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A Death In The Family

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I would like to relate something that happened during August of 1997. My beloved dog “Sasha” died. I was terribly distraught. It was hard to lose something or someone you love and can’t do anything about it. Although, we could have spent a lot of money to try saving Sasha, we did not because the chances of survival are very, very slim against Leptospirosis. It was a hard decision. Especially, when you can see how much the dog is suffering day by day. My heart poured out for Sasha.

When someone dies, you begin to think about the impermanence of life. Life becomes so much more precious to you. Also, The inevitable sadness brought about by the loss comes in conflict with the hoping against hope that all this is not true or everything will be okay. But then it dawns on you that life has forever changed.

Then, you begin to get angry with the people you rely on to take control or to change the fate of the inevitable and at yourself for being helpless. You get angry at the thought that if you had more money, the outcome would be different..


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