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90% Chance of ‘Big One’ in Japan

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They found that as time goes by, the risk of a major magnitude-7 temblor increases: In the next decade, there’s only a 30 percent chance; over 30 years, it’s 70 percent. The probability rises to 90 percent over 50 years.

The chances are much lower for a magnitude 8, but a 7+ earthquake could literally kill hundreds of thousands. Earthquakes are,to me, the most terrifying of natural disasters. I live in Kansas, and I have survived about 24 tornado seasons without even having seen a tornado on the horizon. They do destroy with impunity, but their paths of destruction are highly localized.

Earthquakes, however, are indiscriminate and can destroy huge areas. Plus, one really cannot be prepared for an earthquake…

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  • Why should you worry about earthquakes when you live in an area where you could be whisked off via tornado to a realm where you can enjoy the benevolence of the Lollypop and Fudge-Packers Guild?

  • JR

    Every place has earthquakes eventually.