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A Breakdown of How to Take Five of Six From Strong Hitting Teams

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Last week's homestand was very, very good to the Cardinals. Winning five out of six ain't half bad or even a quarter bad. Albert Pujols had a .450 batting average, three home runs, 11 RBIs, and three stolen bases. On the year, his OPS (Slugging percentage + On Base Percentage) is 1.137. If you want to witness history, catch a Cardinals game on most any night. In other news, local boy David Freese was sent to Memphis to make room for the recently acquired Blaine Boyer, leaving Kyle McClellan the only player on the team that knows how to find the best toasted ravioli in town.

Game 14 vs. NY, W 4-6: The match-up between two inconsistent (FJM jar) starters lived up to its billing. Both Colonel Wellemeyer and Oliver "Don't Call Me Ollie" Perez each gave up four runs in their shortish starts. Statisticians call these starts BLEGH (Batters Love Each Goshdarned Heater). It came down to the bought bullpen versus the bargain bullpen. Both pitched well before J.J. Putz proved he was a "true Met," by giving up two runs in the eighth inning. Coupled with his comments about Ichiro earlier this year, Putz has show he has the arm of Aaron Heilman with the lovely attitude of Billy Wagner. It'll be fun to watch unfold this year.

Game 15 vs. NY, W 2-5: Joel Pineiro continued his quest to make me look like an idiot. Under the premise that strikeouts are for posers, dude went eight innings throwing nothing but sinkers. After allowing an RBI from Dan Murphy, Pineiro retired 13 straight batters from the fourth to the eighth innings. After allowing a run in the ninth, Dennys Reyes and Ryan Franklin lightly closed the door.

Game 16 vs. NY, W 8-12: The Mets wheeled octogenarian Livan Hernandez to the mound and Lord Pujols took as an affront to his dignity. He, along with his mustachioed sidekick Rick Ankiel, hit home runs while nearly every other hitter collected an RBI for a total of a dozen runs. Kyle Lohse pitched only five innings due to twisting his ankle, but he allowed only one run. His successor Pajamas Walters allowed five earned runs and three unearned runs made the game closer and sloppier than we would have preferred but a win is a win and it will smell just as sweetly.

Game 17 vs. Chi., W 3-4: The Cubs made their Busch Stadium debut in an exciting one-run game. Adam Wainwright pitched well allowing only one earned run with six strikeouts in seven innings pitched. An error by Skip Schumaker (in left field) and a glitch by Khalilbot allowed the game to be tied. In the eighth, His Lordship singled off "electric" Carlos Marmol. Pujols then chose to steal second and it was done. A hit by Ryan Ludwick scored Pujols and proved to be the game winner.

Game 18 vs. Chi., W 2-8: The Cards needed another youngster to take Carpenter's spot in the rotation. Mitchell Boggs made his first start of 2009 and pitched ably. After an error allowed a runner to reach, scrappy, gritty, and gravelly Ryan Theriot knocked singled for an RBI. This brought up Alfonso Soriano, who Boggs fooled on three sliders. It was fun watching the kid pitch. Pujols then hit a grand slam with Pujols standing on each base. It was a metaphor for how he is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. On our physical plane, the metaphor was worth four runs.

Game 19 vs. Chi., L 3-10: Colonel Wellemeyer gave his third BLEGH performance in a row to end the win streak. He gave up half of the 10 runs and nearly every reliever after him allowed at least one as well. Blaine Boyer made his Cardinals debut and showed why he was made available for trade by giving up two runs in 2/3 of an inning. Those runs were safely on the bases before he left the game. It took left-handed specialist Trevor Miller to give up a home run to a lefthanded Kosuke Fukudome. That's not how it's supposed to work. It was a slight disappointment, which was made less disappointing by the beautiful weather. What do you want? We are easily amused.

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  • Aaron Whitehead

    It is amazing to watch Pujols, almost as amazing as it is to watch Pineiro pulling outs out of a hat. I do still like the Cubs, though; nothing says intangibles like a silent “t” in your name, and there the Cubs have an embarassment of riches in Fontenot AND Theriot.