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I like and dislike this movie. Geez, Spike I like what you’re saying, but hate how you say it.

25th Hour deals with a day in the life of a drug dealer, played by Ed Norton (c’mon can’t somebody cast him as a sewer worker) before he goes to prison.

It really hits you over the head with the Rockefeller laws, and, at some times, a blinking neon sign letting you know what the messages of the movie are. The film is marred by stylistic jump and stutter cuts for no good reason, they only jerk around the story, which when you look at it, isn’t that much, and includes a cheat ending which isn’t an ending.

This has to have the most understated performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman ever.

Spike — Western Union

That’s all I’m gonna say.

So, those rumours about Pamela Anderson starring in the next Spike Lee joint, wassup wit’ that?

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  • I was expecting more since I’d read so many pieces saying it was underrated.

    The opening footage of the towers of light tribute at ground zero is gorgeous (as is much of the photography which was done by the same guy who did Amores Perros). There is more ground zero footage on the DVD.

    And the performances are good.

    But it could have been cut quite a bit (though the deleted scenes are worth watching).

    Do the Right Thing and She’s Got to Have It are still the best Spike Lee joints (and Bamboozled doesn’t completely work but worth watching).