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A Day in the Field – Photographing the Brooklyn Bridge

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Some things never fade with time. The Brooklyn Bridge with its magnificence is something beyond words, even if, for me, it meant spending a good part of the day planning a couple of photographs that would eventually be taken over a span of a few seconds late in the evening.

It was an unusually warm early spring evening. A warm breeze kicked the winter coats off and let the capris and moccasins in. The scene was beautiful at Brooklyn Bridge Park as the gentle waves kissed the shores and the cool waters splashed on the feet. I glanced around looking for a good vantage point to capture the beauty of the icon at the moment of sunset; the noisy chattering of people partly overtook the magic of the evening.

It took a while, but once the sun started to wrap up for the day, it started becoming chilly and the people began to tone down and leave. The scene suddenly became an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city. The winds picked up, hustling the waves back and forth, and I grabbed my coat which had been bathing in the sun for a while.

As the sun slipped behind the bridge, a perfect viewpoint gave a chance to see the rays streaking through the pillars of the bridge in an artistic fashion. To get the shot I had in mind, I had to wiggle a little left and a little right. Being at the right place at the right time is extremely important as moments like these last only a few seconds.



The beauty about nature is that although certain things happen every day, they still feel unique. When it comes to photography, dawn and dusk are always considered magical, as the soft light and the vibrant hues paint the clouds, making the scene heavenly.

Even as I let my mind be immersed in the beauty of the dusk, I swiftly moved to compose the shot. The show lasted only a few seconds as the sun went galloping into the horizon. The winds became intense and I held onto a caramel macchiato to keep me warm while the twilight painted the last tinge of blue. The crashing waves dancing with the wind and Canada geese and brants in a chorus made the wait entertaining.

Everything seemed set except for the boats disturbing the reflection of the lights in the waters. As the waters subsided over several minutes with the next boat still far from the park, the time was ripe to pull the shutter.



Immortalized as it may seem, the Brooklyn Bridge with its skyline backdrop is always a sight to cherish in tranquility.

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