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A Day of Thanksgiving….

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The other day, a friend sent me a message through Facebook, asking what am I most thankful for. I responded that I was thankful for my wife of three months and our overall health.

I could have been all down about being unemployed, but instead I focused (and want to continue to focus) on the positive. There is no doubt that the last three months have been rough, but I expect that to turn around very soon.

After I answered her question, I got to thinking and wondering what others are thankful for. So I posted the question as my status on Facebook and twitter. What I found was that overwhelmingly most people were thankful for their families.

Some of the comments on FaceBook were:

My happy healthy family
– Michaelle

Unbeknown to me, my wife even chimed in and said,

my family, my salvation life and of course my handsome husband
– Pat (aka Princess of Thrift) Surbaugh

i am thankful for every breath i take that leads me to many more with my family friends and all my loved ones
– Melodee

Life, my family, my friends, salvation, my church.
– Misty

A great family and wonderful support system!

– Tiana

My children & my jobs…..
– Anje

Sobriety at a point before I was able to destroy myself and my family. Many don’t achieve this ever or far too late

My husband and kids, my Church family, good friends, and my Needs cared for. Very Blessed!!
– DeAna

– Joyce

I am thankful for good health, loving people I am honored to call family and friends, a thriving business…and our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Without Him, none of the rest would be possible!
– Jennifer H.

Salvation, Family & Friends, Health, Job, GOD’s Grace & Mercy.
– David

I want to take time to thank those who contributed to this post. I was surprised by the results, but I must say if the results depict most of society in general, then perhaps there is still hope after all.

So what are you most thankful for?

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