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8th “Circus” Court Rejects Partial Birth Abortion Ban

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From the Baptist Press:

A federal appeals court upheld July 8 a lower-court opinion striking down the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.

A three-judge panel of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis ruled unanimously that the 2003 federal law was unconstitutional because it does not include an exception to protect the health of the mother. The measure prohibits an abortion procedure performed on a nearly totally delivered unborn child normally in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy.

Think about it. The baby is almost all the way out, then stabbed in the back of the head to murder it. The ban would have prevented the stabbing part, and replaced it with bringing the live baby (as opposed to the corpse) out. Somehow the morons that managed to get themselves on this court are too stupid to understand that the difference between a partial birth abortion and a live birth has absolutely no affect on the health of the mother. It would be the same either way — she gives birth to a baby (either dead or alive). They might as well have said it was unconstitutional because it didn’t allow for dancing gnomes from Norway. It would have made just as must sense.

This underscores the immense importance of getting some Supreme Court justices with actual gray matter between their ears to replace Rehnquist and O’Connor, not to mention the other judicial vacancies.

Where in the world did these idiots come from?!?

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  • Bennett

    You have an unnatural attraction for rare and sick imagery.

    Please provide links (non-baptist) to show how many of these procedures are performed in the USA on an annual basis.

    And please differentiate between “elective” and “required due to health-of-mother issues”


  • Lisa, it doesn’t take a medical doctor to know that there is no health difference to delivering a live baby v. delivering that same baby dead.

    Bennett, what exactly did you imagine a partial birth abortion was — teleportation? They induce delivery, force the baby out in breach position, then kill it while the top of the head is still inside the outer edge of the birth canal. Since it is sometimes used in the second trimester, that would put the baby at the fifth or sixth month of the pregnancy.

  • Bennett

    Yep. The Baptist Press. That’s where I look for credible news reports.

    “Adam and Eve Rode On Dinosaurs”

    “The Earth Is 7000 Years Old Today!”

    “The Earth Is Really Flat”


    “nearly totally delivered unborn child … in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy.

    Heh. “Nearly totally delivered” and “fifth or sixth month of pregnancy” in the same sentence.

    Whatta rube!

  • Danny, are you a medical doctor who specializes in high-risk pregnancies? Do you know with absolute certainty that there are no circumstances under which this is the procedure that best protects the health of the mother?

  • Eric Olsen

    are we saying this is purely a matter of stupidity? Should we be concerned tha there is something in the water in St Louis? It might be helpful to tell why the judges said they made the decision they did