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A Band And a Song Named ‘Blog’

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As far as I know Blog 27 is the only band named Blog in the world. Their song is an even uglier titled “Uh la la la.” Sing that phrase with some kind of accent and you’ve got the drift.

It’s 4 minutes, 10 seconds of sickly bubblegum pop-tede-poppop, which has its musically atonal “Uh la la la I love you baby / Uh la la la stay with me” chorus.

Due to the ubiquity of the words “blog” 27″ “uh” “la” “la” and “la” little information can be found about the band; I use that word ill-advisedly.

The group – a just-past-pre-teen Spice Girls rip off of the type only the Europeans seem to really fancy as Americans prefer that in a solo guise – have a video I found through the wonders of P2P. The vid, surprisingly has not one single keyboard or computer monitor in it. Instead, at two locations – an airstrip and a skater’s tent – laced bras, short skirts, midriff crunches, and writhing, Converse, skateboards, and a playground fascination between teenage boys ands girls rule the day as we rue the day this happened.

Everyone’s wearing kneepads, inside and outside the skater tent.

And there’s roller blades, green hair and old skool breakdancing, as if some producer threw together as many cultural touchstones as possible to market a product.

Naaaaah, that could never happen.

I found the song on a P2P program, searching for the word “blog” as I have been doing infrequently for the last year. The results haven’t changed much. A lot of small navigation graphics and supposed blogging software (Invision Community Blog 1.1.1) and not much else. Then the occasional podcast popped up and one other song.

And then, most recently, Blog 27.

The other musical contribution to the new Blog genre of music (name equals qualification, as in country where fake accents substitute for Southern roots) predates this girlish use of the guttural word “blog.” That would be an odd, grows-on-you punk-lite song from My American Heart titled “Busses and Blogs.” (Busses being kisses not the plural of bus, though not sure which way it was intended, if at all). In looking around the ‘net, I’m not sure that’s the real title; because it’s not listed on either album. Neither word is mentioned in the song.

They are also teenagers, though older than Blog 27.

So blog is a really popular phenomenom, the 2004 word of the year according to Merriam-Webster. But it has a lack of buzzwordiness that proves “blog” is just an ugly word. It’s like the word barf; you don’t see that in many songs. Diarrhea has more music references including the blogging anthem, “Live Fast Diarrhea.”

So, my advice is to get ahead of the curve while there still is one. Someone please label a song or group “Blog Barf.” There’s plenty of material and an infinite appetite for re-release.

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  • ClubhouseCancer

    What about New Kids on the Blog?
    And J. Lo’s “Jenny from the Blog”?

  • CC – groan! Lemme guess, your father was into bad puns as well… making you a chip off the old … No, I can’t bring myself to do it!

  • ClubhouseCancer

    PW, I’ll knock your bl…. no, forget it, you’re right.