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24 Season Six – Hour 17: Lost in a Masquerade

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Another long, long day in the life of Jack, the White House administration, and assorted CTU peeps. 17 hours of lies, betrayals, doubts, gunfire – and always – some degree of subterfuge.

Tom still tries to talk Wayne out of the nuclear strike on The Unnamed Country. Karen calls Bill to tell him about the latest development. She asks him if she can make up a little white lie involving CTU’s interrogation of Fayed, in order to get Wayne to call off the strike. Although Bill is as shocked as she at the news, he firmly says no. The ambassador calls in to the bunker pleading for the strike to be called back. He says he has “new intel” about a general who’s been commanding Fayed. Wayne starts sniffing the air, and calls the ambassador a liar.

After the ambassador, the joint chiefs, and especially Karen and Tom are drenched in sweat; Wayne relents and aborts the strike. But wait… what? The missile had no warhead? Wayne was faking it? A man can do that? Hmm, he’s not married, maybe that’s… Oh sorry, where was I? Ah, so the whole thing was a ploy. Scary one, but it worked. The ambassador has promised a full report on this evil General Habib.

Meanwhile, Jack is beating up interrogating Fayed. “I haven’t begun to enjoy myself” But the Q & A session is interrupted when he gets a call from Bill, and while he’s busy, Doyle tries – but gets no where. When Fayed claims he’s serving God, Doyle points his gun square at his head:

“No, you’re not, and you can ask him when you see him” Although it was a great line, Jack intercedes:

“Agent Doyle – lower your weapon! Remember your place sonny, I have top billing at this clambake – I get the best lines.”

They prepare to bring him to CTU for “pharmaceutical interrogation” where Burke is sharpening his needles and drooling. Jack gets to show off his star status once again:

“Now, we’re gonna have some fun!”

Oh, and what fun is in store next. While Jack, Doyle and Fayed are en route to CTU, and enjoying a conversation that weighs the merits of the pharmaceutical interrogation technique, their vehicle is rammed head on by some sort of armored truck. What looks like just a typical collision turns out to be a rescue attempt by Fayed’s men. Shots are fired on both sides, and suddenly Doyle is down. A second later, so is Jack. Oh no!

Hostiles help Fayed into the armored vehicle and they’re off like a prom dress. A second later Jack pops his head up like an impossible-to-kill Michael Myers in Halloween. “We’re clear!” Are you kidding me? Jack fakes it too? Well, he’s not married; this has to be some…Oh, sorry, where was I?

When Wayne finds out what CTU has done, he talks to the recalled ambassador at the Bunker. They need the now captured General Habib to contact Fayed, to convince him that his fake rescuers are indeed from another cell under his command. The ambassador hesitates, he’s not sure that his government can get a whole lot of cooperation out of Habib. When Karen joins the conversation to stress how important this is – the Ambassador treats her with contempt. Wayne inquires whether The Unnamed Country’s government has threatened to kill Habib’s family. Karen, Tom, and the Ambassador wonder whether if it’s really Jack disguised as Wayne in the room with them.

Well, whatever they needed to do worked, because Habib does make the call to Fayed. They talk briefly, but Fayed now seems convinced. Especially good news is that Fayed gives the location of the nukes. All goes along fine until Jack, Doyle, and CTU lose both audio and visual contact with the other vehicle. Right before that, Nadia approaches Bill with some startling news. When she reviewed the transcript of the Habib/Fayed phone call, the name Sameer was mentioned. Turns out the ‘Sameer’ in question is dead. Bill and Nadia realize that this was probably a code (remember last year’s “Flank Two”). So, Fayed possibly already now knows that the whole thing was a set up.

And now that the good guys lost contact with the other truck, suspicions are raised. The target truck carrying Fayed was stopped inside a tunnel. When Jack and Doyle enter the vehicle, they see that Fayed is gone, and the undercover CTU men are either dead or injured. Jack orders Doyle to stay with Jamal, who is the only team member still alive, while he heads into an open doorway in pursuit of Fayed.

Things are just as shaky back at the White House bunker. Wayne’s health – well you couldn’t say it was deteriorating – it had been compromised since the assassination attempt. His recovery was charade of sorts, aided by adrenaline, and since the effects of the two shots have worn off, Wayne’s feeling like a seriously injured man should. Like crap. He’s been having tremors in his hand, and all over not looking well. Eventually he collapses in his office, pleading to Tom Lennox to keep it quiet. Of course, Tom calls Dr. Weld, who will not give Wayne another shot of adrenaline. Wayne is still determined to play President, and resolutely fixes his tie and flashes the peace sign. OK, not exactly.

Jack follows Fayed into a truck bay and sees a slain civilian on the ground. Fayed climbs into the cab of a huge sanitation truck. Jack scurries underneath the behemoth vehicle, and clings to the frame of the undercarriage. While the truck is in motion, he tries to update Bill on his cell. Bill can barely make out what Jack is saying, and he loses the call.

Shortly Fayed arrives at a large warehouse. After he leaves the truck, Jack comes out from hiding, following Fayed towards his men. Once Jack realizes that the nukes are actually there – he opens fire. Eventually it’s just him and Fayed in hand to hand to pipe to board to chain combat. It’s all quite brutal, and finally Jack wraps up the situation by wrapping Fayed’s neck in a heavy chain that hangs from the ceiling. Doyle and another TAC team show up to help and after taking in the sight of Fayed dangling from the ceiling, they rejoice in the seeming end of the crisis. The renaming nukes are in custody and the wicked witch is dead. Jack is ready to light a cigar when a call is patched through to him.

Despite all appearances, we know two things instantly:

This will not be good news.

Audrey is not dead. Not yet anyway.

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  • Great episode, MK, and you capture it nicely (as usual). What about how Doyle quietly admires Jack’s handiwork when seeing all the dead guys? “Damn, Jack!”

    Now that Audrey is alive it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next 7 episodes. I’m certain Jack is going to show Cheng a creative new way to use chopsticks.

  • Somehow I missed Doyle’s admiring “Damn,Jack”

    7 eps left, eh? 7 hours of wondering where we can get Audrey a fresh white coat.

  • gravz

    what was better than “damn, jack”.
    Jack: “Say hello to your brother for me!!”
    just before hanging fayed.
    Damn Jack!! Awesome!