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A Few Questions for Lindsay Wagner from Warehouse 13

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I was excited to see an email come across for a chance to be in on a Q and A session with Lindsay Wagner of Bionic Woman Fame. I jumped at the chance to be able to ask some questions of her Bionic Woman fame, her role on Warehouse 13 and the ‘Quiet the Mind & Open The Heart’ workshops and retreats she runs nearly all over the world.

The Bionic Woman only ran for two seasons from 1976 to 1978, but she was one of the first ladies that could kick some butt. She was sweet and had a funny sense of humor. I watched her in the 5th and 6th grade and loved how she got out of tricky situations beating up on the treacherous fembots. She was a superhero all while still teaching class.

The conference call was arranged through SYFY, to promote Lindsay’s upcoming appearance in their series, Warehouse 13.

Lindsay Wagner will guest star on Syfy’s hit series WAREHOUSE 13 Monday, July 25, at 9PM (ET/PT). In Monday’s episode, “Love Sick,” Roiz (Caprica), plays the mysterious and sinister Marcus Diamond. Wagner returns as Dr. Vanessa Calder, the in-house Warehouse doctor who is responsible for treating the team. If you’re unfamiliar with this hit series, here is a bit of information:

“The most successful series in Syfy’s 18-year history, Warehouse 13 follows a team of government agents who work at a massive, top-secret storage facility in windswept South Dakota which houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and preternatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government.”

Here is a Sneek Peek:

The question was asked “What have you liked the most from your role on Warehouse 13 as Dr. Calder. When Lindsay Wagner took the role of Dr Calder she knew that she would be playing the warehouse doctor. But she discovered when she arrived at the Toronto set, that the character had been rewritten to make Dr. Calder a holistic healer as well as a medical doctor—taking this cue from Lindsay Wagner’s own history. Lindsay has taught holistic and meditation workshops and seminars all over the world title “Quiet the Mind and Open the Heart.”

Another question “Is your character going to be on the show on a recurring basis” was a hard one because Lindsay was not sure where her character’s story line beyond anything that is up and coming would go. She laughed and did not want to spoil anything chiding us to watch the show. She did say that if she was written into the show on a regular basis, the story line would have to reflect and adapt to a doctor on fulltime which would have to be written very creatively.

When it was my turn, most of my questions were asked so it was time to step up to the plate. I first asked, “Lee Majors has done some comedy on the Syfy Network the last few years, have you ever considered doing comedy?” She said she would love to do comedy but she has never been offered any roles. Once her Bionic Woman role was finished she did a lot of dramas on television and she was typed that way evidentially but would do a comedy if one was written for her.

I then asked, “how was working on television 30 plus years ago different than working now in 2011” She said back then they really had “one team” versus today where there is a “two team” structure. It sounded like people use to have their hands in many different areas versus today being more defined in your skilled area. She mentioned that they were more of a family as well and that today the hours associated on the set are longer then back in the 70’s.

I also wanted to know how she is using Social Media to engage her followers and customers. She uses Twitter (http://twitter.com/opentheheart) and enjoys engaging with people and helping them explore the vast amount of energy that is in all of us. Lindsay’s Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/MsLindsayWagner

Lindsay Wagner easily embraces her Iconic self with her Bionic Woman persona Jamie Sommers. She gets a kick out of meeting kids who are watching her DVD’s of the Bionic Woman who at first glance are unsure who she is and then are like, oh yeah, you’re her. She laughs and says she has grown since then. She embraces and teaches as she talks about her holistic lifestyle and listening to her you appreciate her knowledge and guidance throughout the conversation.

Lindsay Wagner was born in 1949.  She has done over ten films and has worked on television nonstop since seeing her in the Bionic Woman in Mini Series, made for television films and series.

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