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A Day in the Life of a Male Model: Pedro Andrade

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Ah, the glamorous life of a model. Is it all about champagne, limos, and ugly people falling over themselves to make your every whim a reality? Not exactly.

Pedro Andrade takes us inside the world of male modeling, where it’s all about hard work and keeping up with a very busy schedule. Pedro has spent five years in New York City chasing his dream of being a model. From castings uptown to fittings downtown, Pedro’s day is packed as tightly as the Speedos he wears in his glam shots. This Brazil native is always running late, which isn’t tolerated too well in the world of fashion. Watch as his day unfolds, starting with an uncomfortable visit to his agency.

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  • anon

    LOL@the ending ‘he just wished me luck’ the guy looked like he was gonna hit him

  • A Concerned Citizen

    This guy has nothing on Zoolander.