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“The Secrets” of Becoming a Writer

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Have you ever thought that you would like to be a writer? You never know, you may have the next Harry Potter or Da Vinci Code in you. I mean, everyone has a story to tell.

Now you have a chance to get some extremely valuable advice from a New York Times Best Selling Author, Michael A. Stackpole. Michael has been busy recording a series of podcast called “The Secrets.” They are free to download and you can get them at Podcast Alley or from Michael’s website Stormwolf.com.

The Secrets covers everything from “The First Rule of Writing: Show, don’t tell” to “The Eighth Rule of Writing: Use all your Senses,” how to find a market for your book, how long your book should be, five steps to making a career of writing, and on and on. There is also “The Secrets” newsletter that you can subscribe to but that will cost you a whopping one dollar an issue.

Michael A. Stackpole has had seven books on the New York Times Best-Seller Lists.

• Rogue Squadron (Bantam Books) (New York Times Bestseller)
• Wedge’s Gamble (Bantam Books) (New York Times Bestseller)

• The Krytos Trap (Bantam Books) (New York Times Bestseller)
• The Bacta War (Bantam Books) (New York Times Bestseller)
• I, Jedi (Bantam Books) (New York Times Bestseller) (hard cover edition)
• Onslaught (Del Rey Books) (New York Times Bestseller)
• Ruin (Del Rey Books) (New York Times Bestseller)

If you want to write there is no better help around, especially for free, than Michael A. Stackpole’s, “The Secrets.”

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  • Obviously, practice and technique matter in the beginning, but I’ve always thought the basic ability to communicate and tell a story is a product of people’s intelligence. Either they have it or they don’t, and all the screenwriting seminars and authors’ conferences in the world won’t change whether or not someone has a compelling point of view on the world.

    That is all.

  • This podcast is for the beginner. Not a seasoned pro…

    D L