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A Disconnect Between American Idol and Voters

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I haven't watched this season of American Idol, but it doesn't stop me from thinking about it a little bit. With all the Sanjaya stuff going on right now in this current season of the show, everyone is talking about American Idol and it occurs to me that there is a total disconnect between the stated point of the show and the voting. I feel like if Americans are the jury in the American Idol court they need a strong foreman to remind them of what their purpose is for watching.

American Idol is meant to pick out a star. It is meant to pick out someone who can sing, put on flashy performances, and look good doing it. That's right folks. All three. That way, the winner will have a career when the show is over. That means that America needs to pick someone who they would be willing to see in concert. They need to pick someone whose CD they would go purchase at the store. Anything short of doing that is pure and simple cruelty.

Last season Americans pushed Taylor Hicks all the way to the championship. Now he can't even sell a million copies of his album. What a cruel, cruel joke you all played on him. He thought you were all telling him to make an album that you all would presumably buy. Tens of millions of people voted and told him, "You are the winner! Now go make that album!" as if they were pre-ordering the album to give him a shot at making a stellar music career.

Cue the chirping crickets.

Now, it seems that all you people ever really wanted to do was laugh at the young guy with the gray hair and the "Soul Patrol" as he danced cheesily into votes that never meant what he thought they meant. So, all those of you who have at least half a heart, go do the right thing and pick up that man's awful debut album. You told him millions of times last year that you would and his current sales of around 650,000 mean that a lot of you are mean.

By the way, while you are at the store, see if you can dig up a copy of Ruben Studdard's album because I think you forgot to pick that one up too.

And don't forget this lesson, because I don't know who is even on American Idol this season other than Sanjaya, but I do know that even with all you people voting for him, he would sell about as many albums as William Hung. Don't do this to another contestant.

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  • Jane

    Album sales aren’t the only measure of success, but let’s be serious here. They are a pretty huge indicator.

    I’m not sure if that is true on 2007 as it was in 2003. If we want to listen to one or two songs from an album, we download those one or two songs. We don’t need to buy the entire album.

    DO I MAKE YOU PROUD, for instance is the 4th best selling single coming out of Idol ( displacing Carrie Underwood’s Inside Your Heaven ). People didn’t go out and buy his single as a CD, they DOWNLOADED it. There was no lack of support for Taylor.

    As for Taylor Hicks, most of his fans prefer to see him LIVE.

    So, the question still remains, why did he not sell a million ?

    I can count several reasons :

    1) Lack of support from American Idol producers.
    Just look at the show this season, Taylor is hardly ever pimped. When Simon Cowell goes on interviews he trashes Taylor and says he prefers you-know-who ( TWO TIMES ALREADY ).

    HOME is the Idol boot song instead of JUST TO FEEL THAT WAY ( which is just as appropriate ). When Ryan touts the success stories of Idol, they show Jennifer Hudson, Carrie, Kellie, Chris and NO TAYLOR ( would showing snippets of his sold out concert not be considered success ?).

    These are just examples of Taylor being snubbed.

    2) Radio stations continually IGNORE fan requests for Taylor’s single to be played and most of these stations are owned by CLEAR CHANNEL ( a virtual monopoly ).

    So, going back to Sanjaya… what could explain his survival ?

    Let me hazzard a guess…a lot of Voters who voted for Taylor last season are saying to the show — OK, you continue to snub our choice last season as if our votes were a joke. So, why bother to vote this season, or if we do, we might as well vote the joke instead of vote seriously.

    Hence, you will notice the DROP IN TOTAL VOTES THIS SEASON ( about 20% ) compared to last season.

    You will also notice the relative apathy of viewers this season compared to last season ( Viwership down ).

    Just my teo cents worth.

  • Dragondays

    I forgot to add:

    It isn’t a lack of willingness to buy the CDs. Scratch most AI viewers and you’ll find that the majority have no idea that the ones without radio have released a CD or what it sounds like. If you haven’t heard any of the songs yourself, many may also buy into the critics that negatively review the AI alumni CDs without ever breaking the seal on the CD.

  • Mark Silva

    I would like to also add that ALBUM SALES ARE DOWN ACROSS THE BOARD. Nothing less that the Wall Street Journal has written about it.

    Jennifer Hudson’s DREAMGIRLS album coming after her OSCAR Triumph hardly moved the album ( and it reached the top of the charts ).

    This OVERALL industry phenomenon should be taken into consideration. The industry is experiencing a major shakeout.

  • Dragondays

    “I’m not sure if that is true on 2007 as it was in 2003. If we want to listen to one or two songs from an album, we download those one or two songs. We don’t need to buy the entire album.”

    Don’t kid yourself. The peer to peer file sharing was rampant in 2003. Free was even easier than iTunes.

  • Erica


    Now, it seems that all you people ever really wanted to do was laugh at the young guy with the gray hair and the “Soul Patrol” as he danced cheesily into votes that never meant what he thought they meant.

    NOT TRUE. I live in the midwest and have many friends who watched the show last season ( less enthusiastic last season ).

    He voted for him not because he was cheesy but because we believed his was the TOTAL PACKAGE.

    No, not all of us say he has the best voice. But we say he had a GOOD VOICE and appealed to a lot of us. Please don’t speak for us Mr. Lyndall. We know why we voted for him and it isn’t the cheese factor.

    I don’t know why Mr. Lyndall is comparing Taylor to Sanjaya ( who looks like a deer in the headlights when he performs ). Two TOTALLY DIFFERENT performers altogether.

  • Trixi

    Success shouldn’t always be measured by the unholy dollar,or any other numbers. Many people believe success in life comes from being able to do what you have a passion for, and be able to make a comfortable living from it. Some people prefer spending time with the ones they love, instead of spending 80+ hours at their job. So to say that you have to sell 1 million or more cd’s to be successful is just someone else’s opinion.

    Taylor is doing things his way. He is using his win on AI to HIS advantage. Simon owns part of the record label that Daughtry is on. Don’t you think it is natural that he is going to pimp who ever fills his pockets more?

    It is a known fact that the artist gets very little from the sell of a cd. They make their money from touring and merchandising.

    Many artists have made a good living from never having sold a million copies of their cd’s.

    I guess it all goes back to everyone’s own opinion as to what success is.

  • Kaonashi

    Anne- Payola used to be more rampant during the 60′s, but it’s illegal nowadays. It’s insulting to Daughtry that the only reason he’s selling CDs is because the Powers that Be are bribing stations. Besides, a powerful company like 19th E wouldn’t be stupid enough to pull off something that risky when they don’t need to.

    This brings me to one of the points I made earlier, about Idol alums gaining new fans after the show. Can’t it be possible that Daughtry managed to gain some fans who never watched the show, while Hicks maintained most of the same ones? I recall reading many comments from iTunes from people who bought Daughtry’s music not even realizing that he was from American Idol. They just thought it sounded good and bought it.

    And once again, why still compare the two? Or any of the past contestants, for that matter? Season 5 is over. Why can’t you support your favorite without talking dirty about another one?

  • Shinamari

    Count me in as one of the many who voted for Taylor Hicks last season who DID NOT buy his CD.

    Count me in as one of those who went to his concert at Tampa when he came here last month.

    So, why did I vote for him but did not buy his CD ?

    Simple, I don’t listen to his genre when I buy CDs. I am in my early twenties and I prefer to buy CDs with modern sounding music.

    Look, I love Mozart and Beethoven. That does not mean I’ll spend money buying CDs with their music.
    But if an artist comes to town performs their music, I just might cough up the dollars to watch him. Same reasoning with Taylor.

    Look, I watch American Idol and happen to know that most of the songs these contestants perform are oldies. In the case of Taylor her performed Elvis, Queen, 1950′s music and American Standards.

    I voted for him because of all the contestants, he happened to be the best OVERALL — Vocals, performance, ability to connect. I stopped voting for Chris Daughtry after I realized that the theme nights like American Standards and Elvis don’t fit his genre and don’t want to see him embarrased by having to perform some cheesy coronation song that does not fit his alt/rock image.

    I suspect that there many people who think like me.

    But going back to Craig’s original premise. This might surprise you , but we DID pick out someone who can sing, put on flashy performances, and look good doing it. That’s right folks. All three. And the person happened to be TAYLOR HICKS. And he deserved to win.

    Doesn’t mean that I’d by any CD he comes out with.

    This season, the best singer happens to be IMHO Melinda Doolittle. But I suspect I might buy Chris Richardson’s or Blake Lewis CD’s over hers. Heck, I already prefer Chris Sligh’s CD over any of the oldies Lakisha Jones comes out with.

  • Joe Goode

    RE: Jane’s post above …

    Lack of support from American Idol producers.
    Just look at the show this season, Taylor is hardly ever pimped. When Simon Cowell goes on interviews he trashes Taylor and says he prefers you-know-who ( TWO TIMES ALREADY ).

    Actually I can count the following insults from Simon Cowell…

    1) He OPENLY declared on two occasions on TV interviews that he didn’t want Taylor to win and did not care for his music.

    2) When an auditioner came in this season chewing gum, he asked him to take the gum out of his mouth and STICK IT ON TAYLOR’s face ( the picture behind him ).

    Such open disgust and disrespect for last years winner has not gone un-noticed.

    Of course, in a montage of sccenes showing past idol winners that were “successful”, they showed :

    Jennifer Hudson, Oscar Winner ( fair weathered promoters, I call them. Where were they when she was not a winner ?)

    Kellie Clarkson and her Grammies
    Carrie Underwood and her Grammies
    Fantasia as a Broadway Star.

    And lo and behold … Chris Daughtry as a platinum selling artist.

    Notice who they failed to mention …. if you said the most recent winner, no price for you– IT’s THAT OBVIOUS.

    How about simply picking up a scene from their FOX affiliates in say, Atlanta and showing the enthusiastic sold out crowds rocking to Taylor’s music and touting his sold out concerts ?

    But no… Taylor does not deserve any mention.

    DISRESPECT FOR YOUR RECENT WINNER TRANSLATES TO A BIG MIDDLE FINGER TO THOSE WHO VOTED FOR HIM LAST SEASON. What the AI folks are telling us is this — Your vote last season was a fluke, it didn’t count and we don’t consider it significant.

    Well, if that’s their attitude, good luck to them. They deserve what they’re getting this season.

  • Kyle

    Here are the first week CD sales of each Idol alum for perspective :

    Debut CD Album First Week Sales:

    Clay – “Measure of a Man” – 612,859 (# 1)
    Ruben – “Soulful” – 416,569 (# 1)
    Carrie – “Some Hearts” – 314,549 (# 2)
    Chris – “Daughtry” – 303,677 (# 2)
    Taylor – “Taylor Hicks” – 298,199 (# 2)
    Kelly – “Thankful” – 297,000 (# 1)
    Fantasia – “Free Yourself” – 239,389 (# 8)
    Bo – “The Real Thing” – 226,976 (# 4)
    Katharine – “Katharine McPhee” – 115,761 (# 2)
    Elliott – “Elliott Yamin” – 90,439 (# 3)
    Kellie – “Small Town Girl” – 79,133 (# 9)
    Josh – “Joshua Gracin” – 57,048 (# 11)
    Justin – “Justin Guarini” – 57,000 (# 20)
    Kim – “One Love” – 56,894 (# 16)
    Diana – “Blue Skies” – 47,000 ( # 52)
    Tamyra – “Dreamer” – 39,091 (# 23)
    LaToya – “Love and Life” – 12,546 (# 82)
    Mario – “Mario Vasquez” – 11,812 (# 80)
    Constantine – “Pray for the Soul of Betty” – 7,467 (# 129)
    Jasmine – “Jasmine Trias” – 4855
    John Stevens – “Red” – 4349
    Jim Verraros – “Rollercoster” – 1571
    Corey Clark – “Corey Clark” – 557
    Ayla Brown – “Forward” – 300

  • Anthony

    Let me see what the problem with Taylor’s CD is …

    As his concert shows, Taylor may do pretty good covers of many artists but his album is not a reflection of this style, at all. His album is more like Keith Urban rather than Michael McDonald. Taylor likes soul music but he’s not making soul music.

    THAT is the problem. Tell Taylor to go back into his element ( listen to his original music in his two previous indie released albums ) and maybe we might have more sales.

    I am one of the Taylor fans who feels that he was more soulful on his debut albums (Under the Radar and In Your Time) than on this one.

    In fact, I definitely feel Elliott had more soul on his debut CD than Taylor did (although I view Elliott as neo-soul anyways). Taylor’s CD wasn’t anything that I thought modern soul music (or even “whomp”) would sound like.

    Another factor…Elliott went indie, Taylor didn’t…he didn’t escape ALL corporate influence…

  • Kaonashi

    Kyle- Thanks for digging up those numbers. Do you have a link for them?

    Anthony- That goes back to one of the points I made in my first comment. The winner of AI does not get to make the album he/she really wants to make. The result is often commercialized, mediocre material that the person would normally not dream of making.

    Of COURSE Taylor didn’t escape corporate influence- he was the winner. His body and soul belongs to AI for who knows how long. Clay was smart. He quickly hired powerful lawyers who released him from the soul-sucking, original AI contract.

  • Remo

    I just watched Taylor’s concert at the House of Blues in Chicago a few days ago.

    Man was the show SMOKING HOT ! You have to have a heart of wood not to enjoy the sheer joy and exhuberance Taylor gives to his audience. If it’s good old fashioned musical entertainment you want, you got it here. I can understand the kind of motivation he gives to American for voting for him. If you can’t understand why, I suggest you spend $40 to watch him perform ( as I did ).

    All I can say is I am an avid concert goer. I’ve been to the concerts of the Eagles,Dave Matthews Band, the Allman Brothers, Alabama, Sheryl Crowe, Eric Clapton and Bon Jovi. I am not exagerating when I say that Taylor ranks up there with the best of them.

    Craig Lyndall said this in his blog :

    “That way, the winner will have a career when the show is over. That means that America needs to pick someone who they would be willing to see in concert.”

    Well, I and thousands of others who jampacked his sold-out concert just did, and all I can say is this — HE CLEARLY DESERVED TO WIN THE CROWN. I’d go further than this — He has gone beyond American Idol to establish a name for himself in the concert circuits.

    If Jimmy Buffet has his Parrotheads, consider me a Soul Patroler. I think Taylor will have a similar career to that of Jimmy Buffet. Which isn’t a bad thing to have ( Buffet is ranked #5 by Rolling Stones as the highest money maker among the music artists last year ).

  • Remo

    Let me add this about his Chicago concert… Taylor clearly has the respect of his fellow musicians who have made a name for themselves in the music business. Blues legends like Keb’ Mo’ and Buddy Guy performed with him that night ( Keb’ Mo’ actually backed him up at guitar in his encore rendition of SWEET HOME CHICAGO ).

    I’d like to see other idols do a 55 city solo tour and sell out their venues like Taylor Hicks does. can Sanjaya do it ? Just asking ( after all you’re the one comparing them right ?).

  • Joe Goode


    I’m glad you mentioned Jimmy Buffet.

    Now here’s a guy who doesn’t usually sell CD’s and isn’t really a Billboard charting singer ( OK, I take it back, he has charted once in a while ).

    But his forte is KEEPING a dedicated fan base for years. This gives him LONGEVITY. Buffet is of course one of the richest performers in the world ( not many people know it though ). Last year, he made more money then the likes of Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake according to Rolling Stone ( not many people know that either ).

    Taylor Hicks, in an interview once said that he would love to have a career similar to Jimmy Buffet. I think the Soul Patrol might just grant him his wish.

  • Jewels

    Wow, this has sparked heated debates – and to Doug Moore, #49 -word – not everyone rooting for Malakar is doing so to contribute to the demise of the reality show. Get a clue and tune it buddy this kid may surprise you and all the other ‘experts’. It takes more than a technically superior vocal technique to win Idol. You have to captivate the hearts of viewers. Life 101.

  • Craig Lyndall

    I think some of you are missing my point. I am not blaming Taylor Hicks for not being good. I am blaming viewers of the show for sending mixed messages by picking a winner and then supporting a non-winner a whole lot more.

    It isn’t Taylor’s fault, it is the viewers’ fault who didn’t back up their votes.

  • Fan tastic


    Blues legends like Keb’ Mo’ and Buddy Guy performed with him that night ( Keb’ Mo’ actually backed him up at guitar in his encore rendition of SWEET HOME CHICAGO ).

    I think I know what the problem with Taylor Hicks is and the above post gives us a clue.

    With all due respect — WHO THE HECK ARE Keb’ Mo’ and Buddy Guy ? I don’t see them on the charts. Other than blues aficionados, I don’t think anybody else knows who they are. I know names like Justin Timberlake, Akon, Omarion, Usher, etc. but who the heck are these guys Remo mentions ?

    And THAT is the reason why Taylor isn’t selling as much as we expect him to.

    Notice the kind of people he associates with and you get the reason why….while Daughtry patterns himself after best selling groups like Nickleback and Bon Jovi, Taylor chooses to pattern himself with the likes of “legends” very few people ever hear about. Do we ever hear the music of Keb Mo or Buddy Guy on the radio ? NO.

    Who for instance does Carrie Underwood pattern herself after ? Answer — Martina Mcbride and Shania Twain. BOTH VERY MUCH ALIVE and BOTH CHART BUSTERS in the country scene today.

    But what about Taylor ? He’s trying to be like Otis Redding ( DEAD ), Sam Cooke ( DEAD ), Marvin Gaye ( DEAD ) and Ray Charles ( DEAD ). How do you expect his album to sell when he’s trying to become a one man throwback revival all by his lonesome ? No one but oldies radio will touch your music with a 10 foot poll if you do this and that is exactly what’s happening.

    Which brings me back to my second point — WHY TAYLOR WON. He won BECAUSE he DESERVED TO.

    American Idol as a show, is not tailored towards showcasing the strengths of a singer AS A CONTEMPORARY ARTIST, but rather to showcase a singer’s VERSATILITY in trying to cover various genres ( MOSTLY IN THE PAST ).

    Just look at the genres in the theme nights of last season — Elvis, Queen, 1950′s music, American Standards. Heck Taylor even “cheated” a bit by picking an old Beatle song — SOMETHING to sing in Billboard Charting night.

    Look at what we have in Season 6 thus far — Diana Ross, British Invasion ( essentially 60′s music ), Gwen Stefani ( and what did they cover ? heck, songs done by the POLICE ), and next week we have Tony Bennett ( a guy who is 80 years old ), then we have guests in the pipeline like Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees.

    Of course TAYLOR HICKS will win this competition. THE THEME NIGHTS MOSTLY FAVOR his throwback style of music !!

    But AFTER THE SHOW IS OVER, such music isn’t what people who buy CD’s purchase today.

    So, I hope you begin to understand why Taylor isn’t selling as you expect and why he WON American Idol.

    The reason is simple — THE SHOW’s THEMES FAVOR HIS STYLE, but his style isn’t what the CD buying public buy, neither is it what today’s POP radio want to play.

    My guess is this — If Melinda Doolitle continues to coast through Season 6 by singing old songs like MY FUNNY VALENTINE or AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME and WINS it all — Her label will also find it hard to market her instead of the more contemporary but nasal sounding Chris Richardson.

    It’s as simple as that.

  • Blog watcher

    Notice how the absence of an interesting performer like Taylor Hicks is affecting this season’s American Idol ratings :

    The vote totals (as announced by Ryan Seacrest at some point during the results show) is down a whopping 33% from last year for the Top 10 show. That is a significant drop.

    Season 6 Season 5 Percent Drop
    Top 24 40M 30M -20%
    Top 20 42M 32M -24%
    Top 16 46M 37M -20%
    Top 12 32.5M 28M -14%
    TOP 11 35M 30M -14%
    Top 10 45M 30M -33%

    American Idol is still a ratings juggernaut, but clearly interest and emotional investment in the current crop of contestants is DOWN across the board. WE NEED SOMEONE LIKE TAYLOR HICKS !

  • Jim Rutz

    Fan tastic is right.

    We’re so used to the American Idol winner selling a million copies on the outset that we forget one thing — WINNING THE SHOW DOES NOT NECESARILY TRANSLATE TO PLATINUM SALES.

    I go one further — Not having platinum sales does not necessarily mean an unsuccessful music career.

    The Grateful Dead did not chart at Billboard until 20 years AFTER they started peforming and touring and garnering fans in the concert circuit.

    So, let’s all cut this unrealistic expectations about album sales. There’s more than one way to look at success.

  • Kaonashi

    Fan Tastic has given some very valid points. The themes often featured on the show cater to an older audience, but those who actually buy CDs (or buy mp3s online) are significantly younger.

    Therefore, the disconnection isn’t really between the voters and the winners of American Idol; it’s more between them and the “real world” of music buyers.

  • Craig Lyndall

    So, let’s all cut this unrealistic expectations about album sales. There’s more than one way to look at success.

    With the numbers of people watching the show, I don’t think a million copies of the album being sold for the winner of the show is all that unrealistic.

  • Jewels

    Kaonashi hit the mark with her observation: “Therefore, the disconnection isn’t really between the voters and the winners of American Idol; it’s more between them and the “real world” of music buyers.”
    Craig, I think that sums up the situation – it’s not a matter of Hicks not being supported by his fans, it’s evident he is seeing support through the numbers attending his concerts.

    Regarding #61, Anthony, his comments on the music not being what he expected “Whomp” to define, I completely agree. The tunes on the CD are overly smooth and not the raw soul sound I had expected.

    Of course, like many have pointed out, with Clive behind the production, even Taylor Hicks could not have overthrown his influence.

  • Jane

    BTW, I’ve been to Taylor’s concerts.

    I notice two songs are prominently missing in his set list.

    1) PLACES I’VE BEEN by Dianne Warren. That was in his album. He has NEVER sang that song once in any of his 27 sold-out stops thus far. He sang all the other songs in his album except this one.

    2) He NEVER performed his hit single — DO I MAKE YOU PROUD.

    That tells you right there what he thinks of the songs the idol producers are pushing him to perform.

  • Kaonashi

    Whoa, Jewels actually agrees with me. I am pleasantly surprised. But we have to give credit to Fan Tastic since it was really his/her observation :)

    Craig- Many of us have already mentioned several possible reasons for Hicks not quite making the million mark. I think it’s not one reason in particular; it’s a combination of several of these reasons. What more do you want? To conduct a survey asking Taylor Hicks fans whether or not they bought his CD, and if they didn’t, why not?

  • anne

    Kaonashi..Payola is illegal and of course BIG business would NEVER do anything illegal! Payola was big in the 60′s and still is. Do you really believe that BIG business does not pay off radio stations. You bet it does. Your right 19E is a powerful company that is excatly why they can do it. I’m not trying to insult Chris Daughtry in anyway, I think Chris could sell a lot of cd’s and I’m sure he has gained new fans . But come on NOT that many. Reportly one stations spins him 80 times a day . For a new artist that is a lot without some major palm greasing going on.I am a fan of a few from season 5 I think they will do well, just seems strange to me that Chris signed with 19E and jumped out of the gate with radio play that was way beyond what a new artist gets.

  • Julio

    To comment by Anne:
    Yeah, right, you are not insulting Daughtry, but the only way he could sell CD’s is with payola. I’ve heard every excuse in the book by Taylor fans as to why Daughtry has exceeded by platinum amounts Taylor CD’s, but this one takes the cake. How about plainly it’s a better CD that captured the attention of old and young alike? He’s still in the top ten of the billboard charts with no sign of letting go. give the man his due. Concentrate on Taylor and leave Daughtry alone, the man has talents – platinum talents, so be it.

  • Kaonashi

    Anne- Have you considered the fact that Daughtry’s music is more contemporary and the type that people request on Top 40 stations? Think about it. People make all these disparaging remarks about Daughtry being a “Nickelback wannabe”, but hey- we hear guys like Nickelback on the radio all the time as well, right? When’s the last time you heard music like Taylor’s on Top 40 stations, or on MTV? I don’t know where you’re from, but in LA there aren’t that many blues and jazz stations, but there’s plenty of rock, pop, and Top 40 stations.

    Taylor’s music caters to a smaller, older crowd. The type that does not tend to call in to request his music. The type that probably doesn’t own iPods and buys music online. Daughtry caters to a younger pop/rock crowd. People call to request his music to be played. People definitely go on iTunes to buy his music. And clearly, they buy his CDs as well.

    Instead of coming up with unsupported conspiracy theories, let things be. Taylor won. Be happy. Support Taylor as you always do, and please leave Daughtry alone.

  • anne

    I am NOT insulting Daughtry and I am also NOT wearing rose colored glasses. I know that his music does sell. I said I am a fan of many of the Season 5 idols. I think country sells big too but Bucky and Kellie don’t get 80 spins a day and guess what they didn’t sign with 19E either. I’m saying payola DOES exist and if you really believe it doesn’t Take off your rose colored glasses.
    Julio.. why would you assume because I take this position that I am a Taylor Hicks fan. Can’t I just be a fan of music with an opinion. I love music and fairness. But I have given MY opinion and you gave yours. I appreciate yours and hope you can respect mine. Good bye

  • Julio

    Anne, don’t get so defensive…chill out woman, your gonna get an ulcer. his article talks about Taylor and you keep trying to bring Daughtry into the fray. That is as faulty as your payola argument. Look at the CDs that are selling, you have Timberlake, Beyonce, Fergie, Ciarra, Akon, Daughtry, Gwen Stefani, Underwood. it’s a young market. and they keep selling every week. are you gonna say that every one of those was a payola??????????????????????????????

  • Melanie

    Oh my goodness!!!Another intelligent music critic(sarcasim). Taylor is doing great. What on earth are you Tay haters talking about? Rave reviews from every concert from the media and concertgoers. You will be Taylorized once you go to one of his concerts. That man is excellent, vocally and visually. The REAL Taylor is the one we are seeing now and he is on the rise…grassroots style. He knows that the industry spits out rockers/popstars.They are a “dime a dozen” and he is smart and working his way to longevity in the music world. Remember, a huge blast of initial cd sales doesn’t necessarily mean that the artist is the best…Britney spears is an excellent example of a multi-platnium recording artist and that girl can’t sing a lick. By the way, several reviews of his cd have said that he has the best produced and enjoyable cd from any idol. Maybe if more people would get off the negative Tay Hate wagon and give it a listen they would find out that his cd is excellent.

  • Cara

    You may hear crickets chirping where you are, but I couldn’t hear any for all the screaming, cheering fans and kick azz music at the Taylor Hicks concert. Don’t be too worried about Taylor. He’s just fine. This young man is doing just what he’s always dreamed of doing. CD sales are quite good. No, he hasn’t sold gazillions like the other dude. So what!! Keb Mo’s last album sold around 70,000 and the man is a musical genius. You can’t judge talent by the number of CDs sold.

    Please stop trying to shove Chris Daughtry down our throats. A lot of Taylor fans like him. Some of us don’t. Regardless, we all love Taylor and always will, no matter what Daughtry does.

  • R. Yacovelli

    Uh, it’s May 18th, 2007 and by the way Taylor Hicks album is well over a million sold as of today. That’s not a flop and neither is he. And anybody who likes/liked good old fashioned R & B should by this album. It’s nice to have a CD that reflects music that so many of us loved through the years and yet so little is now produced or available, at least that is done well. This is a solid R & B cd that has some great stuff on it. (think blue eyed soul Michael McDoanld with a little Sam & Dave and Wilson Pickett thrown into the mix) I haven’t seen Hicks in concert and I probably won’t. But let’s give credit where credit is due. Taylor Hicks is not a flop. Chris Daughtry might have already sold 2 million copies but so has Hillary Duff. I’m not saying Chris Daughtry is a talented deserving artist. I’m just saying there are musical tastes for everyone and to compare sales does not make sense in the long run excess to measure good sales vs. bad sales. Well over a million copies is “good” sales.

  • R. Yacovelli

    Sorry, to correct my last comment, it should have read:

    I’m not saying that Chris Daughtry is NOT a talented deserving artist.

    And a correction to my next to last sentence:

    I’m just saying there are musical tastes for everyone and to compare sales does not make sense in the long run EXCEPT to measure good sales vs. bad sales.

  • concettaz

    I am definitely a Soul Patroller, but facts are facts.
    Over a million units were shipped, but to this day about 670,000 have been sold.
    That’s not shabby, considering that his music is not mainstream, and he’s received little airplay.
    That number is bound to rise as he releases more singles.
    Here’s something very important to remember: Taylor is much more a PERFORMING artist vs a RECORDING artist. Anyone who has been to one of his concerts knows what I’m talking about – he’s an incredible PERFORMER.
    Comparisons are meaningless when you’re comparing apples an oranges …