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“A Bodice Ripper, Surely?”

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The opportunities for bad puns are endless:

“The news that the former Baywatch star is to create two novels, titled Above the Waist and Below the Belt, might surprise some. Anderson’s ex-husband, Tommy Lee, helped instigate the signing by introducing her to Ms Curr with his recommendation. Lee is a published author too: he has written an autobiography called An Illustrated Man (the Mötley Crüe drummer is heavily tattooed).

“Ms Curr reported “enormous curiosity” at the fair about her new signing. “It’ll have to be a bodice-ripper, surely?” asked one publisher.”

But can she write?

“It is largely irrelevant. Anderson will have a ghost-writer, following the precedent set by the supermodel Naomi Campbell in 1994 with “her” novel Swan, which was actually written by Caroline Upcher. Anderson will supply plot, characters, and her “voice”.”

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  • Erk! The literary equivalent of “Barb Wire”.

  • My next book post on Top 100 Novels won’t go live. It keeps on going to an empty log in screen.

    Pamela Anderson? Who knew nipples could type?
    (Well, there are those people at the Washington Times and The Prospect 🙂 )

  • I’m not familiar with the band “Mötley Crüe” but that gal from Hole who played drums for some of Crue’s tour a couple years back was pretty good.