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7 reasons why you need a FedEx account

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1) It’s totally, completely free. Very few things in this world that offer benefits are free, no-strings attached, like your very own personal FedEx account.

2) It will save your bacon, I promise you, at least once. Why wait until you realize it could have?

3) You get the assurance of knowing that, with one toll-free phone call or log-in on a computer anywhere in the world, you can have a letter or package picked up wherever you are, then delivered anywhere.

4) You can get anything to anyone overnight quickly, simply and easily.

5) Even better, and sometimes more important, others can get stuff to you, at absolutely no cost to them, simply by using your FexEx account number. I cannot tell you the number of times people have told me it was “simply impossible” to get something to me, until I told them, “send it FedEx, and charge it to my account.” Hard to object and find excuses when you make it that easy and cost-free for someone.

6) It’s just a nice thing to have

7) You get limitless free supplies, delivered free to your home or office: fancy preprinted shipping labels that look as if you’re important and not some fly-by-night type; cardboard mailing envelopes; boxes of all sizes, useful for packing stuff in and sending via the U.S. mail and U.P.S. if you so choose (make sure to buy some brown wrapping paper, though, if you use pirated FedEx materials with other shippers).

‘Nuff said?


The toll-free number (U.S.) to call to set up your account is 800-238-5355.

The website, if you choose to do it that way, is here.

What’re you waiting for?

They’re open.

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