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7th Standard -Fire from the Sky EP

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Immortal Records recording artist, 7th Standard’s new EP, “Fire From the Sky” is a colorful mixture of sights, sounds and heartfelt emotions. The 5 songs on this disc delve further and deeper lyrically than most bands do in 9 or 10 songs.

Starting out this musical assault is Sensitive Skin, a track only a little over 3 minutes long that is the epitome of a post punk/ emo display. Guitars a-hookin’ and lyrics a-whinin’, this track alone shows more promise than almost all of the latest Tooth and Nail signings in the same genre. Speaking of Tooth and Nail, the boys over at Asterik studios graces this album with some of their spectacular artwork. A very nice addition to an already professional package.

Overall, this disc, weighing in at only a little under 20 minutes, is an emo pleaser fit for fans of Jimmy Eat World, Hum and Brandtson. This may be a short listen, but it is full of 5 songs you will be humming for days. A great effort from an up and coming band.

Lyrics- A- (Poetic and delightful)

Objectionable Content- A- (Nothing objectionable–nothing positive—a very middle of the road CD.)

Overall CD- A- (A wonderful EP. Everyone should own a copy. Perfect for that quick trip to Walmart late at night when you need just a few minutes of great music.)

Buy this album now from www.immortalrecords.com

Jeff Petermann
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