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A BlogCritics Community

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One of the main components of a community is a sharing of ideas and opinions. This is important because it is the catalyst for the whole process of learning from each other. Coming to the table with your opinion without the desire to learn or think about what others say is counterproductive to the process. There will always be different individuals who know more about some things than other individuals in the community and this is all a part of the process of the members becoming more well-rounded as a result.

The more opinionated the members of a community are, the better chance it has of not falling into the dangerous territory of “group-think.” When members of the community come to the table to spout their own thoughts and refuse to consider the thoughts of others, it has the potential to go the other way so that nobody is gaining anything. Being a know-it-all doesn’t do anyone any good. It stifles positive relations and keeps topics from progressing. A conclusion never actually has to be reached for a topic to progress, but an understanding of where other members are coming from is of utmost importance.

I know a lot of us here at BlogCritics don’t agree on a great many things, and this is one of our strengths. BUT, without the understanding that any one member doesn’t know everything and is wrong every now and then, the communication falls into a quagmire of communication breakdown and stifled growth.

Why would you come to BlogCritics? Certainly it is another outlet for people to write and will offer greater traffic to personal sites, but it’s also so you can get feedback from a wider audience of readers and fellow BlogCritics. Contributing ideas and posts is just half the process. Without the interactions and a desire to gain from those interactions, BlogCritics becomes not as much of a community and more of a repository.

I feel like the majority of the time we have the right attitudes when going into our various topics, but lately with the issues of the war, it has become a situation where lines are drawn in the sand and the unwillingness to bend on any points is very frustrating.

The Republicans aren’t right and neither are the Democrats. It is obviously a combination of the two. I have my opinions and I love it when people agree with me, but so much of what we talk about is speculation that it is very important to read the words of others and at least understand what perspective they are coming from. For all you know, they could be right.

We are all guilty of falling into the trap of thinking we are right at least a portion of the time. I know I am guilty of it on occasion, or maybe even more frequently than I would like to admit, but I know that I have also started off comments with a question, said what my opinion was and asked “where am I going wrong?”.

Whether you realize it or not, this is a virtual community and we can grow on a personal level and as a group. Ultimately wouldn’t this be the best thing for all of us? A successful community offers its members something great and as a result it becomes desirable for other members to join. So, if your goal of joining BlogCritics was to drive traffic to your personal site, you should be helping to further the community and give visitors the incentive to want to come back and maybe even become posters themselves. This will not happen if we all draw lines in the sand and say we are right all the time. We are all jaded by different experiences and have a tendency to be blinded by our hearts on various topics.

I am not posting this because I think I exemplify what a member should be. This post was more of a reminder to myself because I fall into patterns that I don’t necessarily like. I like BlogCritics and I want it to continue to be a place that I visit far too often every single day. If we all keep some of these things in mind, we can make it a place that a lot more people will want to visit too.

About Craig Lyndall

  • Mac Diva

    Craig, I can’t blog an item now because my computer is in the shop. However, I may pen something on the topic when it comes back. (Probably sometime after the holidays since it went in so late.) Here is something to think about in the meantime: One reason people form communities is so they can exclude other people from them. As Al Barger noted, that is the real goal of some of the people on this thread. So, I think you should be somewhat understanding of why some of us may be skeptical of some definitions of ‘community.’

    I had intended to do more links for some members of the Blogcritics community before letting my PowerBook go, but couldn’t. Brian, yours is up at Mac-a-ro-nies. So is one for Winston. Barger, Natalie, etc., I’ll hit you when my computer comes back.

  • BB

    Meanwhile back at the ranch..

    We all have a choice to be either negative or positive. Some of us even delight in cynicism but I choose the latter.

  • Andrew Ian Dodge

    Why force Blogcritics into something it isn’t? As a leading contributor, I merely see this as a place to print my reviews of gigs, games and music, plus music news. Any reciprocal traffic to Dodgeblogium is merely a bonus but not my reason for contributing. I occasionally post a comment on a subject of music or something amusing.

    Blogcritics is not a community but an interactive magazine. Trying to force it to be something it isn’t is a great mistake and could backfire.

    I notice that Craig didn’t mention the large group of libertarians who frequent these pages. Wonder why?

  • Craig Lyndall

    Sorry for not mentioning the Libertarians. Oversight on my part.

    By the way, what exactly is an interactive magazine? Why must we argue over semantics? The interaction is precisely why I called it a community. You want to recognize the attributes but for some reason the word community offends so many people.

    It really isn’t saying any more than what you just said. It isn’t saying we get along, or have respect for each other. It just means we all post and interact in the same place with the same guidelines and rules, which we do. It so happens that there aren’t many rules, but we do have categories and Amazon links and things like that that could be considered rules. That is a community. There is no connotation past that.

  • Al Barger

    Still all this unnecessary strife and arguing that could all be resolved so easily if you would all just resolve to follow the path of Bargertarianism.

    All these needless divisions between liberals, conservatives, libertarians, blacks and whites, straight/gay/goats- all so unnecessary.


    Then we will all be part of a true community, a community of service to ME, AL BARGER.

  • TDavid

    Shut up, Al LOL

  • Eric Olsen

    After going through all of these comments again, I have the impression that people are concerned that by naming something it is thereby destroyed. I can understand that and it’s fine – think of it in whatever way makes you comfortable and keeps the boat afloat. Happy Holidays.

  • Craig Lyndall

    BlogCritics is Al’s house. Must listen to Barger. Must be Barger’s willing servant. Must hate Pinkos. Do what Barger says.

    Whoa, what was that? Did I just type that?

  • TDavid

    Following Al is like following the guy with the Nike’s and special apple sauce. Just look what practicing anti-Sabbath did to him.

    The library in his area will never be the same.

  • BB

    Shall we call Al’s followers the Bargerites? Or how about the Bargertarians?

    The fact that 109 comments have already been made to this post and the interaction thereof merely validates the fact that we are a diverse community – a reflection of the global village that we all represent. And only the internet could have made it all possible.

  • Mark Saleski

    that’s fine….but i’m still not readin’ The Fountainhead!

  • Al Barger

    It’s cool, Mark- you don’t have to actually READ The Fountainhead. You can just trust my word about what it says. It’ll be like Catholics and the Bible.

  • BB

    I will follow Al. I will follow Al. I will follow Al. I will follow Al. I will follow Al. I will follow Al. I..

    (sung to the tune of Battle Hyme of the Republic).

  • Jim Carruthers

    I don’t know where all this Bargerism will lead to, but I know it isn’t good, look what happened last time:

    Say, don’t you remember, they called me “Al”
    It was “Al” all the time
    Why don’t you remember, I’m your pal
    Say buddy, can you spare a dime?

  • Eric Olsen

    You can democratize the movement by adopting “Call Me Al” as the theme song – it’ll belike communism, and Al will like that.

  • John Mudd

    LOL…now that’s just too funny…

    We could call it Alinism and he could have his own book, “The Alinhead” or “Al Shrugs”, or, perhaps even the “Al Manifesto” or maybe, um, “Al Kampf” or even perhaps “Mein Al”.

    He could even have a car: The “Alwagon”. And a burger: “Alburger”.
    Hmm…maybe a restaurant: “Aleats”.

    Perhaps a stock exchange: “Aldaq”.
    Or, a bank: “Al Republican National Bank”.

    A nightclub, maybe? “Shake Your Al”.

    There could be many other things in an all Al society. You just never know where it all could lead…

    Where would it lead? The world may never know. Of course, there’s probably some investor out there contemplating how to capitalize off of the new Al trend. You never know…

  • BB

    Al RULES !!! Al for President !!! ALL HAIL Al !!!

  • HW Saxton Jr.

    BB huh?Well,I suppose that it does show
    more imagination than using John Smith
    or Mr.Jones. Nice try,Al!

  • Al Barger

    The image of Blogcritics community then would be me in the Alice Cooper cult leader role from the Sgt Pepper movie watching football and drinking beer back behind the curtain, as my hall full of mind numbed robots worship my big screen video visage.

    By the way, this is not my first crack at starting a new religion. It’s fun!

  • Andrew Ian Dodge

    Its not semantics…really. Community is such an overused work. Interactivity does not make a community…sorry it just doesn’t.

  • Craig Lyndall

    I suggest you buy a dictionary Andrew.

  • Al Barger

    Andrew, I understand your feelings of alienation- but they’re all so unnecessary. Follow me, and become part of the community of Bargertarians, and watch your troubles in mind melt away.


  • jenny

    i do not think u r right!!
    thanks for the info :)