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A Cure for Cancer: One Man’s Quest to Change Cancer Treatment, Part 5

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In part four, I continued with the Bengston interviews, and explored his energy healing technique in the laboratory. In part five we will find out why he isn’t satisfied with only discovering an alternative method for treatment of cancerous cells.

Bengston isn’t only satisfied with discovering an alternative method for treatment of cancerous cells; his goal is to “affect” the entire medical and scientific research discipline, so that it embraces the legitimate alternative medical practice. He is also working with physicists to find out if there is some kind of frequency response that may be affecting a cancerous cell during treatment. Bengston states, “What if a frequency could be captured and then played back to perform a healing?” Because we have a proven modality based on his “mouse trials,” would it not benefit the medical profession to begin additional research studies?

He would also like to train (through his workshops) people to use his techniques so that they can reproduce his healing results on a social experiment level, and “follow it down on a generational basis;” similarly ”we also to need to find out what happens when a person gets better on an immunological level.”

Some medical professionals have suggested that his treatment successes could be a spontaneous remission; he challenges this statement suggesting that “they happen too often when he is involved.” He explains that spontaneous remission cases should also be examined more closely by the medical community, rather than “assuming they are chance events and not worth exploring why they occur.” He would also like to explore the possibility that a vaccine be made from cured patients or from his own blood.

Lofty goals, possibly, but so were Dr Jonas Salk's who discovered the first vaccine against polio in 1954. Of this scientific breakthrough and other triumphs, he offers this reflection: “Ideas came to me as they do all of us. The difference is I took them seriously. I didn’t get discouraged that others didn’t see what I saw. I had trust and confidence in my perceptions rather than listening to dogma and what other people thought. I didn’t allow anyone to discourage me—and EVERYONE tried. But life is not a popularity contest.”

Bengston says that in his lab trials, everyone he has worked with was trainable, and that he has never trained believers of natural healing. He has also not trained people who have practiced other types of natural healing processes. In short, he does not know if having a belief in energy healing would increase or decrease the effectiveness of the healing process. He does feel that for lab experiments and trials, training people who are believers, and with prior natural healing skills may make his process more difficult. This is because it would be more difficult to determine which processes and techniques produce certain results.

Does everyone possess the gift of energy healing and can they be trained? Bengston suggests that there is possibly a normal talent that resides in everyone, and through his workshop training he can help people access the healing process. He feels that we do not know how many people can heal without his techniques, because the normal individual would not go into a laboratory or hospital environment to heal a cancerous mouse or a human. He also is still not 100 percent clear what techniques affect the healing process, but collectively they do work.

One of the goals he is currently involved with is hosting training workshops nationally and internationally, in his words “a sort of social experiment,” to teach people his techniques so that they can reproduce results similar to his successful lab experiments. This would further evidence his work, and hopefully interest the mainstream medical research community to begin studies into energy healing and immunological testing. Through these efforts an alternative energy healing process may be discovered without using the “Laying on Hand” technique.

In the final part of the Bengston interviews, we will learn how the public and scientific community can help legitimize reputable forms of alternative health practices, so that children and adults can benefit in the future.

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  • Judith

    Shark — Does it really say “his own blood”? That can’t possibly be right 🙂 BTW there is an interview with Dr. Bengston on Montreal’s news radio. If you listen to it you’ll find it’s quite sensible. There is grounding to Dr. Bengston’s work in a series of experiments involving mice; I believe there is value in those experiments. All extrapolations beyond the experiments about what else might be possible are just extrapolations until such time as further studies are done. It will be proven effective or it will be proven wrong; but we need to know which way it goes before we pass judgment.

  • shark

    from the article:

    “…He would also like to explore the possibility that a vaccine be made…from his own blood.”


    Shark has an idea:

    How ’bout we wrap him in a medieval shroud, get him to sweat on it, and then pass that around?

    Or maybe he could put a picture of his hand on the internet and we could TOUCH it and be healed?

    [see Judith’s site for more lunacy]

    Oh. My. Gawd.

    This is horrible.

    Peter, you should be ashamed.


    my full response in Pt. 6

  • Judith

    Dr. Bengston has been teaching public workshops on his method since 2007. There have been over a dozen workshops to date, the first 6 in Toronto, then several in other locations such as Philadelphia, Phoenix, Oregon and Long Island. A number of the people who attended the workshops had backgrounds in energy practices such as Reiki and therapeutic touch. While I know something about the results of the Toronto portion of the “experiment”, I have not heard about the results obtained in other locations. Perhaps Dr. Bengston could address this in a future instalment.

  • peter sabbagh

    Hello Jet- thanks for your post on Digg!

  • Jet submitted this to Digg and wrote: Join BlogCritic’s writer Peter Sabbagh’s quest for an answer as he asks “Does everyone possess the gift of energy healing and can they be trained?” Bengston suggests that there is possibly a normal talent that resides in everyone. (Part 5 of a spellbinding series)