fresh for a a day or little more than that.In their short life of not more than 24 hours they imply  a sensation of  sublimity.

Other flowers that appeal… The marigold in its bright yellow sleeves, Shoe flowers darning in various colors, with pale lines on the tender petals, give a  sprightly greeting ,The larkspur, the gladioli with their slender stalks twinkle at me as  I go near.

The lotuses in the ponds are a vivid glowing depiction of Nature’s skill.The white and pink flowers glide through the blue waters in the pond .They seem to sail so smoothly that even a soft  breeze  would sound untimely.

The sights I perceive all through the day drive me to become modest and humble. The lovely fragrance these flowers spread, the beauty they expose, leave me in a state of enhanced fear, apprehensive of Nature.

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