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$99? That Would Be a Real Revolution

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Technical specs and more have been released this week on the forthcoming Nintendo Revolution, the next-gen system from the Japanese gaming pioneers. When it comes to the Revolution, gamers range from hesitant to excited to bordering on sexual frenzy over stories on the new system, but this latest from IGN is an even bigger deal than the controversial controller.

Software houses we spoke with also waxed on the immediate advantage to Nintendo’s approach with Revolution, which is, of course, system price. Every developer was in agreement that Revolution should launch with a price tag of $149 or lower. Some speculated that based on the tech, a $99 price point would not be out of the question.

It’s doubtful that the Revolution will actually be even $149 out of the gate (because, after all, $199 is cheap compared to the Xbox 360 and the proposed prices for the Sony PS3), but Nintendo is traditionally very aggressive about cutting their prices, so it is reasonable that within a few months of the initial release, we could see prices in the low triple digits at the very least.

At this very early point, it looks to me as though Nintendo is taking a much more aggressive route than is typical for them. Oh, I don’t mean that they’re directly competing with the 360 and the PS3 — I think they are purposely NOT doing so. It looks like Nintendo has finally realized that unfortunately, in a three way gaming war, they’ll always finish last in the United States, and so they’re capitalizing on that. Instead of trying to do everything the other two platforms are doing, they’re going in an entirely different direction — cheaper and more innovative — and at these proposed prices, there will be no reason NOT to buy a Revolution.

It’s too early to make any real predictions, but if things continue to develop along these lines, Nintendo is poised to become a real contender outside of the handheld markets on this side of the ocean again.

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  • Awesome… and I wasn’t planning on buying one for a while, at $99, that’d be a bargain.

  • No kidding… there really would be no reason not to get one. Like I said, I DOUBT they’ll go that low in the beginning, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Think of it this way. Nintendo is the only one actually trying something different to branch out to those people who DON’T play games. They’re going after a segment of the market that as of right now, barely exists. They’re making the controller accesible. That’s the first barrier for most people: ease of use.

    The second? The price. Non gamers don’t walk into Wal Mart to plunk $400 on a game system. If Nintendo does land the sub $100 price, it gives them an incredible advantage at claiming that market, especially with a kiosk right there. They may be the underdog, but their approach just keeps making more and more sense to me.

  • Erick Sanchez

    I think that if they do sell the revolution at $100 it would be great. Beacouse peaple are going to stop buying 360’s and PS3’s and start buying revolutions and the creaters of the revolution are going to meke alot of money.But first peaple are going to see how the graphics are, if they suck then they will make little money.