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50 Shekel and the Jew Unit!

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Every fad and trend needs good satire. And the popular 50 Cent has been ripe for a send-up for some time now. Enter Curtis Jackson’s semitic doppelganger: 50 Shekel!

This guy’s website is hilarious. He jacks “In da Club” and re-makes it as “In da Shul.” And his crew is called J-J-J-J-J-J-Jew Unit!

He’s appeared in the Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine. The Forward recently wrote this piece about his pre-history:

50 Shekel was working in Los Angeles as a production assistant when he first heard “In da Club.” “They played it, like, 40 times…. so I asked myself, who is this 50 Cent?”

Slowly the idea began percolating in his mind: A Jewish boy like him would not be spending his time in da club, he would be in da shul. So 50 Shekel did his own variation. Where 50 Cent raps: “Go shorty! It’s your birthday!” Shek raps: “Go boychik! It’s your birthday!”

Ah…God bless the Jews.

(by the way…I wonder if this hurts the image of other Jewish or White emcees?)

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  • oy vey. this brings back memories of “2 Live Jews”.