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A dog’s nose, Iraq’s woes and Sinead goes…CRAZY

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The nose knows? A new study suggests that man’s best friend can actually smell cancer:

They showed that when urine from bladder cancer patients was set out among samples from healthy people or those with other diseases, the dogs — ordinary pets — were able to identify the cancer urine almost three times more often than would be expected by chance alone.

Perhaps dogs are simply providing a sort of free healthcare to each other when engaging in their perfunctory orafice sniffing rituals. I’m sure that Science will tell us someday soon.

Iraq’s Interim Prime Minister addressed Congress yesterday. Today the WSJ reflects:

Mr. Allawi then offered a convincing list of reasons that there is every chance his country will make a successful transition to democracy early next year. True, violence has been rising ahead of the U.S. election this November and the Iraqi poll scheduled for January, and there will be hard fighting ahead. But the Prime Minister pointed out that at this very moment 15 of Iraq’s 18 provinces would be calm enough to organize a vote. He noted the recent success of Iraqi forces in re-establishing control of the troublesome Sunni town of Samarra, as well as the Shiite holy city of Najaf. He added a well-deserved jab at our friends in the media, who reported the fighting there but have since “lost interest and left.”

Allawi may be overly optimistic, but few reasonable people can contentd that a democratic and stable Iraq, if a distant dream, is not a good one.

And, adding to ever mounting evidence that good singers do stupid things all the time, Irish singer Sinead O’Connor has taken out a full page advertisement in a national paper, begging the press to leave her alone. Says Sinead:

“And what have I done to deserve these lashings? I have not behaved the way a woman is supposed to behave,” she said in the ad, which runs to more than 2,000 words. “If ye think I am so ridiculous why do ye give me any attention?”

For starters, because you take out a full page ad calling your fans ‘ye’ and begging them not to look at you or talk to you. Also, you have declared yourself a lesbian, then shortly thereafter married a man, then had numerous abortions to raise awareness, walked around with a short hair cut and torn up a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live. If you don’t want attention, don’t ask for it.

love it, hate it, there’s more of it at Pacetown.

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  • Eric Olsen

    certainly an interesting stream-of-consciousness run through the news – thanks Jeremy!

  • RJ

    This is the epitome of what Blogging is all about: Taking a handful of issues, providing both the facts AND the context, throwing in a comment or two, and then leaving it up to the reader to offer THEIR input.

    Blogging was never supposed to be just rambling for 2,000 words about the same topic over and over again. If we wanted that, we would stick to old media.