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5 Million Spins and Counting

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My Discman is dead. It bore the wear-and-tear of acting as car Discman and improvised home unit for years without complaint. It survived a damaging 25 mph bike accident and many chill Canadian winters, but I simply wore it down with years of continuous spinning. As homage to my player I present the albums that played the biggest role in its demise. These albums have formed a bit of a personal soundtrack for 2002.

Deftones – White Pony (re-release)
– Some quick math tells me my CD player has probably spun this album over 5 million times this year. I will need a full page for this review.

The Cure – Greatest Hits
– Simple not simplistic lyrics, songs range from angst to flamboyance.

Tool – Lateralus
– It is refreshing to hear songs you can’t sing along to the first time you hear them.

Radiohead – Kid A
– A bit short, but some of their best stuff.

Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

– Great introduction to classical.

Pink Floyd – Echoes
– This is the first Pink Floyd album I actually bought. I quickly invested in a few more.

Outkast – Stankonia
– One of the few rap albums that fit in the ‘rap albums that are good all the way through’ category. One of the many rap albums that fit in the ‘rap albums with too many annoying skits I have to fast-forward through’ category.

Various Artists – The Rebirth of Cool Vol. 3
– You feel cool just listening to it.

Soul Coughing – Ruby Vroom
– Great driving music.

Bach – Violin Concertos
– Sunday afternoon fare.

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