A Delicious Request

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The other night I was adding new games to my Delicious Library (Library) when I found a game that was indeed in the Amazon.com library, but was not showing up within Library (which uses Amazon.com). I thought it would be great if I could do a lookup in the Title field of Library of the ASIN number. This would undoubtedly pull in the correct info.

I sent out an email to the Delicious Monster folks at 8 PM. By 11 PM I got this reply:

Voila, it is so. You can type in an ISBN or UPC or ASIN into the field under Title and Creator.

It must have been a server side change because I did not have to download a new version of Library. Indeed, when I did a lookup of the game’s ASIN, it pulled the data right in.

That was quick service, if you ask me. And one more reason I just love this app. (If you are not familiar with Library you should read my initial thoughts)

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