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A Cold Winter is Moving In; Will the Demonstrators Prevail?

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I’m very concerned about the protestors. In New York, where today’s demonstrators in Zuccotti Park seek shelter under canvas tents and tarpaulins. The police have removed their generators, and they rely on hand warmers for warmth. One demonstrator was undaunted; he believes the police will continue to remove the small generators, but allow a much larger one. Ironically, the demonstrators rely on the generators to keep their laptops charged.

29 Occupy Nashville group members were arrested early on Friday morning for refusing to leave the Tennessee Legislative Plaza, where it has been freezing at night, with a day time high of 42 degrees. Their attorney told the press, “I was sort of indifferent to the movement, one way or the other, quite frankly. Now what has happened is the government itself has politicized its behavior, and I think people will be mad at the government.”

51 protestors were removed and arrested in San Diego; weather-wise, nights there are in the mid-50s. We hope the brave but frigid demonstrators can maintain long enough to engender some interest from the Congress, from the legislators who seem to be pretty much ignoring them. Insults and demeaning remarks notwithstanding, the legislators haven’t been motivated to take much notice, much less to pass a jobs bill. These lawmakers have hardly the vigor to overcome the ongoing obstructive policies that have Americans mad and shaking their fists. The lawmakers ignore the fist shaking too.

Wasn’t it at the State of the Union Address last January, that the Congress made the effort to sit together, albeit briefly? I have to wonder, why didn’t they see the light? Why didn’t they get the idea that even a change of seating arrangement might make a significant difference in the continuing lack of positive productivity? They just pushed the chairs back and continued in the dim light of lobbyism and special-interest domination. There was a time when a special interest monger might be accused of attempted bribery; a time when a legislator might be arrested and charged, accepting such bribes.

With the cold weather coming on, the protesting thousands might dwindle. From those who stay, we might get to hear some protest songs. Maybe some unforeseen fashion or hair styling will emerge. It happened in the sixties. It could happen again. But the weather will be a cruel enforcer.

There is so much to protest, so much to be angred by! Ron Paul spoke some words about the devastated people of Iraq who were killed, arrested, and tortured for fighting for home and family. These Iraqis were called “insurgents” while defending the towns and cities in which they were born. The Brits, who joined us in our maniacal search for Saddam felt so much guilt that for a while they considered sending cash to the parents, children, and wives of the dead Iraqis. The Brits eventually realized that with more than 100,000 dead, the idea was short on feasibility. If I were a younger man, I might add that cause to my list of concerns.

I do appreciate protestation of the class-warfare advocates. I can easily get behind a movement that chooses to take issue with candidates who chastise the un-rich, propose greater taxes on the mainstream, would shore up the wealthy, and suggest that “used clothing” is a great and viable option. Oppose the “new stupidity”!

The weather outside is frightful. We hope the new throngs of good Americans can endure. America needs a new day of cooperation, accountability, and transparency. That’s what they said at the last elections, in 2008. I’ve yet to see it. We hope the demonstrators will be safe and warm. Where there’s life, there’s hope!

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  • It just proves again that America is a divided society. In fact it seems to be more than one country?

  • The protesters have proven quite resourceful thus far. I think they have been anticipating the colder weather and will find a way to continue. Mike Bloomberg and NYPD are bigger threats to OWS than the weather, I think.