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9/11 Families got Millions, Katrina Families get $2,000

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9/11 was a very traumatic event for Americans. Not since Pearl Harbor has American territory been attacked. Even the Pearl Harbor sneak attack didn’t strike at the very heart of our modern society; just a far-away island that most Americans knew little about. That 9/11 has changed the political landscape of our country for the better or worse is an undisputable fact.

That said, what the hell was Congress thinking by the giving the families of the dead huge settlements? Some were as high as $7 million. This was completely unheard of in our country. Now we have a tragedy far worse times a thousand than those terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina.

FEMA has been handing out assistance of all types to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, but as of yet there isn’t even rumors of 9/11-style compensation. What makes the 9/11 families so special? Nothing as far as I can tell.

So let’s just clarify this:

Killed in World Trade Center = millions

Killed in Hurricane Katrina = $2,000.

Somebody needs to do some fancy talking to explain this horrendous disparity. Are New York lives worth more?

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  • J.W.

    I agree with John Bill. What makes the 9/11 victims so special? The terrorist were doing “god’s” work. The family members of the 9/11 attacks SHOULD NOT GET A SINGLE DIME!!!
    Religion has put MANY good people in the grave!

    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.”

    -Seneca the Younger

  • concerned

    who do you think you are? in no way are the two even compairable! how often do you see flordia homeowners getting any kind of compensation for the things they lost in their hurricanes? what the hell makes katrina so special? if it were up to me i would say give them shit because they died because of a natural disaster, something that only god could prevent. the people of 9/11 who died died because the government decided not to do anything when they knew clearly of the threats and so they think they can compinsate for their mistake by paying the family of the people who died (who rightly deserve it)all the firfighters and police officers and civillians who died that day and you have the balls to come on here and say that? katrina victims need to suck it up and start over by themselves like everyone else has to when a natural disaster hits. they are not special and deserve nothing in my point of view. how dare you????!!!!!!!