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50 Years After Civil Rights Movement, Interracial Dating Finally Acceptable

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In 2011, its safe to say that people take civil liberties for granted. But it’s worth reflecting on, especially around Thanksgiving, since the lingering effects of old racism are not as far off as everyone thinks.

After the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, it was finally legal for blacks and whites to eat in the same restaurants, use the same restrooms, and intermarry with each other.

Before that time, black women and white men who wished to date or marry were often arrested and imprisoned for their actions. And while the new laws of the ’60s opened up the way for a more tolerant attitude toward interracial relationships, attitudes changed ever so slowly.

As recently as 1991, only 48% of the population approved of black and white marriages. But that number has increased to 86% today. And among people ages 19-37, it’s at 97%. This is promising, as it seems to indicate the only closed-minded folks are the ones who grew up in more racist times.

But it’s still been a slow process. As recently as 2000, Bob Jones University had an unbelievable ban on interracial dating. Seriously. This is in the modern age, the age of the internet and smartphones. And they literally forbid people of different races from dating.

The ban was lifted several years ago, and the college did apologize. But it reflects our culture’s incredible stubbornness around this issue. What’s so nuts is that Bob Jones is supposed to be a religious institution…so where is the tolerance?

Whatever the polls say, black and white couples are still looked at strangely in our culture. One black woman married to a white man runs a blog called yesweretogether.com. This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the frequent disbelief she has encountered from people regarding her marriage to a white man.

It’s a strange kind of subconscious, childish assumption many people seem to have, to expect people to marry people who have the same color skin. At its core, this is still a very superficial way to look at people, but it’s indicative of a very superficial and shallow culture.

According to new studies, interracial marriage is on the rise and has been for quite a few years. But it appears that even though this is a new social trend, it will take time for it to be truly accepted, much like the freedoms won after the Civil Rights movement. I wonder what the poll numbers will look like in another 10 years.

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  • George

    The concept of race as defined by Americans is a fraud. White America was created by destroying language identities and ethnicities in Europe. If you strongly believe in the Tower of Babel interpretation the existence of Jack Davidson is an abomination to God..at least the God of the Old Testament. He never intended the different language groups to marry. I am pretty sure Jack Davidson is a mixture of various European language groups such as German, Greek and Norwegian. So the existence of Jack Davidson is an abomination as is the existence of most white Americans!

  • Seth

    I’m happy to engage in this dialogue since you’ve clearly put thought into your viewpoints, even though we do not agree.

    I love this country very much, and the freedoms we enjoy. That’s why its so frustrating to hear many on the right “claim” that there are only certain kinds of people who are “real Americans”, usually those who agree with those things.

    My response about the choir thing was in response to you complaining about having to refer to “Winter Break” and not “Christmas Break”. It wasn’t a sweeping expression of being a victimized Jew in America. I’ve never had any problems in this country as a Jew, other than that little incident as a kid. I would never “endlessly harp” on Jewish suffering in America. I think perhaps you are grouping me in with other people who you have seen or heard who have done so.

    And I’m well over it, but it illustrates why there has been a movement towards broader language during that time of year.

    You dismiss the reference to “Winter Break” as if a.) it’s a victimization of some kind or b.) some liberal agenda with no basis in common sense.

    I genuinely think that if your kids went to a school where Muslim rituals were going on everywhere you’d be a little riled as well. I’m just trying to give you a point of view from another angle. That’s how it occurs to many people who are not Christian, it’s like having a religious holiday forced on them.

    As an adult I actually personally enjoy Christmas time and when people wish me a Merry Christmas I wish it right back. It’s a fun time of year. And by the way, on Christmas eve most Jews go to the movies and have Chinese food. It’s really fun!

    But I also respect that in a public place like a school, people of all faiths should have their viewpoints respected.

    And on the other side I do think that some people take the political correctness too far. I don’t think a teacher should be fired for saying “Merry Christmas”.

    I think it’s all about trying to live and work together in a way that works for everyone.

    But I don’t think that’s how it usually goes down because people on the left and right get so positional about this and don’t listen to each other.

    I also have differing views on immigration than you might imagine. I live in Los Angeles and do not appreciate people sneaking into the country illegally, especially when people from other countries are paying their dues and doing it the legal way. I think Mexico is in a state of corruption and chaos that is their business to deal with, and as their neighbor we should not be expected to deal with their crap.

    I used to work at a company who conducted business in Mexico and we could never send it via regular mail or else our materials would be stolen. We had to hire a private courier. I thought that was nuts.

    Unfortunately, I think it’s like having a rowdy neighbor; you have to live next to them, so what do you do? I think offering them a path to citizenship isn’t an awful idea, but granting them immediate citizenship is just cheating.

    My Grandma immigrated to the US from Russia in 1910, and you’re damn right it was a paradise compared to that place. Back there they lived in the ghetto and experienced Pogroms (riots against Jews) all the time.

    That said, if you encounter discrimination or prejudice anywhere I don’t usually say “well at least they aren’t burning our homes and raping our women” and turn a blind eye.

    Israel is a whole other topic, but I am a little biased in that area I admit. I think the Israelis are in the right and they have a pea sized piece of land with 6 asshole neighbors and the Palestinians never even wanted that land before the Israelis made that area habitable in the 1940s. Jews and Arabs are both “semites”, but I can’t stand the liberal anti-Israel bias. I think Israel’s problems mirror America’s immigration problem. And I’d be more inclined to want to be sympathetic towards the Palestinians if they didn’t keep blowing themselves up.

    I do understand that classic “liberals” as they are seen can be, or appear to be, whiny. I don’t think of myself as a liberal, although I am sure I occur that way for having some liberal views.

    And I also think that often times in these kinds of conversations, both sides can become so positional as to completely drown the other side out. I can definitely imagine someone else with a liberal point of view becoming incensed and berating someone with your pov without listening to what you have to say, and that I don’t support.

    It’s very easy to dismiss someone with a pov you don’t understand. I appreciate you expanding on your viewpoint.

    Truly I think we have slightly more in common than may have initially appeared. I don’t think the white race is evil, I’m white. I love being white, and Jewish, and a man. I also love being American, living in a country where two people with opposing viewpoints can engage in a dialogue without censorship.

    I do still see and will argue for parallels between racial segregation and the notion of racial purity as you’ve stated it.

    Although to clarify your position, let me inquire. You’re speaking of a kind of moral, social obligation to one’s race. You’re not suggesting some kind of legal or governmental regulation of this, is that correct?

    I certainly can’t fault someone for wanting to reproduce in the manner they see fit. My only issue is when someone tries to impose that view on others based on their own beliefs.

    I also personally feel some of the most beautiful people I know are the product of interracial couples. And then, of course, you’ve got Derek Jeter. Come on! That’s some good breeding there. I wonder if he were fully black or white, if he’d have reached 3000 hits much faster.

    But I have to thank you for engaging in this conversation. I admit I was initially incensed and riled up by your comments. But it feels good to actually talk about it or argue, even anonymously over the internet, rather than just dismissing a completely different point of view.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Jack –

    I used to be a racist like you. I still have family members who think as you do.

    But I joined the Navy, saw the world, and grew up (in that order). I saw that people really are the same all over the world, that the ONLY differences are cultures and governments, and not the people themselves.

    You speak from a position of rank ignorance. It does not matter how well-read you may be, or even how well-traveled you may be, because you have NOT pulled yourself from that cocoon of ignorance.

    AND ONE MORE THING, Jack – I’ve known many, many racists over the years…and I’ve known quite a few who got over their racism as I did. But I have never, ever met someone who as an adult went from non-racist to racist.

    And why is that? Because people who can see don’t like putting blinders on.

  • You clearly feel youirself to be morally superior to me because you are so compassionate to the victims of the evil white race and the evil civilization that it founded and largely created.

    Jack, I don’t see where Seth or indeed anyone else called whites “evil”. You’re just painting yourself as a victim, which racists always do.

    The fact that the Palestinians are actually a type of Caucasian averaging out to a slightly darker hue than the Jews there is just an inconvenient truth to be evaded.

    Not really. Actually, it demonstrates rather neatly that “race” is an illusion, which makes your eagerness to preserve the integrity of the races all the more silly.

  • Jack Davidson

    First I want to thank you for allowing me to post on your site even though I am expressing opinions which differ sharply from yours.

    You clearly feel youirself to be morally superior to me because you are so compassionate to the victims of the evil white race and the evil civilization that it founded and largely created. At least you are one of the few multiculturalists who will engage in open dialogue instead of trying to suppress all dissenting opinion.

    And I will also admit that there are Conservative talk show hosts who are arrogant and controlling. I say this even about some whom I largely agree with.

    I am well aware of the history of racism in the US and of the civil rights movement. All of that history really has zero relevance to the issue of interracial marriage, although I am sure you will continue to falsely associate it with historical racism in this manner because it serves your agenda so well.

    I would also admit that it was a violation of the separation of church and state for your school to require you to sing strongly religious songs in choir. However, I think that as an American Jew you are vastly overplaying the idea of your suffering. I mean, get real. America has been a paradise for Jews compared to any other place Jews have ever lived, including Israel.

    By the way the liberals that you love so much are these days are denouncing Israel as a racist white country oppressing “people of color” The fact that the Palestinians are actually a type of Caucasian averaging out to a slightly darker hue than the Jews there is just an inconvenient truth to be evaded. Despite the fact that America has been, in the larger perspective, a wonderful place for Jews to live and prosper, all you personally can do is whine about what an unfair and terrible experience it has been for you. Why don’t you grow up and appreciate what you have here instead of endlessly harping on the injustices which have occurred and, in your own case, blowing them far out of proportion to reality. That is perhaps the gist of what is wrong with multiculturalists and cultural Marxists.

    As for Jesus’s complexion, he probably was a Caucasian of the Mediterranean type, like most of the people indigenous to that area. Certainly he was not the pale Nordic type that Renaissance paintings show him to be.

    We are definitely being overrun with excessive immigration from some Latin American nationalities, many of whom have no respect for our immigration or any other kind of laws, and who kill many Americans in crimes and drunk driving “accidents”.

    To you I am sure these immigrants are victims also, deserving of receiving affirmative action benefits to place them ahead of legitimate Americans. These people insist on forcing themselves on us, but as soon as they get here people like you declare them to be victims of “white racism and xenophobia”. Well, if this is such a bad place to live why do they insist on coming here in much greater numbers than they are wanted?

    In the 1980’s Eldridge Cleaver, the Black Panther, loudly announced his intention to go the that paradise of noble but oppressed Muslims, Algeria, to escape from the horror of “white American racism”. After a about a year of living there he couldn’t wait to get out of that nightmare and return to the good old USA. He practically got on his knees and kissed the ground when he got back here. You should do the same and while you are at it thank the traditional American ethnic groups who made it possible for such a great place, with all its faults, to exist.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Yes Jack, there are “varieties” within a given species. Celebrating that variety as though you had ANYTHING to do with it (or hating/judging people based on said variety) is impossibly dumb.

  • Seth

    Final thought. Jesus was Jewish. It’s quite well documented in a very famous book. I forge the name. The New something. Anyway. his Hebrew name is “Yosue”. His followers were all Jews. They lived in the Middle East and had brown skin.

    How then, did they become Christians, and did Christians start persecuting Jews, and people with darker skin?

    If Jesus came back tomorrow, you’d freak out if he wanted to date your daughter because his skin was brown. (Those paintings of Jesus all over the world are of a pale white man, yet there were NO pale white men in the Middle East during his time).

    Doesn’t the whole thing seem rather foolish?

  • Seth

    I want you to imagine your child in a school where the predominant religion is Islam, or Judaism. And everybody is singing songs about Allah, or Jewish prayers. Or if we called winter break “Hanukkah vacation”.
    How would you feel about that?

    I can’t imagine you’d like it. And you might even find yourself protesting against it.

    Well smash cut to 2011, when American is a multicultural society. But folks like you want to cling to some strange 1950s ideal of white America and no other religions, and damn those who disagree. It’s time to grow up.

    The fact is this: this country is multi-cultural. Disdain for “multiculturalism” is just plain racism, no matter how many fancy words you dress it up in.

    Your words wreak of ignorance. Growing up Jewish, I lived in a mostly Christian town where I had to sing highly religious songs about Jesus and Mary during choir. This was not comfortable at all, as the songs I was being graded on forced me to say things that go against my beliefs and my family’s beliefs.

    I am sure if your children were in a similar situation you would raise hell at the school.

    When people found out I was Jewish, they asked if I had a Hanukkah Bush. Or they assumed I celebrated Christmas too. They weren’t mean about it, they just didn’t know. I wasn’t offended, I just realized most Christians had a very self centered point of view, like “Doesn’t everybody believe in Jesus? Come on, this is just how it is”.

    Jews don’t believe in Jesus as the messiah. It’s a major ideological difference.

    The presumption that everybody is Christian and should be cool with Christmas, which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, is as pretentious as going to France and expecting everyone to speak English.

    This is America 2011. The Hispanic population is on a pace to outgrow whites in the near future. Things are changing. But in another sense, they’ve always been this way.

    “Western Civilization” has been marked not by the separation of cultures but by the integration of thoughts and ideas of people from all over the place. The architects of our country included those who built the railroads, television and radio, our writers, philosophers, and businessmen have come from every conceivable cultural background you can imagine.

    Whereas the Conservative ideology paints the world in black and white, as if all of the modern problems in our world are the fault of “the liberals”. The world then becomes a place where “sensible, good Americans” believe in good old fashioned values that consist of a Christian, homogeneous country that fears God and loves corporations. And anyone against that is an evil liberal oppressing your common sense values.

    Perhaps when racism is violently opposed, this seems like repression to the racists. I can only imagine that there were people with similar points of view when schools were “forced” to integrate in the south in the late 1950s. Having the US Army called in so that two little black girls could go to school with some white people must have seemed pretty violent, to those people who felt so threatened by those two little black girls and what they represented.

    As such I can see why the backlash against the church in question must seem so vicious. The problem is, you don’t see that your underlying point of view is no different or painfully embarrassing as an entire state being so belligerent against interracial mixing that it required military action.

    I would suggest you check out Ken Burn’s documentary “Baseball” and note that the underlying theme is racism. The separation of the Negro leagues and MLB deprived the mainstream of many great black players. And when Jackie Robinson finally played for the Dodgers, he was verbally assaulted daily by people who considered themselves to be good Christians.

    The racial taunts against Robinson were so bad that most of the Dodgers, who were bigoted against blacks, finally saw their prejudice in the eyes of others. Seeing this black man being called all sorts of names… not because he was black but because he dared played in a white game… caused them to wake up and realize.. this is freaking nuts. Many of the Dodgers admit that seeing this racism up close made them drop their belief in a “difference between the races”.

    There is no difference between your position on this issue and those people in the 1950s who felt that the black ballplayers should not play in the Majors. Or those who fought against “Brown vs. Board of Education” and believed that separate schools for blacks and whites were somehow preserving the “purity of the races”.

    I would suggest you read up on the Civil Rights movement in depth before posturing yourself or Conservatives as victims.

  • Jack Davidson

    In the first place the term “human race” is an erroneous one. Homo sapiens is the name for the human species and a race is a variety within a species. The desire to preserve the identity of these “varieties” is not dependent on the idea that one variety (race) is necessarily superior to any other particular one.

    In the past this negative idea probably has probably been a significant part of the motivation of people wanting to preserve racial identities but it does need to be so in the future. Certainly it was so for the Nazis. They went so far as to fabricate racial differences which were mostly non-existent. Many of the people he murdered for “racial reasons” were almost indistinguishable from the Northwest Europeans that he favored. I am talking particularly about the Slavic peoples of Northeast Europe. He often could not even distinguish between “race”, nationality, and ideology, not that his actions were justifiable in any case.

    In my previous letter I said not only that it was important to appreciate your own race, but also to appreciate that of others for what they are. You neglected to mention that in your response. If we then value all racial identities, then it logically follows that we should preserve them. We should be able to “love” a member of any race for his virtues as a human being, but we should reproduce among our own race. Particularly in this area of life, individual actions have a huge impact on the future direction and nature of society. Individual freedom of action must always be weighed against the rights and welfare of others.

    It seems likely to me that you don’t see IR marriage as an infringement on the rights of others from your statement ”
    My identity as a white person is in no way threatened by the fact that a white person can marry or date a black person, or someone Asian or any other race for that matter.” All this shows is that you don’t care enough about the preservation of your or anyone else’s racial identity to safeguard the future existence of these identities.

    As far as it being an an example of an old POV,I have already shown how advocacy of racial mixing can be traced to the Communism of the early 1900’s, which you conveniently ignored because it disproves your claim.

    To deny that left wingers aren’t bullying in their vituperations is ridiculous. They viciously denounce as evil monsters who want to murder the poor anyone who wants to control our budget deficit so that we don’t destroy ourselves financially. Those who want to stop illegal immigration are denounced as racists and Nazis. They would like to put put an end to first amendment freedom of speech with “hate speech” laws as the left has done in Western Europe, and of course as was done in the Communist countries which are really their ideal model. And obviouly through the ACLU they are managing to get the courts to interpret the First Amendment to mean that the US must become an officially atheist nation from which all mention of God must be driven. Our children can’t even have “Christmas vacations” anymore; they must be called “winter recesses”. Surely as a Christian organization you must have noticed this almost demonical extreme left campaign against Christianity. If you haven’t seen any of this, I would suggest that you need to open your eyes wider and take a careful look around you.

    As for the treatment of the free Baptist Church in Kentucky, I have never seen such a vicious and brutal radical left-inspired attack on anyone’s freedom of choice and of religion. Those people have every reason to fear not only for their reputations and civil rights, but for their security and physical safety. It is truly a shocking and disgraceful attack against the very foundation of democracy in the name of political correctness.

    Thank God we have some conservative commentators who are willing to fight for Western Civilization instead of kowtowing to the vicious rantings of the multiculturalists ans cultural Marxists like so many, even Christian Churches, have done.

    I have known plenty of interracial couples, and I don’t claim that they exude some sort of evil aura. Most of them are as nice as anybody else. But one thing that I also notice about them is that they feel that they are only accountable to their own desires, not to the long term good of society. And no, they are not “building a bridge between people of different races”, as they often claim.

  • Seth

    Respecting one’s racial identity has nothing to do with prohibiting people from expressing natural love and connection through dating and marriage.

    My identity as a white person is in no way threatened by the fact that a white person can marry or date a black person, or someone Asian or any other race for that matter.

    Human beings are fundamentally all the same. This is a physical and spiritual truth. Within that basic structure we have unique qualities, personalities, skin colors, traditions, etc. But we are fundamentally all the exact same “race”.

    Human evolution has shown a slow evolution of awareness of this fact. The POV you’re expressing is based on clouded thinking from an older era. I’m not referring to your desire to celebrate or appreciate your own race, or for others to do the same.

    I’m speak of the self righteous notion that you have the authority to judge, manage, and control another person’s relationship. And the underlying reasoning behind your self appointed position as guardian of racial purity is based on the belief of such mixtures of races are in some way detrimental.

    This presumption of mixing races as a bad thing is not based on any science at all, it is a prejudice, which you have backed up with a complex form of circular logic based on an opinion and a lot of broad terms like liberal agenda.

    Name one scientific study that proves the mixing of races is a bad thing. This is what the Nazis tried to do. Since they could not prove that there is anything wrong with mixing races the commissioned their own “scientists” to come up and preach absurd theories on racial purity to make them appear more rational.

    The term “liberal bully” is absurd. If you look at the mainstream world of political commentary, the Conservative side of the spectrum (most talk radio, Fox News commentators, Rush, etc.) are across the board more aggressive than any so called “liberals”. Just watch Sean Hannity for 10 minutes and see if you don’t think he is a classic bully.

    It seems strange to me that you would imply you are in a position of being “bullied” for having a point of view that is inherently bullyish.

    On that note, I respect your right to your opinion and appreciate that we live in a country where an open dialog like this can occur without any kind of repression of our different points of view.

    I would invite you to actually meet some interracial couples, or their children and get to know them and see if you still hold this point of view. Our President is a mixed race individual. Regardless of your opinion of his politics, you have to admit he is an impressive individual. Nothing about him would indicate there is anything detrimental about mixing races.

    Racism can’t be argued out of someone. If you genuinely connect with another human being of another race you will a connection that transcends the physical color of their skin.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    FYI, earlier THIS year – yes, April of 2011 – a Pew poll conducted in Mississippi showed that 46% of Republicans in Mississippi should STILL be banned.

    There’s still a lot of racism out there.

  • So is Jack Davidson…

  • Jordan Richardson

    “Racial identities” are totally meaningless.

  • Jack Davidson

    My point is that people with the philosophy you espouse have less respect for people’s racial identities than they have for the identity of the breed of their pets and livestock. This is the ultimate in disrespect for the integrity of people’s humanity. Wanting to preserve racial identities is a sign of deep respect for the value of the members of any given race. If you can only admire people because in a racial sense “they are the same as you”(i.e. genetically interchangeable), then you have no real respect for them as unique beings different from you. What you are advocating is really just of a form of social narcissism. You are supposed to love them because in an unconcious sense you perceive them as an extension of yourself. Real appreciation requires the ability to admire someone totally different from yourself. This is real love as opposed to the moral pretension of those who think they are “better” because they tolerate practices which are destructive.
    Since you mention Nazism, I will bring up Communism. In the 1930’s Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union put on a play denouncing the ban on interracial marriage in certain US states as a “violation of human rights”. Of course it was the deliberate plan of Stalin to undermine the social, political, and economic fabric of the US in as many ways as possible because he knew that the USSR could not defeat the US from without. In addition to getting us to destroy our racial identities, he wanted us to desroy the institutions of religion, marriage, republican democracy and Western culture in general. In this he has almost succeeded through the relentless propoganda of the extreme left cultural Marxists who inherited the “New Left” movement of the 1960’s. You yourself have become subsumed in some of this self deception in which one comes to believe that the degenerate ideas with which have insinuated themselves into one’s subconcious mind are actually one’s own personally discovered ethical and philosopical principles.
    Comparing the restriction of marriages to one’s own general racial type to the inbreeding of Europe’s royal families is patently absurd and without any scientific foundation. There is more than enough genetic diversity in each racial type to preclude that from happening.
    I admit that what I advocate is a limit on the absolute freedom of the individual and is currently viewed as not being the American way. But earlier generations of Americans had the wisdom to realize that freedom must be tempered by responsibility. The baby boom generation, led by its elitist cultural Marxists did its best to destroy that principle. Now it is politically correct only to demand responsibility in the economic realm, and even that is being steadily eroded.
    The “liberal” attitudes which you cite as as a sign of “idealism and enlightenment of the younger generation” is no more than their obedience to the Marxist indoctrination by baby boomer college professors and entertainment world celebrities.
    I use the term “elitist” to refer to a self appointed clique of left wing bullies who consider themselves morally and intellectually superior to most other people and who feel they owe no respect to the beliefs of anyone who is not of their ideology. This is a form of the “repressive tolerance” methodology of the the Frankfort group of Communists who came to America from Germany in the 1930’s. Herbert Marcuse is the most famous member of this gang of subversives. Of course, he was honored as a “great humanitarian and philosopher” by the University of California in the 1960’s and 1970’s, where he was indeed a professor.
    I also think that if there is any childishness, it is on the part of those who trivialize the importance of the issue of racial identity preservation, as if it were a game of hop scotch. Those courageous church members in Kentucky deserve a standing ovation from citizens of intelligence and integrity for standing up to the tyrannical abuse by the cultural left and by those who have deceived themselves into thinking that this type of cowardly attack is some form of advanced spiritual awareness.

  • Seth

    Well Jack, when you start talking about human beings in terms of “racial breeding”, you are speaking in the same terms as a fun loving group of people: The Nazis. Check it out.

    Racial mixing is a beautiful and natural thing, and actually healthy in human beings. We aren’t dogs and cats here. When you look back in history at Scotland and England, for instance, you will see that the classes that married and reproduced exclusively within the aristocratic class came down with all sorts of genetic disorders. Forced racial “breeding” within one race or group is what we call “inbreeding” and is not a healthy thing.

    The definition of bigotry is “intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.” So if you are against interracial marriage at all, you are by virtue being an elitist and you are imposing your views about race onto strangers who happen to be in love with each other.

    There’s nothing wrong if you would like to marry within your own race. Most of us do. The problem is when you try to impose your views on other people. What business is it of yours what these other people do?

    That is much more elitist and self righteous than a couple who happens to be black and white wanting to get married.

    Furthermore, anyone who is a true follower of Jesus should recognize that his entire message is one of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and tolerance. The idea that it’s “Christian” to discriminate against people marrying because they come from different races is absolutely nuts.

    “Cultural tyranny”? This makes no sense. Tyranny is defined as “Cruel and oppressive government or rule”. If you say this is a “tyranny” then clearly you don’t understand the word. And do not respect America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the First Amendment, all of which guarantee the rights of its citizens to express themselves freely and marry freely.

    “Elitist” is defined as “(of a person or class of persons) considered superior by others or by themselves, as in intellect, talent, power, wealth, or position in society:”

    It’s not elitist to be tolerant. It is elitist to consider it “common sense” to prohibit two other people from marrying because you think you are better than them, or know better than them to make choices for their life. That it is elitist. The point of view you are expressing is elitist.

  • Jack Davidson

    Opposition to interracial dating and marriage is not racist. It is very sensible and responsible. Interracial marriage of all types destroys racial identities and creates a world of mixed races. Even people who breed dogs, cats, and livestock have enough sense to realize that and avoid it. How much of a premium do purebred animals command over unidentifiable or mixed breeds? Are people’s racial identities less valuable than that of animals? I think a lot more people oppose interracial marriage than are willing to admit it because people like sethjared try to make them look ignorant and bigoted, when in reality their opinions are much more enlightened and reasonable than his. The church in Kentucky is (was?) heroic in its opposition to this political and cultural tyranny, but they are just a few common-sense people being beaten down by the self-righteous arrogance of the so-called cultural elites.

  • Thanks for mentioning the blog!