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A Brush With “Reality”

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I get a call from a X woman from the Blind Date show. Apparently, they are starting to shoot something called Julie Gets Married, which I was told was supposed to be like The Bachelorette. I had been using one of these online dating services and apparently a woman who is the female protagonist in the “Julie” show used the service to select me and some other usual suspects to round out her harem of potential suitors.

Right, well little did they know they were dealing with a someone who has never, ever watched Reality Television since it has been on for the last, what, 6 or 7 years. Now, this is not because I am some kind of elitist dude who doesn’t like reality television. It’s that other than maybe the Larry Sanders Show from the 1990’s and a few of the more recent HBO shows and some of the shows on History and Discovery channels and maybe ESPN, I don’t really watch a TV monitor save to catch a DVD. I wouldn’t even know about this Reality TV business except that it has caught so much news and there are so many people running around pitching Reality concepts.

So, after I get this call and I decide to go ahead and investigate what this show is all about. Julie Gets Married obviously isn’t on yet, so I decide to look at some of the producers other work that is on: namely, Blind Date. I check my local listings and it says that Blind Date is on at 1AM (Primetime! 🙂 on LA’s KCOP. I stay up to watch and sure enough, 1AM rolls around and here comes the Blind Date show. And, at first glance, I’m thinking it was probably the most horrendous bit of television that I have ever watched.

In the episode I was watching, they matched up some poor shmo with an ex-Playboy Playmate and pressed record. Wasn’t pretty. But, after a few minutes, I did start to laugh my ass off. And, I’ll have to admit, I did suddenly develop respect for reality television and its entertainment value. It was kind of like the kid who’s interested in using a magnifying glass to smoke ants with the sun’s rays.

So, did I ever interview for that show? Hey, I’d dig watching a train wreck too, but it doesn’t mean I want to be in one. 🙂

(You can listen to the voice mail message I received at Usedcarsalesman.com)

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