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24: Day Zero Hits the Web

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It's been two weeks since 24 completed its sixth season — are you going through withdrawal yet? I have to say that ever since 24 first hit the small screen, I have been hooked. Even when they weren't on their game, the show was always entertaining. I feel pretty safe in saying that a bad episode of 24 is better than a lot of what is out there on any given day.

Anyway, the past couple of seasons have started in January and run straight through the end without a break or a repeat in the bunch. I love that, but it also leaves a big gap between the end of one season and the start of another. This year 20th Century Fox and Degree deodorant are teaming up to try and make the gap go down a little smoother by offering up some new original 24 themes content. It may not be the show, but it is pretty darn fun.

As soon as season 6 ended, 24: Day Zero launched. It is a series of flash animations that take you back to the world of 24 before the first season began. They promise to show us an early adventure of Jack and Nina and Mason, as well as a glimpse into the home troubles between Jack and Terry that led to his affair with Nina.

So far, three episodes of the show have appeared on the site. Now, I won't give away what happens as they are good enough that you should give them a look see. However, I will say that for those of you who have been fans from the start, you get a touch of the Jack/Nina chemistry that threatened Jack's marriage, as well as see something that will make you cringe, knowing what happens in the first season.

The animation is on the simple side, but it has a nice style to it and easily fits into the revealed 24 canon. The highly dramatic music is there, the use of split screens used to nice effect, and leading the way is Kiefer Sutherland's voice helping us feel right at home in an animated world that is a little awkward at first. So, the story isn't complete, there is more to come, and I will be sure to check it out.

There is more to Day Zero than a couple of flash animations. In addition to the new flash content, you can view two series of CTU: Rookie, a live action webisode series surrounding a newcomer to CTU LA. They premiered towards the end of the television series, but this was the first time that I got to watch them, and while they clearly pale next to the show proper, they are fun, dramatic, and supply some action. In short, they are both definitely worth your time. In addition to that, you can watch a trio of behind the scenes featurettes on the making of the series, and a couple of character profiles on the three main characters.

Believe it or not, there is still a little bit more to explore. Two interactive sections close out the site. Both of them are placed in the Interrogation Room and are geared to train you to be a CTU agent. There is a multiple choice test of your mental capacity, and then a series of videos that are designed to test your surveillance skills. Let me say that I did not fare too well.

Basically, they have put together a pretty nice little site consisting of new content to help us feed our addictions during the long wait between seasons. Head over to the Day Zero site and check out what they have to offer, or check out the trailer before heading over. Do it! Do it now!

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