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3D Experience: Avatar

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Watching Avatar in the theater was an experience that is as yet unmatched, a truly breathtaking film that was made all the more encompassing by the 3D rendering in which it was presented. As such, watching even the home video release of the film in anything less than 3D would seem a cruel injustice to the James Cameron triumph of movie technology.

With the technology coming soon to the home, it is an easy exercise to imagine what one would want out of a 3D release. Most obviously is a stunning render, which is easily accomplished using the high-definition Blu-ray format. But beyond that, the release itself should be an experience of the equal to the film it contains. As a lover of the special feature, I would love to see an interactive setting, allowing me to engulf myself in the movie and its creation. I want to know how this impressive technology is created and what process is used to bring it effectively to the screen.

Curiously, the medium lends itself splendidly toward simple gaming, which could be a sleep-hit of a feature, offering tremendous excitement and fun from even a simple interaction. Perhaps a simulated Banshee flier, allowing the player to tame his own animal and ride it across the beautiful Pandoran skyline. Or a battle sequence with the military force, staving off destruction of your linking station by your avatar, which could be designed by the user through a character creation menu.

And, with the depth offered by the power of the 3D technology, immersive and inspiring sound is a must. The theater was engrossing, causing me to feel my presence on that mysterious alien world, and a part of that was the surround sound. The ability to mimic that environment at home would allow me to relive the spectacular adventure from the comfort of my couch without feeling that I am missing anything by not going to the theater.

With 3D television, the magic of the big screen is coming to the home in all its splendor. It is to be a great time to be a movie fan as the future arrives!

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