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24 Season Six Finale: Our Closing Thoughts and Predictions

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Victor Lana

I believe that the last two episodes are going to be 24 milestones for a number of reasons. Jack has killed plenty of people, but having to kill his own father will be tough. It will be a Luke-Darth Vader moment to be sure, but I think the old man might have been good at some point and there is a possibility of redemption for him, and thus for his son, when he dies. I also believe that Jack is Josh's father and that will be revealed (why else was Marilyn so concerned about what Phillip said?). I think that (from the previews) Bill Buchanan comes back in a big way to help Jack somehow, and that Jack is going to have to give Doyle a lesson he'll never forget.

I do think at the very end that Jack will save the day (yet again) but the toll will be overwhelming for him. What will happen from here is I think CTU, Jack, and 24 will never be the same. Chloe and Morris? Probably over. Marilyn and Jack? Definitely something will click because Jack wants and needs a family. Can he be a father figure to Josh? Yes, I think so. Will he try to contact Kim? I don't know, but perhaps a family reunion is in order. And, finally, I believe that this end for Jack will take him somewhere very different. Just like in Die Hard 4 where we’ll find John McClane is no longer a cop, I believe Jack will be long gone from CTU come next season; however, since there is no shortage of bad guys in the world, Jack will be back in action before he can say "Damn it!"

Paul Levinson

This was a very different day for 24. We saw much more of Jack’s personal life (his father, brother, and nephew). And the season was really a season in a season, with the nukes being averted about three quarters into the day.

I think Jack’s family story has the most long-range importance. We obviously learned a lot about Jack’s family in season one, but not much since then, until this season. At this point, we have Jack’s father and nephew and sister-in-law all in play.

Jack’s father: it’s not at all clear that he’s 100% bad. The only person he outright killed was Jack’s brother – who deserved it. But Phillip did not kill Jack, when he could have, and Phillip’s explanation to Josh that Phillip was just putting on a convincing show when threatening to kill Josh was pretty convincing. I’m predicting Phillip, in any case, will not be killed in this season of 24 – and may just turn out to be a little more of a good guy than we expected.

Jack’s nephew: People are saying everything from he could be Jack’s son to Jack’s brother. Anything is possible, but I doubt he’s more than Jack’s nephew – which is a good addition to the show, in any case. He’s certainly a more interesting character than Kim (much as I like Elisha Cuthbert).

Jack’s sister-in-law: I think she’s much better for Jack than the whiny Audrey. Secretary Heller in any case owed Jack an apology. But I hope that, when the dust settles, Jack goes with the sister-in-law (though, I’d still like to see Kate Warner back in Jack’s life).

Non-family points: I think Doyle, in the end, will help Jack. I’m worried about Chloe. What’s going to happen with Karen and Buchanan?

Should be a good two-hour finale!

Josh Hathaway

As we approach the final two hours of this season of 24 I begin by saying, "Thank God it's almost over!"

This season has been awful. The first four episodes (or hours, if you must) were fabulous and I was confident the disappointment that was season five was being put to right. I was wrong. Season five now seems an oasis of creativity and drama by way of comparison. The show has become unspeakably terrible and I'm only watching because I am one of those "in for a penny, in for a pound" sorts. I'll find out what happens, but I no longer care.

My prediction is that we end the season with Phillip and Josh Bauer heading for destinations unknown (it may yet be China) and Jack giving Marilyn his word that he'll rescue Josh. We may find out Jack is Josh's father, not his uncle. Morris and Chloe will reconcile even after what appears to be a near-death experience for Chloe. I probably won't care.

The least bold of my bold predictions is that when season seven rolls around, I'll be doing something else. I don't think the writers are going to recapture the magic and it's a shame. The foundation of the show is still there and good, fun, exciting television could still be made with the pieces that remain. Next season could be good, but probably won't be. I could be lured back to the series. That's not likely, either.

Ray Ellis

The more I think about, the more I think my superfluous theory that Mike Doyle might replace Jack Bauer as 24's action man, taking orders from Bauer as CTU director, the more I think it might happen. A worse scenario would have Doyle playing Robin to Bauer's Batman. Either way, I have no doubt the Doyle character will play a more prominent role in Day Seven. The producers of the series said earlier this week that there will be changes next season, but kept mum regarding any details. We do know 24 is going to go at least another two seasons, and it's obvious, after watching Day 6, it's in dire need of some retooling.

Day Six has two hours left for Bauer to save his nephew, kill all the bad guys, find some sort of closure with Audrey and save civilization as we know it from annihilation. Of course, he'll do it, with at least ten minutes to spare, just enough time for the denouement and the teaser for Day Seven. If it goes anything like the rest of Day Six, it's going to defy any semblance of logic. FOX promises an ending that's totally unexpected, though. Maybe the lack of logic this season is the key to Day Six.

From the moment the Chinese released Bauer to CTU, nothing has rung true. Maybe there's a reason for that. What if this is all happening in Bauer's mind? What if the reality is he's still in that Chinese prison, being fed all kinds of psycho-meds in an attempt to break him? That would explain a lot of plot inconsistencies. There are a lot of Freudian things going on, too — Bauer's father, brother, nephew, even Doyle — are all different faces of Bauer. Could it be?

Naaah. I don't for a second think this is how the writers are going to paint themselves out of this corner. Besides, it would shoot my whole Mike Doyle theory out of the water.

Mary K. Williams

I wish we knew what happened to the 24 “Limbo” victims. These are the characters that were fairly crucial to the major plot lines, and since have not been seen or heard from – but need to be explained. People like ex-President Logan and his unstable but cheeky wife Martha. (And dear Aaron Pierce, who didn’t get nearly enough face time for my liking). Folks like current President Palmer. Or doomed traitor Reed Pollock. I envision them in some nebulous waiting station; we’ll call it the "Behrooz Araz Green Room".

I do think that Mike Doyle will be on the side of right. By that I mean helping Jack – which could put him on the side of wrong, but for the right reasons. Sure, he scooped up Josh and made off with him without explanation or blessing. I can see Jack being freaked out, but I also see him reasoning the whole thing out, and assuming/hoping/praying for a logical explanation.

Doyle’s been a little shady – he had to be, carrying the mantle of Red Herring and all but so far the consensus is he’s more of a Dudley Do-Right than a Snidely Whiplash. So, he could stick around and help out Jack and CTU. Things could change by next season I suppose; in the fall Rick Schroder is slated to direct Raising Cole, a film reported to be currently in development with Red Truck Filmworks.

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  • robo

    i have never missed an episode and would like to know if 24 is coming back and coming back w/keifer sutherland.
    i realize you must be swamped with the same questions, but i have posted my e-mail address and would greatly appreciate a response.
    thank you

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  • The special guest star was someone who hasn’t been born yet. Stunning

    Oh, but what an entrance he/she could make!

  • Mary, thanks for the after thought. LOL
    Maybe next year. 🙂

    What does next season have in store??? A one-eyed Doyle as director of CTU? With Nadia as his trusty side-kick/BFF/GF/Wife? A very pregnant Chloe…or will she be on maternity leave and working from home? Jack realizing that his father is not really dead? So many possibilities…see you next year.

  • Zack

    Or you can do what the writers did for the finale.

    Absolutely nothing.

    The special guest star was someone who hasn’t been born yet. Stunning.

  • Don’t wuss out now Ray! LOL.

    I’m still trying to get my head around the ending.

  • Mary, Victor– I trust you guys will make some sense of that finale. . . please–we’re counting on you. (I still think it’s going to be the Mike Doyle Show next season.)

  • Victor’s theory about Josh being Jack’s son intrigues me. Of course, it opens up a whole new can of worms. And I thought my family was dysfunctional!

  • I’m with Mary K. I wanted to see more of Nixon and Martha Mitchell–err, I mean Charles and Martha Logan this year. They kind of left everybody hanging after she “killed” him.

    Anyway, I’m kinda more looking forward to the Heroes season finale. That show really hooked me this year.


  • TV&FG –

    Thanks so much for the Advance. : )

  • Well I now realize that these ruminations would not be complete without S.Rod’s input. Damn, I should have had you contribute to the piece.

    Love the ‘shrunken head’ thing. I don’t necessarily agree, but it made me laugh.

    Chloe PG? You mean preggers?

    Hm. Chloe with hormones run amok is a thing to see.

    Vic – spitting yet? : )

  • The season finale better be good. I need some kind of redemption for sticking with 24 this year.

    If Josh turns out to be Jack’s son…I’m going to be so…grrrr. That would totally ruin the season for me. I read that Josh is could be Jack’s brother??? That would be interesting.

    Chloe & Morris will most likely stay together because I think she might be PG.

    I hope they give little shrunken head Ricky the boot. I hate watching him…Curtis was so much better.

    I’m hoping for better things next season.

  • Ray’s theory about a new “24” with a new CTU is (I think) a sure bet. How about Jack taking over Denver CTU? With Doyle being his head of Field Ops?

    I don’t know but I think tonight is going to blow us out of the water the way the original Die Hard blew us out of the theater.


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