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A Conversation With Tucker Carlson

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I just had a very interesting conversation with Tucker Carlson, co-host of CNN’s Crossfire and author of the forthcoming book Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites. What follows is an attempt to capture that discussion. Usually I do interviews via email so I know I capture the person’s statements accurately but Tucker has been on the road a great deal and so needed to do this via the phone. I didn’t have recording capability or transcriptions services so I simply tried to capture his answers out as we went along. Any errors or mistakes are surely mine so if I screwed something up, my apologies to Tucker Carlson who was gracious enough to speak with me. I will have a review of his new book posted later this week.

I understand you were in Liberia with Al Sharpton. Can you describe what that was like? What is Sharpton like when the camera is off?

I never made it to Liberia. I was in West Africa with Al Sharpton and members of the Nation of Islam. The rebels had captured the airport in Moravia and our pilot refused to fly us in. So we met with some of the rebel groups in West Africa.

Al Sharpton is much smarter and funnier than he can seem in a television context. He is a smart politician and political strategist. He can give you a extremely cogent wrap of the primary for example. Not really an ideologue; a lefty by tradition rather than by ideology. He is also a real preacher who actually believes in God unlike many of the preachers in my denomination, the Episcopalians.

What led you to write a book?

I never really stopped writing. Before TV all I did was write for magazines, newspapers, etc. It is nearly impossible to be a magazine writer and be in TV because you can’t travel. So you either you become a professional bloviator, a columnist, or you write books.

Were you ever tempted to write a more "intellectual" type work? To "prove" you are a serious journalist, etc.

No, it never really crossed my mind. I am not insecure about being a journalist. I really had two goals in writing this book: to write a book people would actually want to read and to tell the truth.

Has the media environment changed from the Clinton years to the Bush administration? If so how?

The big difference is that stories have become more complicated. Monica Lewinsky was a simple story. In many ways the perfect story: interesting cast of characters, sex, important because it was the President, etc. “How do we find WMDs” or “What does it mean if we don’t” are complicated stories, foreign policy is complicated. The Clinton years were kind of a vacation from history. Now we are dealing with people out there who are attacking us and who are trying to kill us. This is more complicated.

Is that why people have jumped on the California recall and Kobe Bryant stories?

No. There is on word for these stories: August. If you are going to commit a felony don’t do it in August.

What do shows like Crossfire contribute to the public dialogue, to politics, to society?

A lot you hope. You don’t watch Crossfire to find out what happened but to make sense of what happened. You hope that you take the biggest story of the day and help people understand what it means.

Who is the target audience, politicos or the average person, or both?

The audience is the people who are genuinely interested in the news; people who care about the news.

What is the hardest thing about doing live TV?

The single greatest is the capacity to screw it up. There is no five second delay on Crossfire – if you say it people will hear it. Things can get heated; the potential is there to overstate your position. It is vital to not misrepresent what you actually believe.

Do producers encourage you to play the devil's advocate?

I have never consciously misrepresented my own beliefs. People can see through that. You have to think it through. The how is totally unscripted except for the “ins and outs” that have to be for technical reasons. So before the show you have to think it through. And if you do, and you know what you think, you are less likely to blurt out something stupid.

What is the best thing?

It forces you to think through what you think of the news. The US might be sending troops to Liberia. Should we? How many? For how long? You really get to immerse yourself in issues. Crossfire is generalist, so get to deal with a wide range of issues.

The second is the thrill of doing it live – you could really screw things up – you get an adrenaline rush from doing it live.

The third thing is that you get to meet everyone. As a print journalist you can be frustrated by people who don’t call you back, parts of the story you can’t get. TV gets you access to everyone because people call you back. It also allows you to satisfy your curiosity. I am a very curious person.

Many conservatives see people like James Carville or Paul Begalia as evil or as soulless hacks {insert your own insult here}, etc. What is it like working with people whose politics clash with your own and who are so passionate/in your face about it?

It is a wonderfully broadening experience. It is nice to be around people who think differently than you. They challenge your ideas and keep you from being complacent. Living in Washington, you can’t take politics too seriously. I draw the line at honesty. I have no time for political hacks who say things they don’t believe because they get paid to.

I try to tell the truth. To be interesting but to tell the truth.

You seem to have the attitude of a lucky man who knows it won’t last forever.

It won’t last forever. No one settles in for a long career in TV! It is just the nature of business – no one is indispensable. There is no one who can’t be replaced. Am I sure that Dan Rather wakes up wondering if this will be his last day on the air . . .

If you were trapped in an elevator for four hours with a politician, who would you prefer?

If I could get James Traficant out of prison I might choose him. Politicians are interesting people, most of them are smart and hard working – I mean they keep schedules no one else would think of keeping. Some of them live down to the caricature but most of them are good people and they are charming that’s how they won in the first place.

Billy Tauzin is one of the most interesting people in Washington. He is smart, funny, and interesting. One of the most powerful people in DC; has a large influence on the media.

In the book you relate how you had a run in with scandal or potential scandal, has this changed your perspective?

Absolutely. People talk about the rules of journalism: wait for the facts, verify your sources, etc. but in reality everyone "knows" that sex scandals are rooted in truth. You may not have raped her but you slept with her. You may not have had sex with her but you tried to. This sort of thing. This assumption is mostly true – most people accused of a crime are criminals – but not always. I was accused of crime by someone I never met, in a city I had never been to, etc. It was on its way to the prosecutor. Only thanks to divine providence and an amazing lawyer was I able to deal with it.

It happened right around the time of Gary Condit, and it changed the way I approached it. I was willing to wait longer than many to see what evidence came out. I was pretty sure he slept with her but there was no evidence that he killed her.

Why can’t the media follow its own rules?

In general the news is fair. Everyone blames the media: it sells papers etc. but it is more complicated than that. As I said, the assumption is that there is something to a scandal, that you did something. What you should do is make sure to leave that option open – that the one percent is there; that they didn’t do it. It is increasingly important to be open minded – to leave open that option open.

Some of the nicest people I met with in Africa were members of the Nation of Islam. You have to believe that sincere people, that good people, can hold bad beliefs.

Have you experienced blogs? Do you read them?

I am familiar with them but I am not addicted to them like many of my colleagues. The only one I have really checked out is Andrew Sullivan’s because I know him and I find him interesting. I am really only interested in new information not freelance opinion. I don’t really care what you think off the top of your head. Unless you know a lot more about something than I do, I am not really that interested. I have too much information already. What I do like are the mega-sites like Jim Romenesko and Drudge. I read them everyday because they provide information to stories I might have missed, etc.

What’s next?

I have never been one to look beyond today. The two things I was positive about in life were that I was going to be a teacher at a bording school or an operative with the CIA posted abroad. I could write a book about all the things I was sure about . . .

I enjoy what I am doing and hope to continue. As long as it is fun and interesting, I will keep doing it.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Very cool Kevin, thanks – nice scoop!

  • Mary Alice Richert

    I want to send Tucker Carlson an email. Do you have his email address?




  • nils wetterlind

    What I Did On My Vacation
    >by Little Tucker Carlson (aged 9)
    You can never guess what I did on my holsie! I went all the way to IWAQ !! Iwaq is a place far far far away, but Uncle Halli Burton, who owns all of Iwaq (and also owns Uncle Dick Cheney) flew me there in an AEWOPLANE ! It was so neat! Iwaq is a tewwible mess, for we bombed and bombed and bombed them and killed thousands and thousands and thousands of them because their pwesident is howwid and has a moustache and Uncle Dick and Uncle Halli wants all their oil. So we did, and now the Iwaqis are all very dead and we won, SO THERE! And Uncle Halli makes lots and lots of money to rebuild everything that we bombed. He has lots of fun! But guess what? The ones we didn’t kill are cwoss with us and want to SHOOT us!! The Iwaqis are such SORE LOSERS! BOO to them! Just because we invaded them and killed them and bombed all their hospitals and houses, and they aren’t even GWATEFUL!
    So we call the tewwowists! But Uncle Halli is very very clever and hired lots and lots of mercenaries! I looked it up in my dictionary and it says a mercenary is someone you can hire to kill people, so uncle Halli says it’s much better to call them Secwuwity Consultants! It’s weally good to have secwuwity consultants ’cause nobody can find out what they do all day and they can kill anyone they like and have lots of guns and go bang bang shoot shoot! And GUESS WHAT? They let me play with them! They are weally cool dudes and they even let me hold a WEAL GUN! I was so excited my pee-pee got hard! It’s TWUE! I even have a PICTURE of me holding a GUN!! I DOE! SO THERE!! And they work for all kinds of cool dudes as well like Pwesident Taylor in Africa (that’s where black people come from!). And it doesn’t matter if they kill lots of howwid Iwaqis ’cause the Iwaqis don’t use toilet paper!!!!!!! They DON’T! UUURGH!!!!
    They are GWOSS!! And they don’t like dogs either. I think all Iwaqis are horrid since they are sore losers and wipe their botties with their HANDS! YUCK! When I gwow up I want to be a secwuwity consultant too and work for Uncle Halli and kill people all day long and make lots and lots of money. That’s why I’m pwoud to be American, ’cause we can go bang bang shoot shoot anytime we LIKE! So THERE!

    Nils Wetterlind, 10 Anson Road, Int’l Plaza #5-16, Singapore 079903

  • no matter what you think of the man(?) you have to say he has carved a nice little niche for himself being a rush wannabe.

    in a few years he will have enough venom for his very own spew fest.

    i have alway found him to be cute in a “i want to spank his behind” kind of way.

    jack e. jett

    no back to you bob franken.

  • JOHN.

    Tucker Carlson-


  • Steve

    I’m glad I stumbled upon this interview. Tucker is awesome.

  • I saw a commercial for his new upcoming PBS show. The title is Fresh Grind or some similar yuppie coffee reference.

    He seems really insincere and glib to me, but I find him interesting nonetheless.

  • Brian Moss

    I just watched “Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered” on PBS. Who does he think he is fooling with his bowties and opening monologue? The rest of the show (with the possible exception of the P.J. O’Rourke piece) was a forum for left wing rhetoric. Bill Greider? Zanny Beddoes?! Gimme a break!

  • Jorge

    Tucker Carlson is an idiot! nuff said.

  • Brenda Walker

    Kudos to PBS for resuscitating the DODO! Behold the flightless bird who possesses neither a right wing nor a left wing. This analyst hobbles along on his opinions attempting to grow first the one and then the other.

  • c harris

    Name: Charles Pierce
    Hometown: Newton, MA
    Hey Doc:
    Because every day, even the day before it, is Slacker Friday, Part The XIX.

    In 1994, an eight-year old girl named Valerie Lakey was playing in a wading pool. She got caught in a defective drain. Her intestines were ripped from her body by the suction. She is now 17. She will have to be fed through a tube, 12 hours a day, for the rest of her life. In 1997, John Edwards won her family a $25 million judgment, of which he took a portion. The judgment helped jump-start his political career.

    On the first day of last year, as part of his opening comments on Crossfire, this is how the incident was described by Tucker Carlson, whom public and private broadcasting networks tumble all over themselves to hire: “Four years ago, he (Edwards) was a personal-injury lawyer specializing in Jacuzzi cases.”

    Jacuzzi cases.

    An eight-year old who got disemboweled.

    Jacuzzi cases.

    A child who’ll have to be fed through a tube for as long as she lives.

    Jacuzzi cases.

    Now, I know it’s a terrible thing when Whoopi Goldberg makes salacious fun of C-Plus Augustus’s last name. I know that society may simply collapse. But here is a professional communicator at the top of his profession who, because he couldn’t come up with anything else to say at the moment, smugly dispatches the tragedy of a child whose guts were ripped out. (Later in the same show, he told co-host James Carville to “Lighten up,” about his comments.) It was an interesting evening — not only should Tucker Carlson have lost every job in the professional media that he has, and not only did he lose forever any right to criticize anyone for intemperate speech, he at that moment should have been shunned by decent people for the rest of his sorry life.

    Jacuzzi cases.


  • Carol Shetler

    Thanks for a great interview, Mr. Holtsberry. I have recently become more open-minded about Mr. Carlson (whom I used to despise), and your discussion with him has given me more food for thought. I enjoy Crossfire as often as possible, and now will go out and track down Mr. Carlson’s book.
    Best wishes, Carol Shetler

  • Does Tucker really like dressing up as Pee-wee Herman?

  • Tucker..seriously,,I’m better

    Tucker Carlson is a huge douche-perhaps the hugest tool on all american t.v short of the racist ass hole community cable dip shits in Alabama. We should all toon out. Never ever watch the B.S festival that is crossfire. Maybe then CNN will fire bowtie off our screens.

  • I agree with Jon Stewart when he says people like Tucker Carlson are “hurting America.”

    Mr. Carlson said, in an interview with

    “[America] exploits [Canada’s] natural resources…”

    “Canadians with ambition move to the United States…the average Canadian is busy dog-sledding.”

    See the video

    Carlson ends the discussion, smiling, with a blunt:

    “Welcome to [America’s] Century.”

    Shame on CNN for employing such a disgrace to our nation.

  • I think people that “go after” Tucker Carlson are going after our own media-saturated society, where information and truth and syntax and politics and lies all get scrambled into a 24-hour news cycle.

    In that sense I agree with Jon Stewart: getting a good and honest and fair debate is becoming difficult. Who can discern truth amongst so much shouting and clamor?

    That being said, I’ve always found Mr. Carlson to be more interesting, truthful, and refreshing than your average talking head. He maintains a degree of independence, and every once in a while, he voices it.

    I’ll end by saying that I’m a life-long Democrat.

    Eric Berlin
    Dumpster Bust: Miracles from Mind Trash

  • tu-cker! tu-cker! tu-cker!

  • In the Immortal Words of David Spade
    Buh’ Bye Jackass. Or, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

    Tucker Carlson is leaving Crossfire. Happy Day. Even better… Crossfire may fold. The CNN website makes it sound like the bow-tied pinhead is leaving on good terms. However, the scrolling news service (text thing that rolls up the tv screen), implied that he was fired over issues such as:

    1. Not being able to hold his ground against John Stewart.
    2. A litany of Canada bashing comments. The tone was fine with CNN, the content was off.

    Read up(http://www.democraticunderground.com/articles/04/12/10_canada.html)to see what he had to say (wrongly) about his Northern neighbours (that would be us).

    Anyways, while there’s nothing more entertaining than a scared, under-informed, paranoid, conservative mouthpiece – I won’t mention any more names *cough* Ann Coulter – it’s good to see his ass hit the network highway. Watch for him crawling out from under a rock near you.

    -If anybody has the means to send this off to Tuck, please feel free.


  • jarvey

    I agree with Wheat. Watching that pinhead say that “most Canadians” are dogsledding had to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. It really makes me wish I could find his personal email address… I hope that he someday tightens his bowtie too much, and puts him out of our collective misery.

  • Jack Lepiarz

    I’ve had an interesting personal experience with Tucker Carlson calling my home and trying to intimidate me, using a plethora of curse words. The kind of stuff you’re not supposed to say on Crossfire or the Situation.


  • Jack now why would dear Tucker do that? We need details to believe for we are all sinners.

    or something …

    PS. What kind of name is Tucker anyway?

  • ever been to canada tucker ur such an idiot, i can’t believe ppl ask you to speak. you had no idea what u were talking when u interviewed the federal minister. sorry but you told her ” go back to your dog hauling sleds” ahaha ur such an idiot, go home

  • Steve

    Though I agree with folks’ comments about Tucker vis a vis Canada, I found his attempt to be a Conservative when surrounded by so many Liberal colleauges in his neighborhood of Manhattan to be an intriguing study in group think. His views about the 2004 election being a good example. He said being surrounded by Liberal colleauges made him think it was unlikely for Bush to win!
    I think the ideal for any jornalist would be to surround himself with Cons. and Libs. in a sort of 50/50 split, with some Independents added for good measure…maybe even some folks from smaller, as yet unelected parties too.

  • Will Clark

    Yes, no doubt. Tucker Carlson is a coward and a pussy. But Ann Coulter is calling it like it is. If any of you can’t handle that, then I guess you can’t handle the truth. End of story.

  • Bob

    Tucker Carlson, aside from having the goofiest name (tucker?) is a sniveling little arsehole, whose opinion matters none and is far less interesting than he thinks he is.

    I invite him to Canada anytime, and would like him too, while here, open that fuckin mouth of his so that I can fill it with my fist.

  • Bob

    Will (idiot above my first blog reply), why dont you fuck yourself ‘Coulter calling it like it is’? WHA?

    You stunned cunt, you have no idea what Canada is or is not, nor does ms. coulter you’re an ignorant yank with no balls what so ever. Please visit Canada soon, Id love to kick your weasely little faggot american ass.

  • pamela simmons

    Tucker, I was viewing the Bill Maher show on HBO, October 21 2005, where you said that the U.S. has the best access to “cures” than any other nation. Really? Although we probably have the ability to provide the cures, we don’t provide access to everyone. Being a middle class status American (according to the income bracket), if I or my husband were to be afflicted with cancer or any other deadly disease, you might as well consider me a goner (or dead), because I don’t have health insurance coverage. (Self employed $60,000 annual income.) I could no more afford to fight such a disease as I could afford a luxury car. What nonsense, to inject that all Americans have access to such care. The truth of the matter is that only “wealthy or employed” citizens have access. According to our beloved president, small business owners are the structure of a vital economy. However, very few small business owners can afford health insurance. So I am assuming he is talking about the ability of larger corporations being able to take over the small business profits when the owner dies. What a boom! It’s clear you are a true follower (like our president) of the fascist belief. (Characteristic of a fascist country; the separation and persecution or denial of equality to a specific segment of the population based upon superficial qualities or belief systems.) But you fail to realize, if all of your worker bees die, the separation and persecution will etch into your class group. Then health care will be unaffordable to you. Only then will you care about the rising health care costs and the inability for certain segments of the population to afford “cures”.

    Give it some thought.

  • Big Toe

    I also heard Tucker’s lie about health care costs on that same Oct 21 Bill Maher episode. His claim that health care costs (in terms of % of GDP) are higher in countries with universal health care didn’t seem credible. I looked it up (2001 figures): US 14% of GDP, France 9.6%, Germany 10.8%, Japan 8%, UK 7.6%.

  • Ed Ochs

    I think Tucker is missing the point of Norm Stampers legalization claim. Tucker was arguing that Heroin would be as readily available as beer in a convienience store. What an idiot! That is a typical asshole journalist response. Did Prohibition work you dumbass? What Norman should have come back with as a response to your assinine question: Is percocet or vicodine illegal? NO! Dumbass but it is controlled by a pharmacy and in some states hard liquor can only be purchased in a state owned liquor store. These are the ways his ideas will work. And Norman, pull your head out of your ass in interviews, you have good ideas but you come across as an insecure ex-cop in front of pompus asses like Tucker. The war on drugs is lost, Tucker is wrong and Norman Stamper is right, it will just take intelligence and guts to make it work.

  • Dave

    Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and recently – Will Clark are all human garbage. Typical uninformed arrogant Americans wanking themselves senseless with their own flag waving rhetoric.

  • wes sullivan

    Please say it ain’t so. Tucker is now showing up with untied bow tie at the end of his show. This is so utterly contrived and declasse. Is it his way of showing people that he doesn’t wear a clip-on. If he had any quoth he would wait till he is at least in his house or maybe driveway to undo his tie. This move on his or his staffs part is truly sophomoric.

  • Francesco

    I find it unfortunate yet depressingly unsurprising that many Canadians assume that by agreeing with Carlson or Coulter about the sad state in which Canada now finds itself, one must surely be American. Because, oh how can we forget, Canada is the greatest country on earth, with no possibility of improvement, unless it happens to be a change that further differentiates us from those American morons (sarcasm). We Canadians to easily forget that, as these two have pointed out, we do indeed depend on the US for security and economic prosperity. Since the 1960s, Canada has slipped into international insignificance, and cudos to Coulter and Carlson for calling us on it.

  • Malle Smits

    Tucker, Tucker Tucker……..Have you forgotten that it’s not CANADA the world is laughing at???
    Really amazing…..However, namecalling can be expected from the schoolyard bully when he no longer has words to defend himself. What’s worse, the cousin you find “retarded” is much higher regarded by the world than your , I assume, intelligent bosom buddy (U.S.A). We just keep on laughing. Why?!!!!!….Well, just because we can …thanks to people like you. Thank you for your contribution. Things just don’t seem to be going very well lately for you guys…..are they????? So, now little guy….go give Ann Coulter a hug and a peck on the cheek and you’ll both feel much better in the morning… ready to rant and rave another day. Birds of a feather….

  • Maurice Choptain

    I find Tucker’s recent rant on Canadians quite amusing. As a Canadian, who does not rap himself in the Canadian flag as most americans do to demonstrate their love for their country, it is interesting to note how some americans, when travelling abroad, pretend to be Canadians because of american animosity. What more can be said – everybody loves Canadians – where ever we visit. As to New York, love the city to visit but if you truly want to find a cosmopolitan, friendly, warm (in weather as well as people) place, he should spend some time in Vancouver B.C. There is an old adage to all of this – if you can’t be like them then knock them. Seems Tucker is quite a student of this philosophy. Keep it up Tucker it’s the best compliment you can give to us Canadians.

  • Liz

    To All Canadians: By writing about Tucker Carlson, showing anger or whatever, is what he wants Canadians to do. He is trying to draw attention to himself and no publicity is bad publicity. His comments do not reflect the views of all Americans. Personally I like most Americans, except the ones who voted Republican. But even those people voted blindly, being told nothing but lies by their president.
    I think it’s very sad that Americans in general know very little about Canada. But that’s not their fault, it’s their government’s fault. The American people are raised to believe, they live in the greatest country on earth. That’s called American propaganda. Their government fears that if they know too much about Canada, too many will immigrate here.
    Hollywood movies is another form of American propaganda. In 98% of every movie made in Hollywood you’ll see an American flag. Look for it the next time you watch a Hollywood movie. They put the flag in knowing that the movies will be shown in most countries around the world and the Americans are always the heroes. Take WW2 for example, thousands of American war movies came out of Hollywood and anyone viewing those movies would think the U.S. were the greatest heroes. But the truth is, they didn’t even join the war until it was almost over. Canada and Britain were in the war long before the U.S. and Canadian soldiers were the true heroes, fighting under the worst conditions.
    The Americans lost the battle in Vietnam, yet in the movies they’re seen as heroes and the same thing will happen when Hollywood begins pumping out movies about Iraq. This sends a message to the people in the U.S. that they live in the greatest country on earth.
    Canada has been voted in the top 3 best countries in the world to live in, while the U.S. is at the bottom of the list. We as Canadians learn about all countries so we are fortunate but it doesn’t make us better than Americans.
    I also feel bad that because of the Iraq invasion, the loss of over 200,000 innocent lives, the Bush government has made the U.S. the most hated country in the world. Americans are told that 30,000 Iraqi’s have been killed and it’s just another lie. Americans also don’t hear about how the Bush government and the former American Ambassador to Canada, has tried everything to destroy our economy.
    Many Americans I’ve written to on the net, think that Iraq was behind the 9/11 disaster. Sad but true. The point is, the American people are not hearing the truth so they too are victims of their government. They are also not hearing what their government has done to Canada.
    It does no good to argue with Americans because it’s like trying to get a message of what’s going to happen to the German people when Hitler began invading other countries.
    The American president has announced that he made a mistake invading Iraq but he hasn’t apologized to the Iraqi people. There are no insurgents, it’s just a word used by the Bush government. The so-called insurgents are just Iraqi civilians trying to defend their country. Because of what Bush has done, it’s made the entire U.S. a very dangerous place to live.
    Bush is responsible for more innocent deaths than Suddam and should be tried with crimes against humanity. Until that day comes, the American people will forever live in fear. So I sincerely care about the innocent American people and the innocent Iraqi people. But it was Bush and his gang of tyrants that started this whole mess and if Bush doesn’t apologize for what he’s done to the Iraqi people, and to Canada because we didn’t join his money-hungry invasion for oil, there will always be anger between us.
    If we keep playing into the hands of people like Tucker Carlson, more anger will ignite between our two countries. Isn’t it better to ignore the ignorance of people like Tucker Carlson and just try to get along with our Americans neighbors. Come on, we are Canadians who strive towards peace in the world, not war. We must never lose sight of what makes Canada such a great place to live. Not perfect, but great.

  • Canadian dog-sledder

    I find it absolutely riveting that Tucker’s ignorant and extremist views regarding many things, and not just Canadian rhetoric, has resulted in him becoming a joke in the eyes of many politicians and respected journalists (not just Canadians).

    He continues to perpetuate the heavily saturated belief around the world that “all” Americans are ignorant self-absorbed morons. I believe that this is obviously untrue.

    But, hearing an idiot like Tucker continually bash a country who is, as Tucker puts it, the “retarded cousin” to the United States actually dictates Carlson’s insecurity and deep down distain for a country that actually is influential (otherwise he wouldn’t find it necessary to continuously drop stupid remarks).

    You don’t seek Tucker Carlson running his mouth regarding other so-called insignificant countries. That sends a powerful message about the sheer degree of his pathetic disdain for a country that is amazing in a multitude of ways he will never truly understand.

    see ya!

  • john townson

    Dear cousin Tucker:

    Thanks for thinking of us last Thursday. I see you are still wearing those silly bow ties. I remember you spending months learning how to tie them. Finally, you just gave up and bought those store bought ones with the elastic band. Remember cousin Louie(the slow one in the family. You got him wearing them ties. Funny he picked it up right away and can now tie them in a flash. Canadians don’t like those goofy ties. Louie took so much heat he just up and left Canada. Last we heard he was teaching law at Columbia University in NYC. Is that anywhere near you? Perhapsyou two can get together over the holidays. Hope you can make it up for Thanksgiving again next year. Remember it’s in October not November Tucker! Last year we sat around, drank beer and told stories. Remember every time you came up with a bright idea we would tap you on the head and it would go away. Well the whole family would like to do that again next year. No need to bring a turkey with you. No one liked him very much. Anyway, Tucker Merry Christmas.

    Your Canadian cousin,
    John Townson

  • joseph marc dupont

    Tucker, let me begin with a confession. I do not watch your show. In fact, the only reason why I am responding to a couple of specific comments you made is that it was emailed to me by a friend, and I felt as though I would like to address it. Let me quote you from this article: “but Canada is never going to occupy an extrodinary amount of american thought.” Tucker, I think that is an excellent example of ignorance. “Anybody with any ambition at all, or intelligence, has left Canada and is now living in New York.” I sense there could be a splash of sarcasm involved in this statement, I mean, you can’t really mean that. Perhaps you do??–and if so, let me introduce myself (for I can only speak for myself) my name is Marc, and I am intelligent, and I live west of Buffalo. And alas, ha, I admire your determination to promote controversy, I mean, hey, you need to concern yourself with ratings–correct? “Canada is a sweet country. It is like your retarded cousin you see at thanksgiving and sort of pat him on the head. You know, he’s nice but you don’t take him seriously. That’s Canada.” Well, first, lets consider what ‘retard’ means–“A slowing down or hindering of progress; a delay.” What is the hurry man??!! If you are suggesting that Canada is the cousin that takes their time, and has a smile on there face, and is comfortable in their simplicity, and doesn’t get upset over trivial things like condensending cousins–then I would agree with your last statement. However, I think maybe you are missing the essence of what being ‘Canadian’ really is.
    What is that you may ask? I don’t think anyone in Canada or abroad can really define that. That Mr. Carlson is the beauty of being Canadian, it is undefined, and nobody seems to really care. Perhaps, maybe, possibly, Tucker, there is some significant value in that.

    merry x-mas, happy holidays, all the best.
    yours truly, Marc

  • TD

    Tucker Carlson:

    I just love how you put your foot in your mouth! I love how you are able to spread your uninformed rhetoric and agitate crowds and inspire negative sentiments against those you feel the need to attack. I am talking about Canada, that seems to be your big beef right now, right? Well, as a Canadian, I can say how disgusted I am at the fact that you are even allowed to talk, let alone make comments in media and pass them off as educated ideas. I am most disturbed by the fact that, this same type of rhetoric, hatred directed at a group of people, was once witnessed in the 1930s Germany. But thank Godthat you have absolutely no hope in running a country! I do however, live in a democracy and I must respect your rights to speak ill about those that helped your country when you needed it (9/11, Katrina). However, since you can call us Canadians “retarded” (well, you called Canada retarted, thereby implying residents thereof are equally retarded), and were allowed to get away with it without losing your current job at msnbc (yet), I therefore reserve the right to call you a doushbag and a misinformed, self centred idiot that can’t tell his ass from a hole in the ground! Rather than insulting people and nations like a grade 2 bully demanding lunch money from some random kid, why don’t you read a newspaper, cook up some credible ideas and make an argument or perhaps even solutions to problems you feel you need to put your nose into? So, act your age, not your shoesize, grow up, wake up and get informed quickly! perhaps one day you might actually be taken seriously and do a little good in life, numbty! Personal attack? you bet your ass it is.. I have been personally attacked, I am just returning the favour!

    As for everyone else: I do not believe for one second that this “man” speaks for all Americans. I love the American people,in fact, I have good friends that are Americans. But, its fools like Tucker that give Americans a bad name. Shut him up and ship him out, my friends to the south! Fellow Canadians, keep the comments coming, it may be publicity but it is bad! If he loves it, then he is sick!

    Your Canadian “Friend”:

  • Maurice Barringer

    Hello Tucker,

    I watch your outstanding show regularly. I am a grammarian who has noticed that many news people use the word SNUCK. The word doesn’t exist. The word is SNEAK or SNEAKED.


    Maurice Barringer

  • Ivona Tinkle

    I think tucker is kind of cute.
    He says the truth that no one wants to hear.

  • Dan Druff


  • Andrew

    Most of what Tucker said wasn’t serious. But on the whole he was correct. If you can not find humor in what he said then you should go feed you team of huskies and fix the door on your igloo.

  • Lauren

    I was just watching a ‘conversation’ on MSNBC and wanted to correct their record. A black Republican commentator made a statement about Hispanic opinion regarding acceptable legal immigration. The record I want to correct in his mind is the FACT that most all Hispanics ARE native Americans, therefor by definition NOT posible to be American immigrants.

    They were here already before the black or the white or the United States.

  • tom

    You people are out of your minds. its really quite sad. Tucker carlson is not a bush crony or a republican tool he is a conservative more in line with libertarian ideas. hes not against drug use (hes a deadhead), hes against the death penalty, and hes for free speech. basically he believes people have a right to live their lives. the canada thing is a joke and you people are over reacting. and by resulting to personal attacks based on his attire or his physical attributes makes you look petty and stupid. and do you think he will actually read these comments? anyway i like all of you have no life and thought i’d set you straight because it honestly scares me that there are so many passionate morons out there

  • Alln

    It was right after the various Republican exposes got to the news that I noticed Republican politicians and talking heads had raised the pitch and rapidity of their speech. This apparently replaces actual logic, facts and threatening conversation.
    Tucker sets the standard. Watching him try to upstage Bill Maher and fellow panelists on Real Time was an embarrassment. Tucker is inclined to call people stupid a lot. He talks over them, interrupts and keeps up an almost constant commentary–mostly naysaying–apparently designed to overwhelm the opposition. Once thought he was smart and rational. Now think he’s just another defensive conservative.

  • Jon

    Wow, I guess I’m not the only person hating Tucker right now. I can’t help but wonder how much fun Rick Mercer would have talking to him.

    After speaking with a few intelligent Americans, I found that they realize the relationship between Canada and the United States is important. So, considering that, I decided that it is not Tucker’s fault that he is an ignorant fool. It is the fault of the networks who keep interviewing him and letting him think – like a handikapped boy – that he can truly play the game that all of the regular people are playing.

    I appoligize for the politically incorrect views about the handicapped. Comparing them to Tucker is a disservice to them.

  • anne pond

    Tucker: You are great and such a gentleman. I have always said if Hillary is elected, I’m going to leave the country. Now my first concern is to be sure my passport is up-to-date….I told my older son “I can’t believe I voted for Bill Clinton (his first term and I was caught with his carisma). His answer: “But, Mom, you only did it once.” What is with her clapping??? Do we really need two Clinton presidents????? Keep up the good work!

  • Tamara McIntosh

    people are saying what Tucker was saying was a joke. I think he was actually serious I think that he actually is as stupid as he sounds. He obviously knows nothing about canada let alone ever been there or even knows an actual canadian. He is an example of a percentage of americans that beleive all this amazingly retarded bull about well canada is cold so they must get to work at the local egloo factory in there dogsled duhhhh… ( or a direct quote from tucker ” I think there is a alot of dogsledding in canada yes I beleive thats true you can deny that…” oh my god tucker to be honest alI have to say is ha ha ha ha ha!!!)that percentage may also believe because we have provinces that have french as their first language that we all are like that.simple people over generalize things in order to personaly understand those things more simply or even make up shit as fact because they have no fucking clue under the sun except canada is cold.I’m an average canadian I have never seen a dogsled or an egloo and I don’t speak french.I do however drive a car to work speak english and attend classes at one of our many universities I Also enjoy nice long summers where I can walk on the beach in canada. tucker try getting a fucking IQ higher than 50 and then try to go on tv or try writing a book otherwise your just poisoning the media and wasting all your viewers and readers time with all you non-factual completely simplified garbage that you actually believe.

  • steve rowley

    Amy Goodman is NOT a nutcase [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Matt Eldridge

    I have no idea when this movie of tucker came out with his take on canadians. I dont really care either. I’m also a canadian and not only have I never seen an igloo or a dogsled I work in the arctic. I also enjoy long long summers which i might remind you Mr. Tucker are getting longer and longer and longer. I don’t know why that is so I’m not going to point or blame BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW. Take a hint Mr. Tucker. Didn’t your Mom ever teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. Well you’ve done it Mr. Tucker you’ve pissed off I don’t even know how many canadians. So watch out becuase we can make houses out of snow and we dont need gas for our transportation and we’re comin for ya tucker. Have a nice day.
    Oh i’m sorry that was a joke just incase you didnt get it.

  • Matt Eldridge

    oh and for you americans you think i’m taking this personally …. your all fat and stupid .. your president has stripped your edjucational funds and your health care is fucked. From outside the box it looks as though your just fuckin around in the middle east with no more of a motive than i have writing this letter which seems pretty miniscule when peoples lives are at risk. Have a nice day… oh hey dont take it personally eh . i was just kidding 😉

  • I don’t know why anyone is surprised by Kerry-

    the last dem nominee POLITICAL INSIDER ESTABLISHMENT candidate
    throws his support to UPSTART INSURGENT OUTSIDER candidate.

    Can anyone say FLIP FLOP!!

  • Cecil Jones

    When one door closes, another one opens. What you lacked in your show was “Dynamic Tension.” You lacked balance. Who wants to hear just your opinion? You need someone strong enough and flexible enough to help you navigate the minefield of politics. You need someone that can open your eyes to the reality most of us see everyday. You need a “Crazy Liberal” like me to make your product more entertaining. I’d call the show Unfair and Unbalanced. Everything would be in play because we’d attack from the middle.

  • Huntington Hartford

    laughing Outloud –Obama is suing Arizona, and Arizona should be suing the Federal Government and this is not a joke. Each and Every state effected by this Immagration Problem should sue the government, why is this, Commone Sense, logical anybody heard of Reason ? The costs States have paid for the neglect of our government is ridiculous, thus the goverment should be sued, We have paid the immagration dept for years, We the tax payers and one day they say We did not do our job, the government is to protect the people, and this is wrong and Unjust. The congress acts on Whim and these people would all get lost in a Telephone Booth fact. Intellectual Bankruptcy. The facts are this unless the government begins to address the agencies of our government We Will Fail , and I am certain America Will Not Be able to handle the future, there are tooooo many dummies in Washington and now its too late, The second Titanic is near, and guess what not many Life Rafts on this ship either

  • Craige Bennett


    As a conservative I feel that Newt’s list or Hannity’s points to take over the house and senate is off track. At the top of the list needs to be the elimination of the arrogance of power. Either party, once in power, fail to listen to the people. Bush/Cheny, Obama/Biden are just the latest to ignore the will of the people. My Congressman, Dana Rohrbacher, will not return any of my emails when I asked him to give me his views on all federal, non-military, taking major pay decreases, like those of us on Main Street have had to do. Arrogance of Power is why we are in Iraq, overspent during the Bush administration, the mega spending on programs most people care little about with Obama. Like the House of Lords they believe their seat belongs to their families. Please give A o P some thought, I think the first party that coins the phrase and explains it to the people will succeed. Thanks, Craige