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A Brazen good album

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Guilty as Sin
Brazen Abbot

Nikilo Kotzev has again rounded up a few of his vocalist mates to produce 12 tracks of Rainbow-tinged goodness. His mates include Joe Lynn Turner, Jorn Lande, and Goran Edman, thus the CD has varied voices, but they all work. This is very much a CD which contains all the elements of classic Rainbow. It’s epic, flowing, and melodic stadium rock. To complete the package there is a heavy keyboard element here provided by Mic Michaeli of Europe fame. Of course you have to have a ballad or two: ‘I’ll be Free’ sung by Edman with mucho feeling, and there is another one called ‘Eve’ for good measure. Eve is a bit cheesy, but no one is perfect. The trip ends with power rocker ‘Guilty as Sin” which evokes Malmsteen at his best. Does BA break any new rock ground? No, not in the slightest, but with Malmsteen firmly up his own backside and Rainbow history, someone has to keep this kind of hard rock alive. Kotzev and co do it in grand style. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Rating: 4

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