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4th of july nostalgia

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So, when I was getting ready for the parade and fireworks last friday, I had to pick out my outfit. It was ragingly hot outside, so I needed something cool.

A couple months back, I had picked up this truly adorable vintage 50s sundress. Perfect! With some bike shorts underneath so my thighs don’t stick together, it was the coolest cutest ensemble.

And, it felt right to be wearing vintage on the 4th of July.

So I bopped around getting ready, listening to the radio talk about the founding fathers. THinking about them, thinking about us today. What was this holiday really about? I am against unthinking nationalism. What is the best way to celebrate Independence Day?

Then I wondered…WHY is it appropriate to wear vintage on Independence Day? Must our patriotism be rooted in the past? Shouldn’t our sense of civic duty and patriotism be looking to the future?

Yes, the day commemorates an event that occurred in the past. But the idea is one of a nation by the people, for the people. And we is the people.

I wish that our sense of patriotism would extend beyond wearing T-shirts
with American flags or getting a red-white-and-blue manicure (Yes, I saw this. I really did).

At least, can more of us vote? That’s all I’m asking.

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