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3 Markets in 3 Days

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Friday: Bleeding Heart City Markets

Held in the front yard and on the veranda of a local art gallery, the Bleeding Heart City Markets are small but worth it.

The markets weren’t overly busy which suited me fine, but this may change as people become more aware of them (they only started in May). Jewellery and accessories seemed to be the focus of many of the stalls however there are different stalls every month, a great way to create variety from month to month, especially within the limited number of stalls. I was particularly taken with Kim Aitken’s ceramic designs especially the teeny tiny bowls. Much of the jewellery appealed to me as well.

The Bleeding Heart Gallery also boasts a permanent café and gift shop open Monday to Friday, so you don’t have to wait for the markets to roll round to pay them a visit. I can personally attest that the coffee is worth it and the gift shop is full of cute, locally made products (Kim Aitken’s ceramics are also for sale here). As a gallery Bleeding Heart also have art exhibitions, the next, titled Wallflowers, is running from the July 14 to July 19, maybe I’ll see you there.

When: First Friday of every month
Where: Bleeding Heart Gallery, 166 Ann Street, Brisbane CBD
Website: http://www.bleedingheart.com.au/


Saturday: Finders Keepers Markets

The Holy Grail of Australian art and design markets; it’s big, it’s fancy and it’s only on twice a year (in each of the three states it’s held).


This Saturday I caught a bus, hopped a train and then walked a short distance until I reached The Old Museum on the corner of Bowen Bridge road and Gregory Terrace where I found the Finders Keepers Markets.

With live music and food stalls outside, three rooms of market stalls inside with a few extra on the veranda the Finders Keepers Markets are more of an event than your usual markets. I enjoyed the music and ate one hell of a chicken skewer but the markets themselves seemed a little lacking compared to last years.

Each individual stall was beautifully presented, but there might have been less of them or simply less decorations. The most annoying thing for me however was the few stalls where I couldn’t find business cards. I have an addiction to business cards and was sad when I couldn’t readily locate them.
In the end I bought a book from the Frankie stall and a craft magazine from another (no business card) and am planning to go to the next Finders Keepers Markets in November. Maybe this time I’ll buy that Pannikin tote or Red Revival necklace.

When: Bi-annually
Where: Brisbane , Melbourne and Sydney
Website: http://www.thefinderskeepers.com/


Sunday: Young Designers Markets

By Sunday I was feeling pretty tired (walking around markets is hard work) but I pulled myself from bed, prayed the dark clouds would pass and made my way to South Bank.

The Young Designer’s Markets has a lovely collection of people and merchandise. It seemed like the most walking out of the three markets I’d visited but that’s most likely the set up being one long line and my already tired legs. I think I might have start going every month, but I won’t be doing three in a row again for a while.

When: First Sunday of every month
Where: Little Stanley Street, Southbank, Brisbane
Website: http://www.youngdesignersmarket.com.au/

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