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24: The Return of the Jack Bauer Power Hour

I cannot recall where I first saw 24 described like that, "The Jack Bauer Power Hour," it had to have been some forum or talk back. It is a great, easy to remember, and completely accurate description of the weekly adrenaline rush that has been this thrilling series for five seasons.

This past Sunday marked the return of Big Bad Jack and the rest of the 24 crew. As Day 6 dawns on our television sets, once again  Monday night is a night to look forward to. It couldn't have come a moment too soon. The holidays have ended, and we are still thirsting for all of our favorites to come out of hiding and return, airing new episodes. 24 is the right show to truly reinvigorate the 2007 viewing year, and should be seen as marking the official start of the new year in television.

The end of Day 5 saw Jack evading the bad guys in the White House to save the country again, and attempting to avoid the Chinese who have been pursuing him since Day 4. Well, he wasn't so lucky this time around, and while he did succeed in saving the day, he was nabbed by the Chinese and hauled away to endure heaven knows what at the hands of the masters of torture.

Day 6 starts 20 months later, and new president, Wayne Palmer, yes David's brother and fellow Jack fan, has negotiated for Jack's release from the Chinese. The price was great, but the end result is still the demise of Jack. You see, Jack is being brought back to the States in order to be handed over to a terrorist in exchange for the location of the man behind a current string of suicide bombings. It is not an easy decision, and Palmer, as well as Bill Buchanan of CTU are definitely going to lose a lot of sleep over the decision.

Anyway, the handoff goes down, and here is where the bad guy makes his fatal mistake. It's a mistake that is a standard of action films, its the talking villain. The bad guy reveals that he is the one behind the bombings, and he is going to send the good guys after a man who is renouncing his terrorist ways and is seeking a cease fire with the West. This leads to a dramatic, and bloody, escape by our hero as he has a flashback to his Lost Boys days and rips out the throat of a terrorist with his teeth. Got to love a guy who is willing to take a bite out of crime!

His escape leads him on a race against time to stop the President from commencing with an airstrike on the wrong guy. In true 24 fashion, the strike cannot be stopped and it is up to Jack to beat the soldiers to the guys house and save him, despite his strong desire to put a slug between his eyes. Not only does he have to save him, but he also has to convince CTU that he is a trustworthy ally and the best hope they have of finding the real baddie.

I am sure that by now, you have read as many recaps of the show as you can stomach, and in some cases, probably more. There are also a number of you who have been scouring the web for as much Jack stuff as you can lay your eyes on. Beyond all of that, you are probably asking yourself why you should continue reading my meanderings. The answer is simple, it's because you like me, and you value my opinion. Okay, maybe not, but I am sure at least part of you is curious. So, I guess I will dispense with the recap and continue on my merry way. Let me also warn of potential spoilers for those who have not yet seen the four hours that aired this week.

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  • Mary K. Williams

    Got to love a guy who is willing to take a bite out of crime!

    I almost made that McGruff connection myself!

    Anyway, nice job Chris!

  • Triniman

    Morris is getting annoying! I liked the Curtis character.

    The series has to continue to try to top itself but the story here seems overly familiar.

  • Victor Lana

    Not only is Morris annoying, but the whole Milo-Morris subplot is boring. Nothing like Chloe-Edgar which was more like the gravediggers in Hamlet, basically there for some much needed comic relief.

  • dolphin_bluetooth

    i fell in love with the series the moment i got the DVD of Episode 4 of 24. Much to my surprise i bought all Episodes available… and found myself and my family attached to the PC and the the DVD players working at one time. superb.. i love jack bauer’s character.. but i would like to commend the character who played chloe o’brien.. she’s magnificent… her facial expression is so impressive… she left a remarkable impression in my thoughts… kudos, chloe…

  • Mike

    And i thought i was addicted with 24,,, well i’m happy that i found this place,,, it made me feel that i’m the less addictive guy.