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6gig “Mind Over Mind”

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A plethora of nu-metal/aggro rock “cookie cutter” bands seem to be oozing their way through the cracks and onto record labels lately—Ultimatum Music recording artist 6gig, is one of those oozing bands.

Hailing from Portland Oregon, the 4 members of 6gig play agro/nu-metal quite decently. Nothing noticeably wrong with the guitar playing, the drums—even the vocals are nice—coming across crisp and clear. Yes, the package is squeaky clean and ready for radio play—this is their salvation as well as their demise as they sound exactly like everything else “comfortable” in rock today.

Overall, the packaging and projection this band puts forth is professional and eye pleasing. The artwork both on and inside the cover is superb. Lyrically, they don’t travel much outside the expectations for an agro-rock/nu-metal band. In fact, the name of the game for 6gig seems to be mediocrity. Of course, that also seems to be the name of the game for the vast majority of music buyers in America as well, so maybe when it is all said and done it will prove monetarily fruitful.

This album hits stores June 3, 2003

Objectionable Content-B (One lone swear at the tail end of the CD pushes this disc out of “A” range.)
Overall Album- C+ (A cookie cutter band in a cookie cutter world, 6gig will do well for themselves as they are releasing their album during the hilt of the agro/nu-metal fad.)

Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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  • Jimmy

    How can you be a decent critic when you can’t even get your facts straight about the band? 6gig is from Portland, Maine… not Oregon.. and your main focus is the artwork on the cover of the album?? It’s about the music.. not how fancy their album looks.. What kind of critic are you?