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24‘s Two-Hour Special Airs Monday Night, March 2

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On Monday, March 2, FOX will air a special two-hour episode of 24 beginning at 8:00 PM ET, covering hours 10 and 11 of one of Jack Bauer’s most difficult days yet.

So far, Jack has had the dubious experience of testifying at a Senate sub-committee hearing on the matter of his use of excessive force in his work. He was then abruptly asked to help the FBI interrogate his old friend Tony Almeida, whom he thought was dead.

And Jack has been reunited with Bill Buchanan, who looks more like a beat poet instead of a crack security expert, and Chloe O’Brian who is now a stay-at-home mom, but still on top of her analysis and hacking game. These four, with the help of FBI agent Renee Walker, manage to find Col. Dubaku and the deadly CIP device, which was responsible for the deaths of over 200 Americans in a terrorist-controlled plane collision.

Jack has also rescued the First Gentleman from Dubaku, but not before Henry was shot. Now Henry is in serious condition, and his situation is a strain on President Taylor. She’s already confronted and held her ground with Dictator General Juma — who intends to ruin the country of Sangala with the unwilling help of Sangalan children as conscripted soldiers.

We've also learned that too many security holes exist in the U.S. government – holes that have nothing to do with the CIP device, but everything to do with the mysterious Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight), who was first seen in November’s 24: Redemption. Hodges is still playing the Grand Puppeteer — much the same as Graem Bauer did during Day Six.

And in the next two hours, the action multiplies exponentially.

There is the much anticipated showdown between girl geeks Janis Gold and Chloe O’Brian with a flash of claws and maybe a little hissing. Also, everyone’s favorite tough guy Senator, Red Foreman (Senator Mayer), gets in plenty of screen time, along with his dirty, double-crossing chief of staff, Ryan Burnett (who gives an electrifying performance.) And Renee Walker sees enough excitement to inspire her own action figure.

President Allison Taylor will continue to show backbone – she’s one tough broad – but in a charming Presidential way, of course. Her daughter Olivia is also full of spunk and resolve as she and Aaron Pierce try to make their way through a war-torn White House to safety. That’s right, as the promos promised, there is an attack on the White House – and when it’s all over, they might need the help of Ty Pennington and staff. I wonder if his crew ever had to fill bullet holes while fulfilling a family’s dream. (I can hear it now — “Welcome home First Family… welcome home!”)

And finally, Jack says “Dammit.” Twice!

These will be a great two hours; do NOT miss them!

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